Reviews for Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble
BioHazard82 chapter 20 . 3/25/2010
Another great chapter.
King of the Fallen chapter 20 . 3/25/2010
Sweet update soon, ja ne.
Pointer3109 chapter 1 . 3/25/2010
Its mean, but well deserved.
fledge chapter 20 . 3/25/2010
A great new chapter, even if "nice" isn't exactly correct, considering all the sh*t literally happening. But I guess the Dursleys deserve it.

I do hope we won't have to wait three years for Gabrielle to grow up suffĂ­ciently, though. And it's a fine idea Hermione starts practising sleeping in other people's beds. With all the implications...
super12 chapter 20 . 3/24/2010
Great stuff!
Silo666 chapter 20 . 3/24/2010
kick ass man cant wate to see more andi hope some how harry never has to go to the durslys this summer or ever agen mybe get it so lupin has him
MDR chapter 4 . 3/24/2010
A bit of a nit-pik, and maybe one you address in future chapters. Harry here is a teenager, and male. A LOT of his thoughts are going to be naughty in nature. Hormones do crazy things and a guy's mind pops in thoughts, even unwanted ones, in his head all the time. And the more you try *not* to think about something, the more you think about it.

I guess what I am getting at is that to be realistic, Harry's first concern shouldn't be whether or not the sisters will discover Sirius, but whether or not they will be able to read all those lustful thoughts and memories that naturally flow through a normal red-blooded male's mind. THAT would be most embarrassing to anybody, let alone a teenaged boy.
MDR chapter 3 . 3/24/2010
Interesting story...but I think the tear going down Dumbledore's nose is a bit much.
jabarber69 chapter 20 . 3/24/2010
man that prank with vernon sitting on the throne and trying to flush it, GROSS! hell if that happen to me, I would move instead of trying to clean up that mess! just think about it you would enver get it clean cause you would be constantly throwing up while trying to clean it...

and the sex talk and your partial french and english talking is way cool...
Tyche Nemesis chapter 19 . 3/24/2010
ooh this is really good, your plot line excellent and your characters believable. please update :P
damon blade chapter 20 . 3/23/2010
great chapter, I hope to read more of this great fic and a number of your others ones namely the one with the Goddess of Love helping them if I recall for one of yours.

Keep up the work and post again soon, love the pranks so far on the Dursley
Wolfen Dreams chapter 20 . 3/23/2010
So, I read this story first two days ago, and liked it so much I decided to reread it before I reviewed (Normally I can't stand to read the same fanfiction twice, much less within the same week). And then there was a brand new chapter when to finish the second reading! And there was Dursley Pranking! And girl talk! Needless to say, I'm delighted! Like, about to do homework because I know I'm not going to be able to sleep in this good of a mood so I might as well take advantage of it.

When it comes to the Dursleys, I'm much like Harry. Even from the secure distance of fanfiction reader, I don't like the idea of killing or seriously injuring them. On the other hand, I completely love embarrassing, irritating, and generally annoying them. Your plan of having the Marauders take over their punishment is one of the best resolutions to that I've ever seen. On the other hand, I am sad that it doesn't seem like Harry will appear at the Dursleys' at all this upcoming summer; when I first realized that you were going to have a go at the Dursleys, my mind jumped to Dudley's face when he finds out about Harry's girlfriends. I always think that knowing Harry is rich, powerful, and happy would be the worst thing the Dursley's could imagine.

I am glad that Ginny is taking so well to Gabrielle. You see a lot of Ginny-bashing in non-HG fics, and while I don't mind it, I do like seeing Nice/Understanding!Ginny appear once in a while. I do wonder if her accepting attitude will hold once its revealed that its not just Gabrielle, but Fleur and Hermione as well. I think Hermione's presence in the bond will be difficult for Ginny, because at least (with her being understanding) she can blame it on Veela problems for Fleur and Gabrielle. Hermione would seem to Ginny as a sort of 'it could have been me' reminder.

As for Ron, I can't imagine what sort of insanity the info realease on the bond is going to cause for his jealousy problem. Oh, and I was wondering, how much of Ron's current reaction is merely a 'Momma Says' sort of thing, and how much is jealousy? I'd imagine its some mix of the two, but then, Ron's attitude seems to be more based within merely having Mrs. Weasley (or Witch Weekly) misinform him.

For the twins' reaction, I would just like it known that I was almost surprised when Sirius didn't have the same one.

One thing I particularly like is the relationship you've given Hermione, Gabrielle, and Fleur. I love watching the friendship blossom there so much; that's mostly why the girl talk in this chapter had me so delighted. Fleur especially keeps making me snicker (particularly the comment she made about Hermione playing with her hair while Fleur took her Harry time), although Gabrielle gets her shots in here and there (I had to stop reading I was laughing so hard over the tongue-lashing comment).

I do wonder a lot about how the bond is going to affect both the third task and the events immediately following. I mean, Harry and Fleur are still both opposing champions, although Harry is so wonderful that he's pretty good about that whole idea with Victor and Cedric as well as Fleur (I guess not really wanting to compete would do that for you, wouldn't it?). The bond won't be public yet, so its not as if Crouch could factor it into his plans, but Harry's still going to be hanging around in Fleur's head, and vice versa. Will that affect the outcome in the maze? Will Fleur end up in the graveyard? Would that mean Cedric doesn't, or would we be looking at a three-way tie (If so, I'd feel awful bad for Krum. The only one to fail)? How would her presence (or lackthereof) affect the graveyard? How would Gabrielle and Hermione's mental presences affect it? How would having the bond affect the ministry's denail? Would it? So many questions!

I'm also rather looking forward to summer at the Grangers, whether they decide it would be proper for Harry to go or not. I'd imagine it would be near difficult for Hermione's parents to accept something like this, but I think living with it (either with Harry or without), if only for a couple days, would not only cause an interesting dynamic (speaking of interesting dynamics, again with my love of the girls' friendship), but make it easier for acceptance to come for Hermione's parents.

One thing about the whole story that I love is how you've decided to focus more on the emotional and realistic qualities of such a relationship. While I don't mind smut, I do prefer a well-written story without it, and few things please me more than a good character/relationship-focused story. I think you're doing a wonderful job on that front; its heartwarming (as ridiculous as that word sometimes sounds, it really describes how caring all of the characters are towards each other) to see them all interact.

I am looking forward to the big reveal this summer. I'm looking forward to some closure with the Weasleys (who takes it how well and can they reconcile it enough to keep Harry around). I'm also looking forward for some freedom from the concerns about an unintentional reveal. While the characters don't seem too concerned about it (I should be taking a page from their book, I suppose) I can't help but imagine the chaos that would ensue should Skeeter-Beetle find out the news before.

Anyway, an intriguing, well-written, fascinating story that I can barely wait for its next update!
Akujin666 chapter 20 . 3/23/2010
I like all the scenes between the bond mates, in any combination, they make me smile. lol, especially with Hermione so happy about her hair.

I don't know if it's just me, but I'm not really interested in the revenge upon the Dursleys. It's nice to know they're getting some pay back for the misery they've forced upon Harry, but I'm more interested in the rest of the story.

How will things turn out with the Tournament? Will Snape figure out how Harry suddenly has major mental shields? Will he notice that Hermione has them as well? (Or at least I'm assuming she would, since she's part of the bond.) How do things go when they go to visit in France? Will Fleur's father be able to get Sirius a trial? Will Lupin find a job? How will things come out once the world finds out about the er... quad? Will Harry "help" raise Voldemort at the end of the third task? Or will he be able to avoid that fate? Fleur gets knocked out in the maze in the book, doesn't she? If that happens in this fic, would that affect Harry or the others? Or would them all being alert keep Fleur from being stupified? Will Hermione ever stop worrying about Gabrielle's age? Will it be awkward to feel those others in the bond having sex?

All those questions and more! For the low low price of 0.99$. lol. These is some what run through my mind as I read through this.

Have I mentioned I enjoy Fleur's and Hermione's bonding scenes? lol, those are fun.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

hpnut1 chapter 20 . 3/23/2010
Loved it!
CoreEarth-Stormer chapter 14 . 3/23/2010
The chapter recap did nothing but detract from the story
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