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sotroublesome33 chapter 71 . 7/13
I can't believe its been nine years since this story has been posted. While I only found it in 2011/2012 it was one of the first stories that brought me into the world of fanfiction. Thank you so much its been a pleasure to be able to read this wonderful story. I don't write reviews often but this is one of my OG stories so thank you for the journey!
JackRenee chapter 9 . 7/11
" The Headmaster shouted loudly, causing the Hall to lean backward from the mere volume." sheer
Ahhhh! Reggie at the end is the best. I love the raw emotion.
JackRenee chapter 8 . 7/11
"Izar straightened up from the stairs, trying to calm his raising vision* as the* thought on the question." I don't know the expression "raising vision." Does it have to do with his fever (e.g. racing heart, blurred vision)? he
"Dimly, he realized he was mediating, clearing his mind like an Occlumens would do." meditating
"He winced, wondering how long time had really passed, standing there in the dark staircase." much
"And the added bonus of the Tournament put a flush on their cheeks and a gleam in their eye." eyes
"The man looked over his shoulder, his eyes immediately locking on Izar despite the countless of students between the two." countless students
Aww~ I love the bit where Riddle hears him, Izar thinks he's gone, and then WHAM "language, Mr. Harrison." 3
I know I use the word "love" a lot when it comes to your story, but I can't think of a better one.
"It wasn't the Cruciatus curse, not only would it be detected in Hogwarts, but the pain wasn't as intense as Izar had read curse pinched his nerves, making his body tremble and move uncontrollably." had read. This curse
"They were both in submissive, passive positions, both of their pride wounded." prides
"So, instead, he closed his eyes, taking in man's masculine and spicy scent." the man's
I wonder what Riddle said. My imagination has gone many ways on that particular bit of unknown parseltongue.
JackRenee chapter 7 . 7/11
"'But the question is,' he started; narrowing his eyes on her like a predatory would eye his prey." predator
God, the Eruditio is the perfect gift for Izar. Riddle sure came out swinging with that one. How will Riddle ever be able to top that?
Bellatrix is a cruel bitch. I don't know why I like her so much.
"Before she could rebuttal, Voldemort stepped in between the adults, forcing them to take a step back from Izar and the situation." Rebut or refute
"Izar thought is amusingly ironic, yet he understood the man's motives" it
"It was sort of a command, intoned with a plead. He needed to sound a bit condescending when he was dealing with a Dark Lord. He couldn't outright demand the man to silence." is condescending the right word, or did you mean something like self-abasing? supplicating? importuning? I can't imagine treating the Dark Lord with any form of condescension would end well.
"The Death Eaters who were at the back wore charcoal masks. They were the largest majority, perhaps the newest members. The second group wore silver masks, their numbers a lot less than the nickel skulled masks." So gold, silver, nickel; or gold, silver, charcoal?
"She didn't agree at first, to prideful to accept help, especially from a second year." too
I love Daphne's character too. Have I said that I love your story and am so grateful that you keep it posted, because I am.
"I think your reading preferences lies with Daphne's tastes" lay or align
"Daphne muffled her laugh behind her fingers, the Greengrass Family ring glittering from the suns rays outside." sun's rays or sun rays.
Knowing how this goes, I find Izar's vehement rejection of his father kind of cute.
JackRenee chapter 4 . 7/11
"Considering the Dark Lord wanted to pursue the topic that was the estranged Muggle-born, proved to Lucius that Izar Harrison may be something a bit more to the Dark Lord then an average ally." than
" It hadn't been here at the end of the year when Lucius had looked upon it highly for the O.W.L. marks." there
" Izar Harrison is a minor, with no guardian, he is illegible to work." ineligible
"Or do you think Dumbledore and the Ministry has already sunken their teeth in the boy?" have

Ah! I love your characterization of Tom in this. So dark and perfect. And Izar! I love his strong mind and independence.
Very nice twist at the end with Louis.
JackRenee chapter 2 . 7/11
"Izar Harrison was a young prodigy if his test scores had anything to go by." were anything to go by
"He felt a strange insistence pulling himtoward the young man." him toward
I still love the first meeting between Izar and Tom. 3
"Hardly unfazed at Izar's admission, Riddle pulled away, looking down at him with something akin to admiration." To clarify, Riddle was fazed by Izar's assesment of his magic?
Love this story. 5 out of 5 stars.
JackRenee chapter 1 . 7/11
"The toe of his boot hit the rocks and he went down hard, scarping his knees and palms."
One of the best HP fictions out there. I'm reading it for the third or fourth time. Thank you for keeping it posted. :)
ddentler21 chapter 71 . 7/9
Nice ending, this story was great, and you did very well with a plot far more ambitious than most other authors.
ddentler21 chapter 69 . 7/9
Feeling a smidge of unexpected sympathy for Tom now seeing how petulant and contrary Izar often is
Shoetsu Otaku chapter 71 . 7/8’s been so long I barely remember the story. Welp, I’m off to re-read it then
Lady Logos chapter 71 . 7/6
Great endingLoved the story
TheeAntiHero chapter 71 . 7/6
Oh my gosh! This is one of the best stories I have read in a long time and I must say you are an amazing writer/author. You know just how to keep someone hooked, it seemed like I just couldn't stop reading.
Vrea Ana chapter 71 . 7/6
I love your story, seriously you are amazing. I love the tension between Tom and Izar so much. Hmm it's my second time reading this and i still want to repeat it (well sorry i can't reviewing (?) per chapter). I read all of your fic and all of them is amazing, so i hope someday you will update them. I will be waiting hehe. And i will read you new story too, i hope it will be this good too... sorry for my language. For last i just want to say 'thank you for making this wonderful fanfic.'
colorchanger chapter 71 . 7/3
Amazing story! The only reason that I had not read it sooner was that the summary didn't sound appealing.
llLittle Sll chapter 15 . 7/3
Question: Are you Norwegian? Because I am Danish and can, therefore, read most Norwegian without most difficulties since the languages are so similar. And the Norwegian in here seemed practically perfect to me.
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