Reviews for Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble
Devilking1994 chapter 5 . 5/13
Harry should be pissed that they did this to him without his consent sure he's going to accept because he's a good guy and doesn't want what would happen to them if he didn't accept to happen but if he just brushes this off then it would be really silly no person would be happy about this they basically took control and forced him into a lifelong relationship without his consent

What's annoying is Dumbledore and Sirius acting like this is ok

Because Harry isn't the type of person to say no in this situation he is going to be forced to be with what are basically his rapists since they did this to him without his consent

I hate the potion that makes him release his negative emotions is he not allowed to be angry this potion releases the negative emotions so at that point why would he choose to not accept he's basically high on neutral and positive emotions without his true emotions showing because of the damn potion

This story has reached a point that everything feels extremely forced I'm really not enjoying it
Wrin chapter 52 . 5/7
It's amazing that you're still coming back to this at all! Thanks for writing and posting!
scott.fraser1976 chapter 52 . 4/27
Love the story so far. Hope you haven't abandoned it. Looking forward to seeing where this goes
Celexs Draconia chapter 52 . 4/17
I am so happy that this got something added to it. Its a great story and so much fun to read.

MiseryWolf97 chapter 52 . 4/16
Just stumbled upon this, and it is amazing, I'm loving the story and really looking forward to future chapters
Briane94 chapter 52 . 4/13
Id just like to say this has been such a unique story. I love the way you've written it and that you've spent so much time working out the plot and character development of Harry throughout the story. I hope we see more interesting things to come with the 4 way veela bond.
Dark White Fang chapter 3 . 4/8
Yeah, what better start for a romance story other than emotionnal blackmail ?
dammyd chapter 52 . 4/8
Great story so far. I like the fact that the Bond is not just some super powerful thing with no challenges. Can we get some character growth on Harry? I think it's becoming tiring for him to just not think and have Fleur and Hermoine always thinking for him. I would imagine the Bond would allow for greater personal reflection. I believe Harry needs that to grow.
Also, we haven't heard anything about the house James and lily planned/ built. Any update on that?
jimmy.oz chapter 39 . 4/5
That ending of the chapter was hilarious.
jimmy.oz chapter 28 . 4/4
Sadly i don't think Lucius will be going to jail even with this happening lol. It was funny though the way the chapter ended. I was hoping Harry's Patronus would change but one of the girls having the doe is nice as well.
jimmy.oz chapter 26 . 4/4
Wont lie i thought this was going to be where he gets rid of the horcrux in his head by jumping in front of Fleur or someone taking the killing curse instead of them. Also i just thought about it but not many people just hit wizards as a job instead of an magic cop or even politician is a bit rare as well but does happen. Teaching happens quite a bit as well since he seems to be good at that. keep up the good work.
xxPercyRoxxx chapter 52 . 4/4
Absolutely love that this story has been updated. Can’t wait to read more.
jimmy.oz chapter 9 . 4/4
If she is so afraid of the spiders wonder what she would think of his battle with the basilisk. Curious if Voldemort is in a lot of pain right now from all this love lol.
jimmy.oz chapter 3 . 4/4
Wont lie there are many men out there that would have chosen to bond with them right away but of course Harry is too noble for that even though i swear there are times when he should have turned out very dark lol. Of course i don't care much for dark mc. neutral gray is more my thing.
Fellbane chapter 44 . 3/28
I have to say that if Harry didn't spend the majority of every time-sensitive situation either talking or being confused and instead just started slinging spells from the get-go, he would have a lot fewer problems. The hesitance he is showing here when it comes to fighting is more than he even did as a first-year, did he not train for months with Fleur and the other girls for the tournament? Why does he seem so incompetent?
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