Reviews for Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble
Guest chapter 52 . 3/24
RIP to another great writer who has passed with their stories not being finished. We will miss this story and "Futures and past"
A Well Wisher chapter 52 . 3/22
What? I'm reading this in 2017... the story was getting so good, but suddenly you stopped writing more than 2 years ago...! What happened? I loved your story! I think you're one of the two best fanfiction writers EVER, and I would love to see more of your work. I don't know what scenario is keeping from writing again, but I would LOVE to see another few chapters of this! Please! Your fans would love for you to keep on, and it'd break my heart if you didn't...
Zharkhella chapter 52 . 3/23
An enjoyable story so far. I have really enjoyed reading this and look forward to the next chapter.
LeQuin chapter 52 . 3/22
I must say that it seems that your story's tempo has dropped. The first 31 chapters (again ignoring the synopsis things) cover 6-10 months depending on how you look at it (I understand that about four of those months are covered in the first two chapters). The next 19 chapters cover a single month. From a rather banal timing perspective it just feels a bit... inconsistent.

I also don't feel like the extra time you're taking has really been packed with more plot or character development. This may be down to the idea of diminishing returns where the largest growth occurs at the beginning of the relationship, but giving slower growth equal screen time also slows the narrative.

Harry and Gabrielle's kidnapping felt like a slightly forced response to this trend. I still don't see how that added to the story, but I can see that Tonks might have some information that could change that. Mostly it seemed that you had to clear Marl out of the way so he didn't become the overpowered mentor who doesn't actually do anything to help the heroes. Given that he had only had one class with them though his death comes across as a bit slapdash whatever the point was supposed to be.

I should add that I've noticed that it's fairly common in the Harry Potter fandom to spend a massive amount of time on Harry's summers to give him a power up before he returns for his annual tangle with the forces of evil so I can't really get too upset with you for doing that. In fact I'm sure that I have been guilty of this myself and will likely be guilty of it again.
Greyff chapter 8 . 3/22
Too bad, i would have loved seeing a scene where Voldemort bursts into flame screaming because of Harry's scar linking to Voldie and all the love-power being a power he knew not. Heh.
ancient650 chapter 9 . 3/21
zzd m
Meerhawk chapter 52 . 3/20
This is a really really good story that I absolutely loved reading!
Q chapter 8 . 3/14
Wow! This story is, to say the least, unique. It's a pretty good fanfic, and very creative. Better than some others. I can't believe you durst apply a four way marriage to Harry! It's pretty chill, dude. love it as much as cutips, like, apply themselves to bananas. Hur hur.
VoldiesBedroomSlippers chapter 52 . 3/11
Well written, and a fascinating concept - very enjoyable read altogether. I hope you have time to finish it. Would very much like to see how it goes. I also appreciate your keeping to a T rating, in spite of the steamy possibilities of a four way bond. Please keep up the good work.
LeQuin chapter 41 . 3/10
There was a whole slew of good advice from Marl there, except for that rather silly bit at the end. Wand rings? This person didn't give the kids a chance to change their shoes and he keeps his wand, his primary weapon, in a piece of jewelry that he wears under his shirt? That seems... stupid on his part. He even demonstrates the problem in that he needs to remove it from his shirt first and even then it's not ready to hand. It's a bit more cliche, but something based around the forearm is definitely a smarter tactical move. This feels more like an excuse to add in what will probably end up being some jewelry that looks more like a Christmas ornament.
LeQuin chapter 38 . 3/9
"Let the women make the important decisions. It frees up more time for golf."'ve just turned this fic into an American sit-com. When the Grangers were first told about the bond Harry told them that this was a relationship of equals and that the girls were possibly his betters. At the time it sort of fit with his massive lack of self-confidence which you had shown during the bonding itself. This comes from Mr. Granger though who has never displayed any indication of that same lack of self-confidence. This basically tells Harry: "Sod being equals, you are less than they are by virtue of your gender." After a life of being told he's not good enough I don't think the character needs that and the relationship certainly doesn't.

Harry has been slowly growing in confidence and I was hoping to see him hold up the relationship the way your set up forces him to since the girls aren't equal romantic partners to each other in this. This "men are stupid and should let the wife/girlfriend make all the 'hard' decisions" trope has gutted the romance out of the relationship. You've basically announced that this will be three friends sharing an anthropomorphic puppy.

I will admit that I wasn't too interested in the relationship anymore after that proposal, but that is down to a personal dislike of stories that write in teenagers getting engaged or married since it invariably feels like the author gave up on finding any actual growth in the relationship. Since it's a personal dislike I didn't comment two chapters ago, but I feel it might add some context here so I'm including a mention.

After 36 chapters (and those two synopsis things) I think I'm probably invested enough in the story to see it out and I am still a little curious to see what this training will be and how you plan to have them fight Voldemort and find the horcruxes, but I am disappointed to admit that this chapter definitely killed any interest whatsoever in the romance.
LeQuin chapter 14 . 3/9
Right. Up until this point you've had a fairly interesting story. You've approached some of the issues that might come up in a polygamous relationship (especially when half the group still has to go through puberty) and I actually want to know how you're going to solve them.

This though? This is an unnecessary and disappointing... it's not really a chapter is it? People who need a reminder of what happened after 13 chapters wouldn't have finished Philosopher's Stone, never mind the whole seven books as you clearly have. If it was done due to irregular posting or a large break it still makes no sense: those invested in the story have the chapters available and can reread them if they feel they need a refresher and those who have lost interest won't regain it from reading an outline. All this does is pad your word and chapter count while breaking up an otherwise pleasant read.
cadisraizel chapter 52 . 3/8
I just want to say that I absolutly love your story! I'm normally not a fan of Harry with more than one woman and I especially don't like him with Hermione but you managed to captivate me and I simply couldn't stop reading! So I really hope that you'll continue this story!
im1 chapter 52 . 3/6
This is by far the most amazing multi story I have read so for, I look forward to your updates as your life allows.
sjoerd.prins10 chapter 52 . 2/21
please continue
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