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Guest chapter 14 . 3/19
Why have you not updated yet? For shame.
Deja-You chapter 14 . 3/18
Aw, this is my favourite of your fics. It's really regrettable that it's been abandoned. (I am assuming that it has been, since it was last updated just shy of two years ago.)

Well, nothing to be done, I guess. Did you drop it because you didn't like it any more? Or perhaps you've lost interest in Naruto? (The ending was severely lackluster, I must can really derail the motivation to write fic for the fandom.) Or are you just getting out of fan-fiction altogether? (Since your newest one looks like it hasn't been updated in a bit.)

I'm just asking so I know whether I should still hope for updates or not. I'm not gonna jump up and down shouting 'update! update!' because come's fan stuff. It's free and it is not a job or obligation. We write it because we enjoy it. I hope it's not that your love of Naruto has just been killed, though...I always hate when I lose one of my fandoms. It's sad.
TangoDeltaBravo chapter 14 . 3/5
A highly entertaining story. I laughed and then chuckled for a good minute after reading Tsunade's response letter. Even though it's been a long while since you've updated, I'd love to see more of where this story will go!
kimchi759 chapter 14 . 3/1
Out of curiosity, does she still wear that necklace with Akihiko's ring? And does she not interact with Shikamaru anymore? Neji stopped showing up, too.
On a different note, I thoroughly enjoyed her verbal beatdown of Cho and the complaining elders. Temari's comment about three men crying in the hallways had me snickering, as did Tsunade's proud note with the ending remark about Sai.
And even I can tell my hopes will likely be fruitless, but I'd mucchhh rather this end with a Gaara/Sakura pairing than a Sasuke/Sakura, if there must be a pairing.
The spar was a lot of fun to read, too, though the way this chapter ended...well, shiz.
Looking forward to the next chapter and hoping you haven't abandoned this!
kimchi759 chapter 13 . 3/1
I get the feeling you're a Sakura/Sasuke fan. Unless Sasuke undergoes a huge personality adjustment and matures a hell of a lot, I tend to, er, dislike the pairing - especially when Sakura changes enough from Kishimoto's misogynistic portrayal to merit praise. That said, I really enjoyed the humorous scene during Naruto's battle at the exams, the touching moment when he apologized for his careless words, and the general silliness of him and Suigetsu together. Oh, and the younger shinobi being intimidated was super amusing, as was Naruto's liveliness while in his birthday suit. I do wish you'd made her a bit more mature about the male anatomy, though. She's a shinobi, not a civilian. Then again, I suppose some aspects of this fic are just much more light hearted than its dark moments.
Still hope they stop protecting her at some point!
kimchi759 chapter 12 . 3/1
It's frustrating to know that after all this time, she's still not their (meaning Sasuke and Naruto) equal. That, I think, was the most painful part about canon!Sakura. She's a medic - why doesn't she study poisons so she can coat her weapons in paralytics? And shouldn't a chakra scalpel or knife be debilitating enough with just a glancing scrape? Mrgh. So frustrating.
On a different note, I might've been a little more than rant-y in my last review, but I stand by my assertion that Sasuke is still a condescending arse.
It'd be nice if you had her teammates truly acknowledge her by the end of this fic, yeah?
kimchi759 chapter 11 . 3/1
First of all, lemme just say that I will no doubt reread this at some point in the future, and then I will make sure to leave behind more than a couple reviews.
That said, I have to admit I was getting very frustrated in the past few chapters. For example, the ending scene from last chapter when Sasuke disrespected Sakura was violating her privacy and walking into her bathroom while she's showering and refusing to leave when she tells him to? Infuriating, and so wrong for so many reasons. Disregarding possible OOCness, that was a blatant dismissal of her wishes and not okay. And a gift like gloves shouldn't make up for how much of a total git he is, to her and in general. She shouldn't have to get his approval to do anything, and language like him "letting" her do something is demeaning. I hope to goodness I'm wrong, but you also seem to be building a sort of tension between, implying a romantic relationship, which is...disappointing.
The spar at the end was nice, though it would've been better if she weren't seeking his approval for anything at this point.
Mrgh. I've been enjoying this fic so much, it's just a let down when Sakura devalues her everything she's been through by allowing Sasuke to treat her like that.
Meh, crossing my fingers I'm just too tired and getting the wrong impression.
HeyJoe0929 chapter 13 . 2/26
Just so you know, we're still here, waiting for you to finish this. I hope all is well. And really, thank you for sharing this beautiful story to us. We hope you update soon!
sangi chapter 14 . 2/19
I know it has been forever and a day since you updated (which is understandable!), but I just wanted to leave a review and say how much I have enjoyed this story. I really like this alternate version of Sakura's life. I think that you have successfully managed to avoid the regression of character Sakura has in the main series. I love her interactions with the Sand siblings especially. Thank you for sharing with us.
Kyrie Lorelei chapter 14 . 2/12
–plot-twist, I'm looking forward to more :)
Hiei's Cute Girl chapter 1 . 2/10
It's a pity it's been so long! I had almost forgotten about your story if I hadn't stumbled into it thanks to a friend! I missed your quirky writing style and your humor. I hope life has been treating you well lately and that you take great care of yourself!

You have an excellent story! Keep up the good work!
Astraea J. Rahagi chapter 14 . 2/10
OMG! This story made me more love Sakura XDD
I hope it gets updated its wonderful
ForSCIENCE chapter 14 . 2/2
I love stories with strong awesome Sakura, and I have to say that this is my favorite. I can't wait until this updates again!
Yorozuya chapter 14 . 2/1


I love your series, its hard to find a good fic for sakura...
13.Starlight-Mist chapter 14 . 1/29
Didn't see that one coming...
Well, good luck with your finals! I look forward to the next post!
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