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youngandmature chapter 6 . 3/31/2010
It's his Mom. But I thought she died in Hong Kong?

How come Edward didn't contract it from his parents?

If Edward's Mom had of been alive and walking down the street when Bella encountered her, would Edward or his Mon smell better? Or would she still be an echo?

Can't wait for more. Sque!
youngandmature chapter 3 . 3/31/2010
Very much loving it. Though I was a bit disappointed that Bella didn't 'wait for the boy' like she was thinking first chapter. As in, she is angry at Edward for reminding her of the pain she felt but it irritates me that she wasn't waiting for her soulmate and stuff. 'This boy was the one my heart insisted I wait for.' Yeah, Bella pissed me off in that she didn't wait for him, not like she's moved on but that she was denying it was him and stuff. Has she been waiting for the boy in her vision though, and now that he's here she's in denial?

Will we find out her reasons for thinking him an 'insignificant' boy later and stuff?

Did I interpret it wrong: but I felt that in the first chapter when after Bella has her little vision she feels a gutwrenching pain and like her life isn't worth living when she feels she can't ever be with the boy? It's odd that she doesn't consider waiting for him as a human and running away from her father or something though. Why is that?

I have a question though, Bella having that reaction to Edward's blood- it's very close to the books. Is it going to follow the series with the two main characters switched over? Is Edward actually clumsy, like Bella is in the series, or is that only what Bella believes because she is graceful? And I'm intrigued by your summary where it says their future is doomed? Will that be because she's a vampire and believes she's soul-less or does Alice have a vision of Edward becoming a vampire and because Bella believes she's soul-less that her love will become the say therefore being doomed? Or does Alice have a vision with something else about Edward that means they'll never be together?

If you ever need a beta, proofreader or a friend, I am more than happy to extend my services. Can't wait for more :)
youngandmature chapter 2 . 3/31/2010
You are absolutely fantastic and I am so loving this story :)

Alright, well this cleared things up. Somehow Bella had a vision of her future and she fell or jumped. I believe she committed suicide and she was turned into a vampire. Now she sees the guy.

I'll stick with what I said. Beautifully written with someone with some obvious talent. It's actually quite a remarkable storyline. Very unusual and captivating.
youngandmature chapter 1 . 3/31/2010
Intriguing. But I'm a little confused.

Can I ask a few questions?

So this is BPOV and she's been told to marry someone, probably Jacob. But is she psychic or something? And is Edward really running towards her? Does she know Edward prior to the vision? I'm confused because it says she sees him running towards her then she snaps into the future, and are her futuristic visions of Edward or the one she is condemned to marry? And when she goes back to the present no one is in the trees?
Erikasbuddy chapter 7 . 2/27/2010
HAHA! U did it! I knew it had to be coming! "IT feels like I'm kissing my brother". NOWS! When I first saw that in the movie I thought "Ewws! Who the hell kisses their brother on the mouth?" I looked over at my brother who was hungerly licking his lips and thought "Oh dear gawd! He wants to try it." After some traumatic experiences that I don't want to share I have come to the conclusion that kissing your brother is not hawt at all! BUt yes! I am so happy you got that line in there. So, it looks like ANGELLA is EDWARD'S Jacob. Where the hell is jacob?

As always... I freaking love your MIKE and JEssica and everyone else! OMG FAB! Mamma likes! Mamma likes very much! Lemme lick em my lips for you just to show you my appreciation ;)

Loves it! Can't wait for next chappy :)
Erikasbuddy chapter 6 . 2/27/2010
SO, I'm guessing that the green eyed woman with the fever was Edward's kin folk of some sort. Has to be. And oows.. now I see how she was changed into a busty vampire (what? I know you gave her bigger boobs in the story... at least I'm pretty sure you did). But why Chicago? OH! Maybe Bella is going to go look for her grave and see *DA DA DA DRAMATIC PAUSE - that her last name was MASEN! Oh snap!
Erikasbuddy chapter 5 . 2/27/2010
So, what is our little Eddy boy making? What did he promise Dear Daddy he would finish? OW! Is it the Flux Capasitar? YES! MAybe he's gonna make a time machine (and by that you should totally Bill and Ted's this up and make it a phone booth hahas) so he can make right what once went wrong (Quantum Leap). That would be awesome.

And why on earth does Uncle Charlie (I now picture Charlie like Uncle Henry outta the Wizard of OZ... I don't know why lol.. you need to write in a dog) want to warn Edward about THE GIRL IN THE SOPHMORE CLASS? Hmms... why is she trouble? Oh yeah... BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO EAT YOU! I guess the lobster bib around Bella's neck totally gave her away.

And now our Eddy Boy is dreaming a FABIO dream where he's out on a cliff and he sees his Bella Babe walking towards us. OH! MAke it all PIRATEY and have him wear those puffy pants and a torn open shirt and a sash that hangs around him like a belt. YES... that would be awesome!

Ok.. next chappy!
Erikasbuddy chapter 4 . 2/27/2010
"You will listen to your step-daddy and you WILL marry that boy because it will make me look uber good and maybe I can finally get that coffee cup with the company logo that I've had my eye on."

Ok... uh... I wonder if my family did any of that? I doubts it considering we don't have anything but trailer trash blood running through my veins lol.

So so so... Bella totally went all huffy puffy (Classic Bella) and decided to commit suicide instead of marrying Miles. Oh sigh... yes.. Bella.. just end it all lolz. So, I figure there must be a BITE BITE lurking below the cliff (why does that remind me of the Simpsons?) ready to pounce, feed, and make her into a vampy poo. I'll have to read on.

And as always... forgot to mention something from last chappy. AWESOME! Ladies choice at the dance... wait.. that might have been 2 chapters ago lol.. but hey - sweetness- THe fish under the sea! I totally dig ya!
Erikasbuddy chapter 3 . 2/27/2010
Ooh! So BELLA is the VAMPIRE in this story... as is all the rest. Sweetness! Now my pet... are we going to put Edward into a snug fitting pair of Calvin Klein undies? I really think we should ;) I mean... it should be written all over his underwear (you have no idea how many times I've seen this movie lolz. My brother had a devil costume that my grandma made and we ripped the tail off after Halloween and that became his radiation suit for him to fix his time machine with -aka his bike. And my son.. well, you've seen those pics lmao!)

Alrighty! SO, the breakfast meat came into... wait... no... that's right.. he came into discecting chipmunks class and Bella Babe is all like "m! Donuts!" but ran outta there with her hand pressed to her mouth for fear of digesting empty calories and yeah.. it wouldn't be much of a story if you killed Edward off this early. I mean... would it?

BTW.. forgot to tell you last chappy... Jessica is awesome! Just lick that boy hahaha! LOVED IT!
Erikasbuddy chapter 2 . 2/27/2010
HAHAHA! UYP... we should hook up sometime... OUr Boss Ladies have their story with ITB and I seriously think we could make an awesome crack fic because... OMG... That french fry scene "HEY BABY!" hahahas! Seriously! That was freaktastic! HAHAHAah! Loved it! And TYLER! OMG! YES! "TEll you MOM I said HI" hahahas! LOVER LOVED IT! -you better be respectin' your new daddy - lmao (ok.. I would have put that in there lol)

BUTTERS... so... we have liftoff- (in the pants area - no doubt) and EDDY EDD EDD has seen his Bella Babe and she saw him back but.. what the duce? Uhh... hms... Bella has no heart? And she's Emmett's twin (WHAT? LMAO!, and Jasper isn't mounting me (uhh... did I just say that out loud?), and she totally noticed Edward's rockin' stubble... but there's more... he's that beautiful boy from her dreams that was totally watching that baby of thier enjoy a happy meal on her booby. Hmms... me thinks there's more to this. If Bella doesn't have a heart... is she a vampire? or is she something else? OH! Maybe she's a robot! I must read on to find out!

Ok Butt-head... let's make like a tree and leave!

(Excuse the typos, missing words, and improper grammar... its kinda early lolz... and the ferrets are loose)
Erikasbuddy chapter 1 . 2/27/2010
Oh sweet! Is Bella.. or maybe this is Alice... na... I'm assuming that it's Bella... is going all suicidal because she can't have her beautiful boy so she's deciding to sleep with the fishes? or is she just looking for a bath? Guess I have to read on to find out.

(OH CRAP! Greta is reading your story lol... muhahahahas... you knew this would happen sooner or later my pet lolz)
bierbeck chapter 7 . 2/18/2010
I finally read the update! I have been so behind on my updates. I really like the Edward/Angela friendship idea. Its something different. Jessica is just gross. Cant wait for Bella to return. Love you!
BettiGefecht chapter 7 . 2/7/2010
Ok, two thankies from the heart:

thanks #1 for making Angela special! She's one of my fave twi-characters, and I always thought that neither the books nor the movies did her potential justice. So yay - here's hope for an Angela fan that she'd be finally given some space and more significance! SHe and E becoming BFFs? Awesome!

thanks #2 for writing and updating such a great chappy! Yikes!

But you deserve two spankies too:

spank #1 for the visual of Jessica approaching E and inviting him to the party which seriously made me want to puke! (Slap!)

spank #2 for still leaving me here without a clue how B can know when E doesn't know B! (slap, slap, slap!)

And... uh-oh... i didn't catch the BTTF quote, but that's just because I never saw the movies. So it's my fault. (spanks self)

I would also like to spank you in advance to make you update the next chp sooner, but since you are my beta, I can't - because it's prolly my fault too. (spanks self again)

I love this story, and I love you!
onePushyFox chapter 6 . 1/14/2010
Oh, I'm so happy Bella has Alice to be there for her, even if it's just for a quick kick in the pants. :) Great chapter, babe!
bierbeck chapter 6 . 1/9/2010
so excited to have an update! Cant wait til she meets up with the beautiful boy again:)
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