Reviews for Not On The Same Side
Ale chapter 1 . 3/29/2013
Wow, that was really good and very believable.
Loafer chapter 1 . 10/10/2011
Wow - this was really good. It was great to see Vick's thought processes, and of course I am a fan of anyone who is a fan of Lassie.
Kkarrie chapter 1 . 3/8/2011
Perfect Tag to the episode. As much as people talk about this episode being about Shawn (his name is in the title)I really consider it to be more Lassie-centric. I loved this tag because it shows a different side to two characters. Sides that we rarely if ever see on the show. *hugs Lassie* Thanks for writing :)
potions548 chapter 1 . 10/4/2009
beautiful. i loved how you delved into vick's thoughts and juxtaposed them with her (and lassiter's) more stolid and professional demeanor. the hug was great and their reactions was really telling of their characters. i think vick would be equally disarmed if lassiter initiated the hug! this was a very charming one-shot!
Miss Weather chapter 1 . 9/27/2009
O… Two new fics in a week and this one is from Vick’s POV to boot! Excellent. This is definitely a well-written and interesting introspective from Vick during the events of “Shawn has the Yips.” (Can I just say that I absolutely adored this episode!).

In my opinion, Vick continues to be a rather under-utilized character in the series and I enjoy seeing stories that feature her as a primary character/POV. This fic gives some much needed depth and emotion following those intense and potentially fatal events of the day(s).

“His causal, almost bragging statements of "A lot of people want to kill me. I take great pride in that," solidified Vick's order to yank him from the case. These attempts on his life would have given anyone else, if found in his situation— herself included— pause.”

Terrific lines. You’ve got to feel for Vick, supervising/commanding over such foolishness. And I don’t see it being overly OOC in either character. The situation dictates the response… First her officers were nearly shot at the bar then attempts were made on both Lassiter and McNab’s lives. Followed by Lassiter’s brush with a gun to the back of the head. All very traumatizing. Fear and relief would be two very reasonable emotions associated in the aftermath of those events.

This is a great breakdown of the professional and “human” side of Vick following those events. I love the awkward hug, followed by “this never happened.” Too funny.

"Thanks, Chief," Lassiter said, with a nod. "That's what I do best."

Vick sighed. "Yes. I know." Some things would never change.

Absolutely spot on! A terrific episode and a very enjoyable episode tag! Now off to read your other one-shot. YAY!