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DigiKev chapter 19 . 5/4/2012
I read this fic where Ken and Kouichi from Fontier were talking about their totally messed up lives as the Digimon Emperor, and Duskmon. This was fairly similar and I can see these two getting along. Also, I didn't play that videogame with Ryo and Ken in it so I don't know the actual events, but even so I put my version into my story. About Milleniumon and I added my own little thing where Ken supposedly killed Ryo but in reality he just sent the older boy to another DigiWorld and Ryo aged back like three years. It says he's fourteen on the wiki, but I prefer him to be just a year older than the tamers who are ten during the show. (I based their ages off the Japanese show) Also I did my own fun by making Davis, Takato, Takuya(Frontier), and Keenan(Savers) all the same age.
DigiKev chapter 18 . 5/4/2012
Last I checked, Marsmon and Dianamon are part of the Twelve Olympian Digimon whose power rivals up to those of the Royal Knights such as Gallantmon. Not to mention it took the Data Squad a form even higher than Mega (Burst Mode) just to take down one Royal Knight. The Frontier kids also had trouble even in Unity form, which my guess is higher than Mega as well. Biomerged digimon should have equal strength to Gallantmon. Fatemon has got to be a form that's WAY higher than Mega. Valkyrimon should'nt even be that strong. None of it makes sense. (I point this out because the Olympians are used in my stories)Don't forget, as just Beelzemon, he's a Demon Lord which again is super powerful, Fatemon should almost be invincible.
DigiKev chapter 11 . 5/3/2012
Rika would've been so proud of her mother. For my stories (I don't put them online) I make Suzie a lot more like Rika after five years. And reading this, I kept thinking if this woman won't shut up soon, then Suzie's gonna come out and slap her. Also, losing digimon has a lot more consequences than people think. TK grew a pure hatred, Ken gained amnesia, Jeri fell into depression (I always imagined her to be suicidal also until Takato stopped her or something, Rika too, but Henry stops her for my stories), and Marcus of Savers, Belphemon almost destroyed everything.
DigiKev chapter 10 . 5/3/2012
I really love the idea of Rika-like subconcious. It fits nicely and shows that Kazu does have a brain... somewhere.
GothicCheshire chapter 64 . 2/11/2012
Snap, man, snap. I honestly don't believe I have actually managed to go through a fic this long in a while. The fact that I stuck with it all the way through and enjoyed it immensely the entire time is just...absolutely amazing. Granted it's not perfect, but I swear I could happily read this and the first story in this series twice, and due to it's length...yeaaah, that'd be a feat. Thank you for sharing, it was wonderfully entertaining and the way you balanced all the characters so well was truly marvelous. Kudos.

Insanity Signing OFF!
DeskRage chapter 64 . 2/7/2012
I must say, you made me cry. Bad, bad person.

Hahaha, I finished this AFTER I finished writing Stare Into the Sun (just about now), but I have to say I really love your explanation for how Impmon survived the whole D-Reaper bit. Actually, the whole time-travel bit reminds me a lot of how Doctor Who tends to handle it-and I must say you did a very good job keeping track of all your many myriad plot threads and bringing them together satisfactorily!

This is s a lovely, very nice story. I must congratulate you on managing to finish, just looking at the word count tell me that this was an unbelievably epic undertaking, but that becomes even more apparent after reading through the whole thing. This was a MONUMENTAL task, and I want to say, "GREAT JOB!" not just for finishing strong, but for taking it on in the first place. This was a complex plot, with themes and a massive cast of characters, pretty much all of whom I can say you did good justice, too.

And yeah, like I said earlier, you made me cry. I never cry at these things. -shakes fist-

Kudos. :D I look forward to the next installment!
SnowSpirit6375 chapter 64 . 10/29/2011
I decided to check back up on this fic and it was finished~ Image my joy. Seriously this (and destiny) are one of the best, ever fic (and the best digimon fic) that I have ever read, ever. (Look at my big vocablary *sporked*

I dont have not many words due to the joy I get from reading this story. You win internets forever.

MoonlitInuko chapter 64 . 9/5/2011
Aaaaannddd it's over. The digimon epic that i've been following for over a year now. At least, this portion of it is. I must say, your dedication is inspiring, I don't remember the last time I saw a fanfic as long and as well written as yours whose author didn't quit on it this late in the game. I can only hope that this ability you have to keep up with a story lasts until the final chapter of this overarching story you've got. You've yet to disappoint, in either delivering good quality or sticking with it. Though I am aware that your next story won't be expanded beyond the prologue until after you've finished with editing, I eagerly await.

I think what I love the best about your digimon story is that compared to other crossovers which for the most part are just poorly done fanservice fests to suit the needs of the author, you do not only that but achieve something more. You expand the story of the characters without betraying their canon selves, and without rushing as well (You can never accuse a person who's written a story spanning over 60 chapters of "rushing".)

I was shocked to find that once again, something lay within Impmon to guide him. This time, of course, without his knowing. I can't believe how long you've had this planned, I almost completely forgot about that voice in Impmon's head! I'm glad that Fate was able to be removed so painlessly and easily, I'm glad that Dee has her partner back and, is perhaps on the road to living a more normal life. I have to wonder what it'll be like having a character who's about the same age as suzie but is as mature as any of the older kids.

And Riley and Yamaki! I didn't expect to see a marriage proposal in your story, but I'm glad it happened. It really feels like something that would've occurred in the actual Tamers had the series expanded upon the children post-D-reaper. I hope to continue to see things like this happen.

Now... onward to the next part!
Crazyeight chapter 64 . 9/5/2011
Chapter 63: Interesting. So why the sudden change in Destiny’s appearance and general approach and criticism to her cloak-wearing counterpart? I can’t remember separate incarnations of Destiny existing at the same time, or dismiss each other from the service.

I found it rather fun to find out that the previous Fate died in Impmon’s place in order to fulfill the prophecy, setting our Impmon on the path onto the road to taking his place.

Ahhh…Terriermon. Lacking in tact from the moment he first became Henry’s partner.

Chapter 64: *Chuckles* Gotta love the dues ex machine digignomes. Solving drama dilemmas since time memorable.

Destiny’s reappearance has all the trappings of Mary Suedom, at least in so far as the flowing white dress went (although the regressing in age was quite surprising). I need to refresh my memory on whether or not she was wearing that when she first met Impmon’s partners in the once-upon-a-time.

‘"I do enjoy happy endings," Guardromon confided to his partner softly.’

Guardromon certainly hits the nail on the head here. This chapter seems to be a lot about happy endings, what with Fate now being revived, Ryo back among the living, and Destiny being able to throw off her…well, her destiny, and potentially being able to live with Impmon’s partners (a dream come true for her?). But I wonder if it could really work out that way. Usually orphans are special cases that tend to go to the next of kin, and if they lack that, they become the state’s issue, which brings me to this:

What is the state’s view on the resurrected? How does this apply to her? Was she declared dead? If so, what are her rights and citizenship? The red tape, sadly, muddies the waters, and lawyers could argue it either way. And with her status as a Tamer, a history of manipulating events either directly or behind the scenes, and potentially mentally unbalanced from all the lives she’s lived (at least a lawyer would try to paint her as this, even if she did get a psychiatric evaluation)…the mind shudders. Ryo’s right, in spite of Rika’s words. No one should go making promises that they may not be able to keep, and the Tamers aren’t exactly their own country, separate and distinct from Japan.

And…holy shit. Riley proposed to Yamaki? This…really is a happy ending, isn’t it?

Overall…this chapter still has a touch of being cookie cutter neat with its resolution, as in your previous work, but things feel a little bit more balanced and the action scenes work better than before. Mucho points are awarded for Ryo not quite remembering things from the get-go and attacking his friends due to manipulation, which added to the general chaos. Kazu getting a chance to ride Behemoth, I feel, was one of the best parts of the story, as it helped work with his character and that of the bike’s, which is where the balancing bits come in. Before, the story was much more focused on Impmon, even to the detriment of other characters, even when they were strong enough to do the same job. The only thing that really holds this story down is the neatness in the resolution, so I’m going to have to give this story a B- overall. Much improved (very much so) save for being too neat with the ending.

Malicious editing now, is it? You make it sound like you’re putting your work on the rack, complete with Chinese water torture and bamboo under the fingernails. :P I look forward to seeing what you do with the rewrite. :D

‘Till then.

CrossoverxToxThexDarkxSide chapter 64 . 9/5/2011
Wow. Again you have blown me away. I love this story.
Fergus Flamacron chapter 64 . 9/5/2011
Bwahahaha! A lovely ending to the story. Everything from two Impmons, to Destiny and Fate's reunion, to Riley's proposal had me hooked into it. I laughed. A LOT! And my all important favourite moment was, predictably, the part where Renamon grabbed Terriermon and Impmon to keep them from making any comments. That is so like my own work.

Loved the chapter, love the story, love the series. I have a feeling Book 3 will blow us all away. Cannot wait. Don't stop writing anytime soon, Bookworm Gal, or I might have to track you down and make you keep going.
Arika Ito chapter 64 . 9/5/2011
Yay! Happy ending :D. So what's 'Predestination' going to be like?
Arika Ito chapter 63 . 8/28/2011
SO sick that you updated. :D Poor Destiny, I'm gonna miss her with her half-truths and her unfortunate prophecies that no one really understood. :D This is going to end soon isn't it, but thank god there will be a sequel.
MoonlitInuko chapter 63 . 8/27/2011
While I haven't really been reviewing, still and always I'm enjoying your story. Even though this part of your long stretching story is coming to a close, I still have to wonder what you've got in store. You've created what I consider so far the most entertaining to read crossover/continuation story for Digimon. I love how you've tried to incorporate everyone as well as the ideas from the different seasons, even building upon the mechanics of the digital world or expanding upon little hints an theories that were never fully explained in Digimon itself. And then there is, of course the bias towards Impmon and the people around him that i can't really complain about...

I can only hope that you keep your word on continuing this story with the Tamers... and perhaps the other Digidestined as well.
CrazyNutSquirrel chapter 63 . 8/26/2011
Oh you definitely managed to surprise me. _ AND OH MY GOSH! POOR FATE! D8 Please update soon so we can see how Destiny gets him back!
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