Reviews for It's For a Good Cause, I Swear!
tabjoy13 chapter 15 . 8/26
"Did Zaku just...die?You know, it was really unclear."

Oh, Gaara should join Guy's training! He could use some disversification...and stamina...and joy.

You don't know what my special ability is? Let me sit here and explain it... NO! Bad ninja!
tabjoy13 chapter 14 . 8/25
Ino thinks Naruto is hot? How interesting.

"Fights are the perfect time to settle your issues!" Oh Naruto.

Sasuke rooting on the inside...

Thanks for writing!
tabjoy13 chapter 13 . 8/25
"Sasuke, if we let you kill everyone you wanted to, you would be classified as a natural disaster. laugh/snort)

"If it is fated." HAHAHAHA

On my gosh can we please replace Shikamaru with a troublesome button?

Man, if it was normal 12 year old Sakura, Hinata would have this in the bag. RIP Ino.
tabjoy13 chapter 12 . 8/25
Maybe you have to sign a different waiver to be summoned?

"The evil puppet guy can come too, I suppose. I wouldn't want to be rude" HAHAHAHAHA

"'Breathe Naruto'
'No ramen?'"

Thank you for writing.
tabjoy13 chapter 11 . 8/25
(snort) Sasuke's "drag form".

Don't lie Orochimaru, you're ESPECIALLY interested in their bodies. Ick

Sakura did punch someone earlier. Ha!
tabjoy13 chapter 10 . 8/25
Hope the reviews aren't getting annoying but I love it when people point out their favorite parts so I'm just going to keep at it.
tabjoy13 chapter 9 . 8/25
"I could easily replace you with a rock. can't breathe, but don't have enough air to laugh properly [falls down, twitches])

Kabuto, no one wants to see your ninja info cards.

Ah yes, the Hokage's son gets special treatment, says the kid on a team made up of Kazekage offspring.

Grumpy Gaara made a joke!

Thanks for writing!
tabjoy13 chapter 8 . 8/25
I feel like the squirrel phenominon is something I've missed because I'm not on Tumblr or something. Seriously, who started the squirrel thing?

Hahaha "Hey look, it's that bird" Ah, the jonin system of messaging that's never really explained.

I see you're in the chunin-exams-happen-twice-a-year camp. I respect that.

No, the puppets are definitely weird.
tabjoy13 chapter 7 . 8/25
Oh no, back the truck up, I take issue with Mei not being Mizukage.

Thanks for writing!
tabjoy13 chapter 6 . 8/25
I was going to mock Kakashi for lying about only passing out around people that he could trust to take care of things but...he actually usually does that. The only exception I can think of is when Rin dies. That and of course the forementioned Wave Mission. My favorite example is: Tortured to the brink of sanity by Itachi? Stays awake for several minutes to explain the situation to his compaions. Then, Oh, Guy's here, I'm clear to pass out now. (drownsAlas! I am slain!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Tazuna, Inari isn't that cute.

Man Down Kakashi? It sounds like he tripped. I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Mist Village history is hazy, but they might still have a jinchuriki at this point. I'm not saying MY knowledge of Mist Village lore is hazy, it's literally just confusing. Canon can't seem to decide what the timeline of events was over there.

"A good friend of ours died once. Of course, he got better..." hahahaha
tabjoy13 chapter 5 . 8/25
Dang right that's your son Minato! Own that kid!

Imagine being hopelessly behind on a career path at age 12. Yikes.

Confirmed: Tazuna looks at little girls.

Thank you for writing!
tabjoy13 chapter 4 . 8/24
Ha! I love Sasuke's girl requirements: don't be useless or a fangirl. Sakura, and (to be fair) the others, failed so hard at meeting his minimum requirements.

Sakura's Dad's advice on being a NINJA: don't get hurt. I get that he's a Dad and doesn't want his child hurt but...NINJA

And after one question about Temari, we now know that Sakura doesn't work well undercover.

Death got tired of waiting for Kakashi! It all makes sense now!

Hashtag Kakashi killed the Third
tabjoy13 chapter 3 . 8/24
I appreciate this, all of this. The Therapy Jutsu, the various things they come back for, Kakashi using the excuse of himself being amazing (obviously) to get away with knowing the names of the Stone njnja and other things he shouldn't know.
Thank you for writing!
Yume chapter 36 . 8/19
I know I’m posting this review about a decade too late, but I must say that this story has been the highlight of my days. It makes me laugh so hard. I love the sassy and sarcastic characters and also the happy ending! Thank you so much for writing this fantastic story!
Marcii Winters chapter 18 . 8/19
You know, I've never read a fic from Naruto's perspective where he has a living parent that isn't horribly neglectful, and I think I fucking love this wholesome parent shit!
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