Reviews for It's For a Good Cause, I Swear!
bella my love chapter 36 . 9h
Lily chapter 2 . 11/2
I'm rereading this for the 2 millionth time because it's my favorite
ReadR13 chapter 36 . 10/28
Love this story.
ThunderNinjaBird chapter 36 . 10/22
I have one question did Gaara ever actually buy a vacation house, you never specified? :(
Rosehaven17 chapter 36 . 10/20
jleeluv14 chapter 29 . 10/14
haven't finished chapters yet but this is hilarious great job !
jleeluv14 chapter 1 . 10/14
haven't finished chapters yet but this is hilarious great job !
BaekhyunSamaa chapter 24 . 9/30
I don't know, maybe I little subjective about this. But why did you make Sakura still look like a week kunoichi? To be honest, She even can beat Sasori (even with Chiyo-san help) but Sasuke and Naruto think She can't beat young-Neji with her power? I hate them whose always look down at her!
It will be perfect if you make they treat Sakura better (She is try her best to keep up with them actually, but they did even recognize it, I'm sad). But it's actually good to read, and funny. But I'm still confused about the timeline they did the time travel. It is after Sakura go to Sasuke and plan to kill him? Or after Sasuke beat Itachi? or before it? Thanks for writing this story. I laugh a lot when it's come Orochimaru part. I fell bad about him! LOL
Saiyagurl87 chapter 36 . 9/20
Loved it! Poor orochimaru lmao
Zela Night chapter 36 . 9/18
Hilarious parody!
Well written too.
CatPause chapter 36 . 9/15
Easily one of my favorites. Thank you so much for writing this.
silent blue rose chapter 10 . 8/31
Holy o.o i don't know if you did it in purpose or something but i just noticed about plants talking
makasaya chapter 1 . 8/23
loved it
Angelic Phantomcrow chapter 36 . 8/19
Friendship Speeches will forever remind me of a great number of Yugi-Oh fanfics featuring Thea more often than not bashed
Guest chapter 16 . 8/17
That note tho
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