Reviews for The Transfer
thunnababy chapter 46 . 10/22
The cake was a success and sounds delicious! I am going to make it tomorrow for when my son comes home from Okinawa on Saturday! I can't wait to see him. I'll let you know how it turns out. Although the link you gave didn't work, I found one similar on Giada De Laurentis's web site. Ciao!
thunnababy chapter 45 . 10/22
I sure hope they finally get down to business, all this foreplay is driving me screaming up the walls! LOL.
thunnababy chapter 44 . 10/22
Edward does have a whacky family and that includes mom and dad. LOL.
thunnababy chapter 42 . 10/21
They're getting there, bit by bit and that was one helluva sexy "bit" ! You are such a tease. ()
thunnababy chapter 41 . 10/20
All I can say's about time! LOL although in the shower wasn't what I was hoping would be their first time.
thunnababy chapter 40 . 10/18
Yup, poor Edward has to deal with a, how shall I say...problem? What with Bella in that teeny blue bikini. Bless his heart!
Loved the haiku!
thunnababy chapter 39 . 10/18
Alice is such a hoot! Snooping on B & E and now 80 bucks richer to boot! Edward cooking breakfast for them is a sure sign of the perfect man. Sigh.
thunnababy chapter 38 . 10/18
Wonderful chapter. So glad they were finally able to talk about it all and put it behind them.
thunnababy chapter 37 . 10/18
Oh geez, I know Edward is bummed out at what he saw, bringing back his painful past but if he doesn't open up to Bella it'll only get worse. You are such a genious, it's killing me! LOL.
thunnababy chapter 36 . 10/18
Got a kick out of Bella's attemp to ward off Jacob with her ugly night wear. As if that would work! She could just stop at a Walmart and buy a charger. ;)
thunnababy chapter 35 . 10/18
Oy! Edward must feel a bit nervous about Jake spending the night and I don't blame him but he can take comfort in the fact that it is him she loves, not Jake.
thunnababy chapter 34 . 10/18
I had a feeling something would interrupt them and when the phone kept on ringing I was afraid something had happened to Charlie. I hope Edward does drive her because she is in an emotional crisis and shouldn't be at the wheel.
Damn! Foiled again!
thunnababy chapter 33 . 10/18
I'm hoping for the best! Please.
thunnababy chapter 32 . 10/18
Great chapter. I would love to see a visual of them all decked out in their finery, although you did give a spectacular description of how they looked. Thank you!
thunnababy chapter 31 . 10/18
Argghh! I think I'm as frustrated as Edward is at this point! LOL.
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