Reviews for Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble
Topshoteffect chapter 52 . 11/2
Amazing Story. I hope the next chapter comes out soon.
barrett crowell chapter 19 . 10/29
actually i saw the part at then end about snakes skins and weights u actualy got it mostly correct the only thing was the poison sacks most venomous snakes as far as i know will only have a certain amount of venom regardless of size or age but other wise great telling on it it made it seem a bit more realistic to me one of the reasons i love this story
ryansestak chapter 52 . 10/30
This story is so good! Please continue updating when you can. Can't wait for more updates!
RykOakwine chapter 19 . 10/29
I'm baffled by all of this revealing to the Weasley twins about who the Marauders were. Harry already told them at least about who Prongs and Mooney were. Thats why they gave Harry the Marauder Map in 3rd year! Here, Harry has ownership of the map yet he and the twins act like he never told them anything about Prongs or Mooney or anything g else about the Marauders. WTF? And the whole "Dumbledore sends the Marauders to prank the Dursleys" thing is utterly unbelievable. If Dumbledore wanted Harry to get a healthy form of justice for his childhood then Dumbledore would see to it the Dursleys were held legally accountable, not have them pranked by Sirius and Lupin. And what's with the initial reconnaissance mission to 4 Privet Drive and Lupin specifically saying they were looking for pranking opportunities that didn't involve magic, then they all cast a dozen magical pranks around the place? Hello, some consistency one paragraph to the next, please?
RykOakwine chapter 17 . 10/29
Man, the characterizations in this chapter hit a new low. They're just extremely difficult to tolerate. Canon Hermoine was difficult to put up with occasionally, especially with her narrow-minded arrogance concerning the House Elves (where *she* was the only person who's opinion on the subject of House Elves mattered, everyone else was propagating indoctrination of House Elves and enslaving them. This in spite of her never bothering to even interview ONE House Elf about their lives and circumstances in Hogwarts). Her turning in Harry's Firebolt because ultimately she just knew better than Harry what was good for Harry. And don't even start on her insanity in The Half Blood Prince. But in this story she's even worse! PoBN Hermoine spends entirely too much time literally yelling at Harry in attempts to control his behavior. Screaming at him to STOP! with Malloy and Snape, expecting Harry to tolerate endless abuse from both characters. While PoBN Hermoine seethes and obsesses over slights to her name from Rita Skeeter! In this chapter she flip flops from one section to the next telling Harry to be the better man and ignore the insults and abuse from people who hate him then she rants and raves about how wronged she is by Skeeter and how she's going to get her back! PoBN Hermoine is just entirely horrible in this regard. And the author ends up so focused on Hermoine's message of ignoring Snape that he ends up having his mother characters echoing Hermoine's message, no matter how unreasonable it is for that character to take that position. Does any Sirius Black other than this PoBN Sirius tell Harry to "be careful" with Snape because Snape can make Harry's life miserable? No, of course not. He'd sympathize with how horrible Snape is, reinforce Harry's burgeoning hatred of his school years enemy, and possibly help Harry plot ways to get revenge. Only this unrecognizable PoBN Sirius is so meek and "keep your head down around Snape". God I hope the characterizations improve. That the cast all seem to be coming from the same place with inadequate differentiation in their opinions and views is bad enough, but the inconsistencies are even worse.
JKR chapter 52 . 10/24
Who will update, you son of a slutty bitch?
rebfan90 chapter 52 . 10/24
Great story! Hope you continue!
narutohuga chapter 52 . 10/19
About Snape's spells It may have been another story I was reading but I believe you had a scene where Sirius said something about Snape's spells being handed out when the mauraders had to steal them
Lorien Legacy chapter 1 . 10/7
hey man I have been following this story for A YEAR AND A HALF now and let me just say its pure genius I absolutely love it but I noticed its been awhile since you updated I now I'm probably just paranoid since an amazing Harry Potter story I loved called His Angel was discontinued a few weeks ago but please tell me your continuing this master piece if some one is flaming you there either a complete idiot or just jealous they cant write a story like this and you should just ignore them I have been on this site for four years ( reading HP Fanfiction for two ) and seen many good and amazing story's destroyed by flames so I hope no one is doing that too you and if your just having writers block hang in there it will come too you Harry/Fleur is such a rare pairing too hen you consider ho hard it is to find descent story's let alone great ones like this so anyway hope your doing ell and please update soon :)
elisabeth2me chapter 52 . 9/26
I've been reading this story for the last few days, and while I was a bit unsure of the plot in the beginning I am glad that I decided too keep on reading. Your story is a complete pleasure to read!
Squarekiddo chapter 3 . 9/22
Well this clearly isnt my cup of tea, I can already see the major plot lines, and it just makes me dislike it more.
I truly dont like fics when Magic itself irreversibly dooms a person.

Now I get it that GAbrielle is probably gonna change and all that crap, but in the real world a 'Gabrielle' making a bondmate with someone noble like Harry, is something Id have to rate as worse then rape, You have the stalker, literally, she has newpapers hung in her room and all that, and you have the noble guy, the Stalker loves him cause her twisted head says so, dont ask me how stalkers work, but anyway, because of magic this noble guy is Irreversibly doomed to forevermore be raped by his stalker cause he dosnt want to basically kill someone.

I truly dislike this shit, like I said not my cup of tea, in fact I dont even drink tea in this metaphor.

Now keep up the good work, people love your stories that much is obvious, so your obviously doing something right, just cant please everyone sadly, anyway good luck.
Squarekiddo chapter 2 . 9/22
I really hope you afress this in the fic.
I mean Gabrielle is down right Disgusting.

"Oh Papa, PLEASE!" Gabrielle exclaimed. "I'll not only get to see Harry, I'll be in it with him. PLEASE!"

Something with such reverence and she dosnt even know him, honestly makes her worse then Bellatrix in current light, I really hope you dont just skim over this.
CynthiaP chapter 44 . 9/16
Sweet, wonderful story. I look forward to reading more as you have time to update. You are an amazing writer, and I truly enjoy reading your stories. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Cassius E. Whistlewood chapter 52 . 9/14
Magnificent story so far. You've really shown your talent with this one. I look forward to read more of it. Keep up the good work.
CynthiaP chapter 39 . 9/16
I have read many a clever revenge on the Dursley's story, but this is the best, the best ever! So clever! I love this story, and am having so much fun reading it. So clever! Thank you for sharing!
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