Reviews for The Transfer
EdwardsFirstKiss chapter 1 . 2/22
LOL! However, I don't think was as bad when Bella and Edward met in FFSGSS.

I am taking a wild guess that Charlie was policeman who stopped Edward from speeding...

Poor Edward. I have had those days too. This chapter reminded me so much of when my sons moved into their dorms freshman year of college. Although, there were no large hills to climb...thank goodness.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/22
This was by far my favorite story when I started reading FF. Actually it got me hooked on FF. This story is seriously under reviewed LOL. Poor Edward probably just had the worst day of his life. Rereading this first chapter made me so happy LOL
Sunshirae chapter 60 . 2/12
Gosh...FINALLY! I thought if I had to read another chapter before they got there I was going to expire. I like the mood he set and the fact that he took her for a ride to come back home was perfect. Good thing his parent's were away. Quick thinking on his behalf a perfect love cove. Nicely done!
Sunshirae chapter 56 . 2/9
I like that Rose is gitty and shrills like a hyena along with Alice. I love how they all get along. I like how Emmett conveyed his message and took his position to heart. Chief Swan knew what he was doing to Edward and Bella was just so wicked (poor Edward). As always you always deliver an incredible chapter. Thank you.
Sunshirae chapter 55 . 2/9
Wow, I enjoyed the good natured banter this group had; it was full of laughter, love, respect and just overall enjoyable. I wish I could have done that with my siblings. I was a little scared thinking their game was somehow going to be interrupted. But it turned out to be an exciting day full of the best medicine...laughter. Thank you for sharing this story, it just makes me feel gitty inside. :)
Sunshirae chapter 54 . 2/9
This chapter was phenomenal, it expressed exactly what Bella and Edward felt which was what I was feeling too. It's scary the way the mind works. Some people just think they can have it all. I wonder if they will get Jake involved?
Sunshirae chapter 53 . 2/8
Gosh, this is better than CSI or is he studying forensic psychology? I love your character's; their emotions are indeed felt your character's come alive and their actions are carried through thoroughly. Thank you for writing.
Sunshirae chapter 52 . 2/8
Oh snap! What the hell! This keeps getting better and better. Thank you for writing.
Sunshirae chapter 51 . 2/8
Awww, I like how Edward expresses himself to Bella it's just to the point. I am so glad he decided to help Jake and at the same time have some time with Bella. I hve recommended this story to other ff friends I know. It's such a good story. Thank you for writing and your dedication to your character's and your ff fans/readers.
Sunshirae chapter 50 . 2/7
Oh nooooo! Did Jake come to return the truck or to tell Bella he wants her back? Those wild flowers were probably from Jake as well. Hmmm? On another note: I wish that I was one of the Cullen children...I'd like to have a cool car and money to buy whatever I need or want. I wish I too was as young and in college once again to be in a dorm and have fun and wild sex with someone I fell in love with. It's good to be young and enjoy. I miss that boat long long, ago. I too, must be a book cougar but am truly enjoying myself with this story. Thank you for writing and sharing your gift with me.
div chapter 69 . 2/7
This is probably my third review, and I've been a rather sporadic reviewer, but your little parody amused me, so I could hardly refuse. Edward and Bella are incredibly sweet! Bella's quick wit entertains me to no end, and this group of friends sounds rather like mine, although mine is much more...geeky, I suppose. I've been relating to these characters throughout the story. Thanks for writing!
Sunshirae chapter 49 . 2/5
I like that they had this opportunity to get closer. Not only their communication evolved but their love/romance was everywhere, everyone was aware of their feelings for eachother (it screamed out loud ). It made it rather comfortable and accepting for Edward and Bella to connect so freely with everyone. In return his parent's, friends and siblings were ecstatic and had a great time and many wondeful memories.
Sunshirae chapter 48 . 2/4
I like that you are going around the actual intercourse and still letting them have intimate moments. It's a nice flare rather then letting them get it over with. It's good to venture and is satiating their appetite, their longing and fulfilling the pleasure. thank for yet another fabulous chapter. PS: I like that Bella made it a point to express her thought's in re Tanya. :)
Sunshirae chapter 47 . 2/4
This was too good, I am so excited! I want to see how it all unravels. I also like the meaning of the knot necklace, the ear rings and the flowers that was cleverly done. Gosh... you never disappoint.
Bumbleforth chapter 73 . 2/3
Hi, I've been away from reading Twific for a while and I stumbled upon The Transfer a couple of days ago. I read it pretty much non-stop until I finished it. (Who needs sleep anyway?) I just wanted to tell you I adored these characters and love your writing voice. I'm moving on to read your other fics now. You have a new fan :)
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