Reviews for Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble
HiccupLukeHarryColin chapter 51 . 6/22
What symbol d you use for Parseltounge?
thebetawholived chapter 52 . 6/19
OK, I know it's bad form, but I can't help myself. I hope you post another chapter soon!

It seems like the rest of the summer activity is all pro forma: obligatory birthday party, obligatory shopping, obligatory beach party with bikinis . . .I'm interested in anything new and different, and I'm particulary interested in how things are structured at Hogwarts with the combination of teaching, prefect duties, student activities, and of course the love interest.

I also am interested in finding out what is to happen with the young Malfoy jerk.

Thank you for writing and sharing an interesting story. I've enjoyed it!
thebetawholived chapter 51 . 6/19
That locket is scary. It is also gone . . . finally!

I wonder most what will happen with the young people return to Hogwarts. It will be interesting!
Calmzone1 chapter 52 . 6/18
very intricate and concise story. I am really enjoying reading it. I am curious as to where you might go with Draco and his mom, as well as a potential of Remus with someone. Very interesting, thanks for sharing your story. :)
Guest chapter 2 . 6/12
excellent so far. would like to see more!
Rayaith chapter 52 . 6/7
Don't Give Up On This Story!1
desireejones99 chapter 52 . 6/5
Drat thought there were more chapters, they have been flying by. Very excellent story, very compelling. Look forward to new updates
Lerris chapter 50 . 6/2
This continues to be fairly good, though it would seem to have a ways to go. On a minor point, one way to shutup a painting that you can't remove would be to brick it up and variations to that. (Perhaps a wall of cement?) Add enough mass to a vibrating object and you can generally silence it, or at the very least severely muffle it. Even if you couldn't touch the painting directly you could surround it in say a solid thick metal enclosure, and if things go particualrly well you could evacuate the air from it to stop direct sound transmission, though the painting might manage some through its mounting.

On a side note, I never cared for portraying Luna in such a way that it seemed that she truly had serious problems. Whether it is canon or not, I just feel it weakens her character. It seems more interesting if she pretends to believe for her own reasons, or, actually does see what others do not.

It is a shame you got rid of Marl, particularly before they could learn much. I see too possible paths forward, and variations of them. It could either go relatively lock step towards the end with Voldemort not winning any large battles, or it could get dark where the only thing Harry's team has is each other. I tend to suspect it won't get extremely dark due to how some things are turning out, yet I am also unclear how we are going to see a really good example of the power he knows not anytime soon. Sure Harry can power up the odd spell, but he needs at least the experience of say Shacklebolt with that power to stand a chance, and so do the other three. Basically you brought in a really pretty big thing in with the bond they have, so for it all to fit together well that needs to become key to total victory, and not just key to the final battle, at least ideally. This is all of course just my opinion.

Still if they can learn to fight as one, perhaps with somehow all of them using the senses of the others, it would be quite impressive. The closest comparison I can think of would be the six paths of pain from Naruto though that is not the same either. (On a side note, if the bond was actually semi equal between the four so they were sure that Harry dying would not kill the rest, then it might bring back the potential that Harry might actually die.) Perhaps they could also have subspecialties like flame whip, unstoppable flaming piercing curses (fleur), severely overpowered veela aura (gabrielle?), a thousand usual spells(hermione), and maybe even a sword (harry)...? At any rate it is just some ideas. I remain curious how things will turn out, though I suppose there is still a couple chapters left to read...
Lerris chapter 38 . 5/31
The solution to make the Dursley's house a tourist attraction was well thought out and better than some other options, such as buying them a house elsewhere so they don't get killed.

Overall, this story has gone well so far. I just think it would have been better if somehow Gabrielle was not in the bond. Sure she would have been disappointed, but she could have moved on. I think the case was well made for Hermione though, particularly since it was Fleur's original mistake that started this ball rolling. Of course the Harry/Gabrielle pairing can work, if everyone is old enough, but both sisters is likely a bit much.
Saissa chapter 48 . 5/29
I am SOOOOOO very glad that Molly Weasley is not and never will be MY mother.
Padmus-Orion-Black chapter 47 . 5/26
The magic is complicated, when talking to someone who knows it, you can say the secret freely, but when you are around others, the secret is hidden by magic. I hope that helps some.

Jimbocous chapter 52 . 5/24
Thanks for the update. Hope life is well, and definitely looking forward to more!
noylj chapter 52 . 5/18
Thanks for the update. I had to go back several chapters to remember what was going on.
So, why does the locket have to be opened before one can kill it? Everyone goes along with jkr but no one seems to have any idea.
Guest chapter 52 . 5/15
Wow, great story so far. I hope you update soon because it is an amazing story, and one of the best I've ever read. Like I said, great work and I hope you update soon!
BarbedCaress chapter 52 . 5/12
Great story!
Look forward to the next chapter!
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