Reviews for Lily and the HalfBlood Prince
MissKnowItAll chapter 137 . 9/20
This is not going to work... How could you do this to Sev and Lily? Until the 135. chapter came,I laughed and smiled,and them after I only cried! And how could Lily be so cruel and not understand? And how could she marry James Potter the toreag? Anyway,I enjoyed,but i hope things get better in the sequel.
thebloodedqueen chapter 137 . 9/20
Ah yes,trust. At first when I read the story I didn't understand why it was such a big deal,and I still don't think six year's of friendship is but then again, it didn't hurt Lily that he called her Mudblood as much as it did when she found out he was keeping many secrets from her. It's just awful that in the end Lily choose the guy that bullied her and Severus. It's very confusing,but in the end,love does what it should. Thanks for the fic,I really enjoyed,I couldn't put it down for a long time!
Alexhxh chapter 9 . 9/20
I really like you're ff is the best fic I ever read acully I didn't cry on the sad once. I'm reading at if I'm ever again board. Best luck from Alex_hxh
Mo21 chapter 1 . 8/17
hey wassup I read this early may and all I have to say is that your an absolute genius, please please continue the story your so talented, thanks wherever in the world you may be greeneyes117.
raymond21 chapter 137 . 8/8
Well,to be honest, I love your fic and read it until chapter 80 when I see that your fic following canon and see the review to know and to be honest, I am disappointed.

Why? Because after all this time they're been friends,the time they have adventure together,the times they're struggling, you make their friendship broke up like in canon!. You can't just make a hundred chapter about their friendship and just broke them and make Lily fall in love with a guy who just bullying her best friend when sev and Lily have so much development. No! I think it's very sad and i can call it badwriting. It's same as the author of hunger games built katniss and peeta relationship all around 2 2/3 book and suddenly in the last 10 chapter, kattnis married with finnick.

Your story have very much potential,the element of adventure is top notch, the Severus have a very dark side like in canon,and Lily always as bright as ever,but I think you don't make Severus and Lily together in the end is betrayal to the journey they have craved until the end
XxxxLilyEvansPxX chapter 136 . 7/28
No! You left me in literall tears,no kidding! I'm really really mad about this,but again you worked really hard,and this is still the best fic ever,but like... I hate Lily from this point on:( Poor guy,she didn't even let him explain... But lol if I was Sev I would have obliviated her,and yeah I know it's really wrong but come on...! An extremely sad ending. I hope you're well,Lily:)
Sssofia chapter 136 . 7/16
I am crying right now, no kidding
Sssofia chapter 137 . 7/16
This is officially THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!Lots of love from Sofia:) :) :)
Guest chapter 137 . 6/22
I could not put this down! I have never read a fic where Snape was so perfectly characterized.
Sofia chapter 137 . 6/14
Hello! I really liked your book! I couldn't put it down:) But i really wish that Lily wasn't THAT mad at Sev... Poor guy:( I really hope you enjoyed writing the book as much as i enjoyed reading it! Best wishes, Sofia
Sofia chapter 71 . 6/13
I LOVEEEE YOUR BOOK! i cant stop reading it:)
Bojana chapter 59 . 6/11
Good book
Sofia chapter 46 . 6/9
Hiiii, i love your book soooo muchThey are really amazing!
Maria chapter 45 . 6/9
I want Lily and Sev to kiss
WhatIsThis'Sleep'YouSpeakOf chapter 137 . 3/20
There are few phrases I can use to review this story that aren't trite or overused. It's amazing! It's beautiful! It's my absolute favorite Harry Potter Fanfic and possibly my favorite of all time! You are the best writer in the world! So much for the very true, but trite messages; now for the more detailed ones.

It is an incredible story, with complex characterizations and a plot that captures the reader's attention and doesn't let go. The original characters you've created are rich and mesh seamlessly into the wizarding world JK has created. Your vision of how these two became so indelibly bonded deserves to become canon. It perfectly justifies Severus devotion to her memory and makes it understandable that he would spend the next two decades loving Lily and living to bring down the one who killed her, and protect her son despite his obvious and complete lack of affection for him.
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