Reviews for The Transfer
sundafel chapter 7 . 6/21
Atwiggs chapter 68 . 6/17
Best moment? Of course, it’s the serenade! Especially with Emmet and Jasper with the kilt and all in the rain! Stellar! Did I spell that right?
Atwiggs chapter 67 . 6/16
So funny! But he finally opened up! Thank God..
Atwiggs chapter 66 . 6/16
I think Bella needs to check on Edward... He keeps blaming himself and he needs to get that out of his system! Bella should tell him to tell her what’s bothering him, he’s all mixed up...
Atwiggs chapter 65 . 6/16
I hope he gets over this shit. On Oct 5th yet! You can write angst. Once he gets all of that crap out his mind, he’ll be ok...
Atwiggs chapter 64 . 6/16
Oh my God that was so exciting! So Bella must be on the way to the hospital and Edward needs a lot of Valium!
Atwiggs chapter 63 . 6/16
I hate that sicko James! Go get ‘um Edward!
Atwiggs chapter 62 . 6/16
It was all so beautiful! Thx!
Atwiggs chapter 58 . 6/15
I loved this part! But can’t wait for the next part...
Atwiggs chapter 57 . 6/15
Loving this part! Loving all the parts ;)
Atwiggs chapter 56 . 6/15
Looks like Bella and Edward are going to have some ‘fun’ in the woods... I remember doing things in the woods with my boyfriend many years ago. My husband died last year and Edward and Bella’s fun just brought back memories of our time in the woods...
Atwiggs chapter 55 . 6/14
I hated the stalking shit with James but totally loved the baseball! Yay!
Atwiggs chapter 53 . 6/14
Yes, of course he’s stalking her!
Guest chapter 51 . 6/13
Not that f%*cking James again! And Edward wants to make love with Bella, what are they waiting for...
Guest chapter 43 . 6/10
I loved this chapter! Hell I’ve loved them all. And I am definitely a cougar too! And proud of being a Robert Pattinson cougar! Lol!
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