Reviews for Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble
Guest chapter 52 . 7/28
Please dont tell me this story is dead...
Ayeun chapter 52 . 7/30
Amazing story. Please update again soon.
Possible answer chapter 52 . 7/28
Here is a possible answer to your conundrum, what if moody saw his most feared thing? that would signify a boggart
Dethryl chapter 47 . 7/27
Albus is a moron. For all of his supposed regrets and determination to make things right with Harry, he just accused him of lying/exaggerating about Snape's behavior and attitude. It's simple enough to ascertain the truth with that pensieve of his, but he seems utterly uninterested. Given Snape's attitude in Order meetings, Albus should be less skeptical. This is supposed to be a good!DD fic, but I'm not buying it after this chapter.
Dethryl chapter 42 . 7/27
Your writing is solid, but unfortunately you've wandered into cliche territory ever since you finished the 4th year material. Shopping trips? Bikinis? The grizzled war vet who trains them all to be bad ass? Someone's hot single aunt that Sirius hooks up with? It's gotten bland, generic, and uninteresting. I've been skimming a lot of the past 5 chapters, and I am seriously questioning if I should keep going.
zainethedemonking chapter 52 . 7/24
Such an interesting story, real shame that it's been so long since an update.
Victoria of Gryffindor chapter 52 . 7/16
Please please update i really love this story
Guest chapter 45 . 7/9
Even if it should turn out that Snape is not responsible for telling the prophecy and Petunia hating magic, which from Harry's point of view is not yet certain, he is definitely responsible for everything he did at Hogwarts. And Dumbledore is the one responsible for allowing Snape to do that, and also responsible for placing him with Petunia.
Guest chapter 33 . 7/8
Even if we assume that Dumbledore has the best of intentions towards Harry or the wizarding world in general (and I'm not convinced he has), his actions speak for themselves, or in other words against him. So if he has good intentions, then his judgment is poor, and his suggestions should be considered of questionable wisdom unless backed by convincing reasoning. Appeals to Dumbledore's judgment should count against the suggestions, as his judgment was shown to be flawed. As he doesn't like to reveal the reasons for his suggestions, they should be discarded.

In the discussion with Dumbledore a few chapters ago I was disappointed with both Harry and Dumbledore. Alain tells Harry that it is better not to reveal to Dumbledore what he knows, and a few minutes later Harry does exactly that.
Then Dumbledore thinks he should regain some trust, but the discussion about Harry's summer at the Durlseys basically goes like this: "It is safer for Harry." "It is for Harry's benefit." "Actually it's for the Dursleys' benefit." If there was any trust left, at that point I would never again believe anything Dumbledore said. I can understand that Harry has been brainwashed to admire Dumbledore. I think that is exactly the reason he sent Hagrid to retrieve Harry and not someone qualified. But Alain or Fleur should be able to recognize it and point it out to Harry. As they say, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
Ignoring Harry's personal feelings on this matter, it also means two weeks wasted instead of preparing for Voldemort.

Dumbledore also shouldn't hold three important positions of power, and not only because of the time requirements, although that is also a valid reason. Too much power in one person is dangerous, especially if it has been shown that his judgment is poor. But most importantly, there will arise conflicts of interest between these positions. In Dumbledore's case, he doesn't put priority on the interests of any of these positions.
His duty to the school is to protect and teach students. It is not a place to attract Dark Lords with a priceless artifact behind ridiculously easy protections. He should protect the students from danger and physical and mental abuse, by teachers or other students. Half the teachers are not qualified to teach.
Having Snape as potions teacher is probably one of the worst blows against the Greater Good. A whole generation is short on potions skills, and that means at least Potion Masters, Healers and Aurors. And the few that take a Potions NEWT are mostly Slytherins.

I also don't like how Rowling equates Slytherin with bad. It basically means the great Dumbledore has a quarter of the school dedicated to produce dark wizards. Although having Snape behave the way he does helps to accomplish that.
Guest chapter 15 . 7/7
I know you wanted a good Dumbledore, it's in the summary. But a good Dumbledore is simply not compatible with canon. So let's assume you have a Dumbledore with good intentions, but with bad execution, although some would argue that is even worse.
At least it means Dumbledore should not be allowed to make any important decisions. I would qualify it as no important decisions without first counseling with others, but as he usually disregards others and doesn't share the important facts, that would be useless. Minerva told him it was a bad idea to leave Harry with the Dursleys, he ignored it. Mrs. Figg admitted that she knew that Dursleys wouldn't let Harry come if they suspected he enjoyed it there. That means that she knew that not just they didn't care for Harry's happiness, but were actively trying to prevent it. If she was too stupid to realize that, than Dumbledore should not have selected her for that task. But more likely she reported it and Dumbledore dismissed it because it didn't mach with his delusions. Deliberately ignoring reality is dangerous, and giving almost unlimited power to such a person is extremely dangerous.
Even ignoring that, could Dumbledore not at least have the decency to ring Petunia's bell and say sorry your sister died, here is your nephew? Instead he leaves Harry like a bottle of milk on her doorstep on a November night. How could anybody trust someone who considers that acceptable behavior?

And now Dumbledore is embezzling school money to pay Remus to do some muggle baiting? We already know that the school is not Dumbledore's first priority, in fact he seems to not care about bad teachers, bulling in the school, or danger to the students. It is difficult to explain that as just incompetent, but with good intentions.
Harry would probably prefer to never again think of the Dursleys. He could report them to the authorities. While he does that, he should also report the teachers who neglected to mention the difference between Dudley and Harry, unless Dumbledore caused the teachers to not notice, which negates the premise that Dumbledore is just delusional and not intentionally evil.
So Dumbledore advocates using magic against muggles, which hopefully is against the law, to get some forgiveness from Harry?
And if it is right to have revenge against the Dursleys, is it also right to have revenge against Dumbledore? And if not, why not? Just because Dumbledore can defend himself and the Dursleys can't?

Harry's parents didn't have a will? If you have a child it is generally a good idea to make arrangements for the child. More so if you have a dangerous job. Even more in a time of war or frequent terrorist attacks, where people died all the time. And especially as the Potters knew that Voldemort was targeting them in particular. I guess this is to support the good Dumbledore theory, but do yo suggest Harry's parents were stupid, or just didn't care about his future. And just naming Sirius as godfather doesn't change much. He was supposed to be the secret keeper, so there was a high probability he would die before them.

Oh, and just a few lines later they did NOT die without wills, but some problems that the almighty Dumbledore couldn't fix? Dumbledore may be good at ignoring reality if it kicks him in the face, but he doesn't have the habit of contradicting himself within a few minutes.

Don't get me wrong, I like the story, I just don't think it is possible to have a good Dumbledore unless you change the story before he drops Harry on the doorstep.
Mistress of Potions chapter 52 . 7/8
Please don't abandon this, as I am sure more people than just myself are eagerly awaiting more.
bunxx chapter 52 . 7/5
as always great story! cant wait for more and hope you are settling in to your new home and job!
crossfire922 chapter 7 . 7/3
You are a very clever writer. I am quite impressed so far.
Mewtwo-TheLoneShadow chapter 52 . 6/16
Magnificent, truly magnificent. A masterful, superbly written and thoroughly captivating tale. I do hope you plan to continue it, I can't wait to see what comes next!
Mantabath2002 chapter 5 . 6/8
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