Reviews for Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble
rodentz chapter 5 . 18h
Why'd you have to do this to Hermione?! My stomach has this fuzzy and empty feeling and I'm literally sobbing. *sobs* I can't handle it!
RatherFabulous chapter 10 . 2/5
Muahahaaaaa! Harry should be grateful that the theory of menstrual synchronicity was disproven.
skyeza chapter 52 . 2/3
This has been a great read. I absolutely love it, I am hoping that you will continue on updating this amazing story. Please complete it. What happens next? I really need to know.
Wyrade chapter 52 . 1/27
Thank you for writing this story!
I am saddened you did not write anything since a year ago, I hope you will "pick up the pen again". I do not like unfinished stories.
Nonetheless it's a good one and I hope you will finish it someday soon. :)
Have fun and a happy year!
desireejones99 chapter 2 . 1/25
got there to late to know who his hostage is

excellent entertainment
Anonymous chapter 52 . 1/22
This story is amazing, it has brought a spot of joy into my heart in very dark time and for that i thank you.
I would also like to say that you have real talent and could go far in this field. A friend of mine who started writing fanfiction much like you is now a published author, and I believe you will go far. And i want watch as you do.
darthtenebrosius chapter 52 . 1/24
Great fic, definitely a very different take on bonds etc. I also very much liked how you didn't bash Dumbledore too much.
Any chance that you'll pick this up again? I'm enjoying it so much and I really get disappointed when I come to the end of an unfinished fic.
Also re Moody's eye, I found a reference saying it's a one of a kind artefact called the Eye of Vance, which sees everything.
kajjjann chapter 52 . 1/24
Hello! This story has been very intriguing and interesting. Normally I tend to avoid HP/HG pairings as it is not "my cup of tea", but on the other hand I love HP/FD so that is why I gave this story a chance. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by it and believe it to be a really good story. I like the way you keep your focus both on the smaller details but also on the picture as a whole. I hope the next chapter will be out soon (but believe me when I say I know it is not always that easy to keep the updates going).

Draeconin chapter 47 . 1/22
Talking about annoyances from canon... There are a lot of them for me, btw. But one of the first... Remember Harry's first year? The Sorting? The Hat was almost insistent that Harry should be in Slytherin - then he gets put in Griffindor, and all of his Slytherin ambition, cunning and survival instincts just disappear, never to be seen again. As an abused child, provided his spirit wasn't *completely* crushed (and events show that he wasn't completely crushed), he would have had an abundance of cunning and survival traits just to survive. You, among most HP fanfic authors, seem to have overlooked that as well.
Guest chapter 52 . 1/11
Just wanted to give a little encouragement. I've enjoyed this for some time now and hope to follow until it's completion
TheUnknownBadass chapter 52 . 1/10
i really hope you are planing to write more of this story as i am really hoping it will never end but as the saying goes All good things must come to an end (or something like that) but please conntinue write this for as long as you can its the most decently HP fanfic that i have read so far and i dont think i want to read any other until i have read this one the the very end.
Guest chapter 52 . 1/9
Love this story, keep up the good writing
Vipermagi chapter 52 . 1/11
I just started reading this story 2 days ago and am greatly enjoying it. There are only a few technical errors peppered throughout that do not detract from the well put together ideas. You also incorporate a delicious amount of fleshing out of the magical world without getting too nitty gritty. The slight ribbing on how the canon story ends in your author notes is also refreshing as I really didn't like how the story was wrapped up. I always got the feeling that when she started publishing she had a well drawn out story line but simply didn't know how best to end it.
Silvara rivana chapter 52 . 1/1
I think I might implode from how epic this story is so far! Love how you got them bonded and wove in the rest of the tasks for the triwizard and kept cedric safe. Love the fact that you got mione into the bonding. It's just all so intricate and well woven together. I do hope you can help miss Malfoy as I kind of like her. Not sure where I sit on the Draco matter. I am totally fine with ron becoming a background char. Love that Sirius is falling for a lovely lady with the last name of White! I really hope you get to write more of this story soon as it is a very gripping read!
maartenvervloet chapter 52 . 12/28/2015
Actually I disagree about the boggart, I think it somehow knows when it's being watched (like the Weeping Angels in Doctor Who once again)

I suppose Moody simply knows what his boggart shows and as he already expected a Boggart, it didn't affect him too much
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