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minshe chapter 23 . 4/26/2012
i absolutly love this story and ive been following it for some time...please please please update it quickly
Fan Of Games chapter 23 . 3/11/2012
Ah, another excellent chapter of 'Trials' has been finished. I'm looking forward to reading the next one.

Also, good luck with the other stories you're working on, as well as that Crossover Big Bang (that's a contest or some sort of event, right?)

As for the questions you asked in the author's notes at the bottom, I shall make some more predictions for each of them:

1) What will become of Keisha?

Prediction: Keisha will be held prisoner until the ritual is completely ready. She'll be taken to the throne, but Galamoth won't kill until he's ready to do so. This means that, even though many of the requirements have been taken care of, the ritual still needs time to get charged up with enough power so it can be pulled successfully in Galamoth's favor.

2) What does Ria plan for the museum?

Prediction: Either Ria will stay at the museum to guard the throne from Galamoth, or she and everyone else will stay hidden until Galamoth takes it if he's bringing it elsewhere. If the latter, she and everyone else will follow Galamoth to his hideout, free Keisha, and stop the ritual. If she's too late, she'll do her very best to follow the trail to Galamoth's lair.

3) How will Sgt. Stone react to this?

Prediction: Judging from how Stone's wife was once a witch (if I recall correctly), he must already know that the matter of Galamoth is very urgent, but he'll be really concerned because Galamoth wants his daughter, Keisha, to use as the sacrifice for the ritual. He might want to join Ria and help save Keisha, but if she allows him to, he's risking his life, so he might die while trying to save her. If she doesn't, Stone might be safe, unless Galamoth doesn't send his minions/cultists out to kill him.

4) Will Sophy ever forgive Darren?

Prediction: Maybe she'll forgive him for using her to get information on the Belmonts, but I doubt she'll want to hook back up with him after all the trouble he's caused.

As I said before, I'm looking forward to reading future chapters of this story; keep up the good work.
tanithlipsky chapter 23 . 3/4/2012
Slinky-and-the-BloodyWands chapter 23 . 2/29/2012
Loved it, especially the fact that Ria was holding her own on an emotional level. Ok, apparently, I'm automatically entertained whenever there's a fight scene with skeletons. I can't think of a case in which this is not true. It's probably from watching all those old action movies when I was a kid (Jason and the Argonauts, Army of Darkness). So Darren, finally gets it, does he? Wow, that guy was thick-headed. He must have thought he was on the longest episode of Scare Tactics ever. Can't wait for more. I can't believe there are only a few chapters of this left! The fate of the planet hangs in the balance. Also, Keisha.
DezoPenguin chapter 23 . 2/29/2012
Clap Your Hands If You Believe?

Heh, that was fun, seeing Darren squirm. Though it's too bad they couldn't have found more...inventive...ways of convincing him as opposed to showing him about the Belmont history and otherwise giving him much of what he wanted in the first place. On the other hand, if they'd let Isaac demonstrate some of the more "entertaining" techniques for devil forging he'd learned in Drac's service, well, it probably wouldn't have served well in the capacity of "persuade Darren to help the group stop Galamoth." The price of heroism. _

Sophy kicking skeletal butt! A nice cameo!

Letting the bad guys get away with Keisha, though, is a major screw-up on the heroes' part. One of the more powerful characters (Ria, Alucard, or Isaac) should have been riding herd on her at all times. I will, however, assign this screw-up specifically to Alucard, since he's the only one with experience in the "protecting valuable stuff" field. Ria's still a kid and doesn't have the hardened instincts yet so that she felt comfortable in the security of her own home (eg. leaving the Vampire Killer behind her...really, it's the exact same thing) and while Isaac has more experience I really doubt it's in the bodyguard field. Sgt. Stone, is the other character who had the training and personal motivation to watch over Keisha-and he actually WAS watching over her, it's just that he lacked the power to stop the horde of skeletons. So, Bad Alucard! No Dhampy Snack!

(It's actually nice, by contrast, to see Ria making mistakes, the kind of errors that are pretty obvious in hindsight but which help to illustrate that no, she's not perfect, and yes, she's still learning this stuff. Like her reaction to the dead bodies next chapter, it helps to keep her human...not to mention "likeable as an OC protagonist," which is just as important!)

And...yeah, the Blood Skeletons suck. One of the best things about Portrait of Ruin is the ability to actually kill those things!

What continues to NOT suck is this story. Keep 'em coming! _
DezoPenguin chapter 22 . 2/7/2012
Aha! A Shocking Swerve! So the attack at Keisha's house, that led to the falling-out between friends, was actually the cult going after Keisha. I certainly didn't expect this (I had to admit, I was thinking of "tainted" in the sense that Lament of Innocence showed it, especially since first Sara and now Ricardo are featured in this story).

Seeing Ria flinching from the deaths of human cultists, something that people like Alucard and Isaac would have long since adapted to, although Uncle Jason less so, was nice, as it shows there still is some of that innocent newbie from the first story in her. She's adapting fast, but still a kid.

So the question remains...will Darren prove to be a villain of some kind (as I suspected a few chapters back), or is he merely a schlub? Looks like we'll find out soon enough!
Mirai Reiko chapter 22 . 2/5/2012
AHAHAHAHAHA! Isaac is all pouty 'cause he didn't get to sit next to Ria in the car. LOL.

But joking aside, I felt bad that Ria had to witness those cult members getting killed without any sort of mercy. Too bad Alucard, Jason and Issac are kind of forgetting that she's still a kid, regardless if she's a descendant of a Vampire hunting clan. Poor girl.

Anyway, that was pretty shocking at how Keisha's mom was into the occult, which resulted in her death, thus the poor soul becomes the center of all this.

Great chapter as always; it looks like the plot is getting even thicker than before. :D
Fan Of Games chapter 22 . 2/4/2012
Alright! Another excellent chapter of Trials has been added! I'm looking forward to reading the next one!

I have to say that I never expected Keisha to be the sacrifice Galamoth needs for his ritual; I always thought that the cult members who served him were only going after her because they wanted to get to Ria by using Keisha (and perhaps her father too) as a hostage. That's quite an unexpected turn of events.

In regards to the Wishlist and the Fifty States of Supernatural challenge, I wish you the best of luck in writing stories for them. For the two Wishlist stories you have up already, they're up on this site right? If so I'll give them a read and review them; the same goes for the Supernatural story you wrote for the Fifty States challenge. I'll read that story and review it too.

And so, keep up the good work, and once again, the best of luck to you!
tanithlipsky chapter 22 . 2/3/2012
Slinky-and-the-BloodyWands chapter 22 . 1/28/2012
I just picture Keisha standing there thinking, "I'm so extremely traumatized right now." That was some big news for her. And I also imagine Ria to be countering her with, "Corpsesonthelawn. Corpsesonthelawn. OMG." Great chapter. Loved how you began it as well. Alucard and the invisible brake. *snort* Don't worry, I been there, Al. It might have been a shorter chapter but it was definitely action packed. Well done. Can't wait for more.
Halfsan chapter 22 . 1/26/2012
Haha! My guess was right! For some reason, my gut was telling me that Keisha was the "pure and tainted" person that the cult was after. I had no reasoning to back it up, it was just a hunch.. but it was right. Heh. Anyway, I can't wait until the next chapter. :D
Halfsan chapter 21 . 1/22/2012
I've been keeping up with this story via mobile most of the time, so I haven't gotten a chance to actually review a chapter. I just wanna say that I absolutely love all of these plot twists and such. Lovin' the Ria/Isaac, I hope their relationship develops more. ;D Your story is so awesome, I keep forgetting it's FANfiction. Somewhere deep in my mind, I want this to be part of CV canon! I've even tried to predict what's going to happen in later chapters. I can't wait until you continue this, and I can't wait until the third story!

Also, something funny I noticed.. When I first read Untested, I wasn't a big fan of Isaac, but now he's undoubtedly my favorite character in CoD... now that I'm reading Trials, the way you portray Alucard(sort of asshole-ish, and while he cares, he's still really rude.. particularly to Isaac) is making me dislike him, hahaha!

Anyway, keep up the FANTASTIC work!
Kasan Soulblade chapter 1 . 12/21/2011
Wel, as odd a place to review as we're rather deep into this fic and this isn't the last chapted, I thought I'd drop a line in an unconventual manner regardless.

First, thank you for doing Isaac justice, his doubiner, sly, accidentally evil demeanor with all it's dark allusions of a devil's past spaced between a man striving to do good deads for all the right reasons (love being predominant) has made a lovely read. Also, the fact that we don't know, even this late in the game, where he really stands beyond his affections (as Alucard is so fond of mentioning at every chance he gets) is quite a treat and adds just a dash of suspence to the whole.

Your other main protagonist, Ria is also wonderfully done. Still a teen through and through despite wearing the hero's hat/whip. Though the "Dead father, broken family as a result" dynamic has been done (almost to death, many a cliche are born form it) you've pulled it off well, showing both the legitimate grief of both mother and child, the deviding effects it can cause as well as a structured realistic mending of what was broken. (and yes Vampire abductions tend to help speed up the process enormiously, I laughed when Ria was explainaing how Walter was actually useful for that to Isaac.)

Now,... about the plot... Being out of the Castlevania loop (I've only plaed the N64 games, as well as the one with Trevor Belmont and Hector)I'll admit to being a bit lost. i don't know who Galamoth is, or even what. Despite that I can still apreciate the character dynamics as well as a race against time before the throne exudes enough evil to destroy the planet with this mystreious monster lounging about. putting his pawns willy nilly trying to impeade the good guys situation... I just feel form time o time I'm missing things, no fault of yours, but rather mine.

Also... why is the residental big bad lougning abou, perhaps you could explain the reason why in case I missed something?
DezoPenguin chapter 21 . 12/15/2011
So Isaac actually has a productive career; he's not just a freeloading bum! _

And you do realize that with regard to the Master Librarian's identity, you've opened quite a few cans of worms concerning how he went from being a helpful associate using his knowledge of alchemy to help Leon vanquish Walter to a money-hungry servant (well, employee) of Dracula (well, unless you're going to build on the alchemy connection to suggest that he was *always* an associate of Mathias working against Walter, which would an interesting alternate character interpretation...).

So, there's also a possible supernatural link to Keisha or her family? Hmmmm...

...One assumes it's Darren who moved the Throne to begin with?
Fan Of Games chapter 21 . 12/12/2011
And so another great chapter is added to Trials! I'm excited to read the future chapters!

As to who removed the throne, my guess is that it's Darren; he must be the man known as 'Dr. Brownton' who had found the throne in the prologue. I think that makes sense, considering how Darren wants to know about the Belmonts, and that Jason had quickly left immediately after seeing Darren's car in Ria's driveway, with Dr. Brownton having researched the Belmonts, on his part; thus the two men are the same person: Darren Brownton. If I may go farther in making predictions, I'd say that he might be, in some way or another, involved with the cult that follows Galamoth-he either is:

a) a member of the cult: the leader, a high ranking member, or one of the underlings,

b) is aware of their presence and is either working with them, observing them, or not doing anything about them at all,

c) letting Ria and her allies go up against Galamoth and his cult because he's (Darren) a third party who's working behind the scenes for his own gain (this goes with him being aware of the cult's presence and not doing anything about them).

I'm not sure which theory is correct or not, but I'd say they come close to the role he plays in this story. Since he found the throne and put it in the museum, Galamoth and the cult must know about him, but they are either:

a) observing him without his knowledge, just as he might be observing him,

b) observing him with his knowledge, as they might be working together somehow; perhaps having struck a deal with Darren, or Darren could be a member of the cult (see above theory),

c) not doing anything about Darren because he might not be a threat, whether Darren knows about them or not (this goes with both of the above theories).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading future chapters; keep up the good work.
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