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xiaozhuu chapter 47 . 12/30/2011
Heh, so snape's finally going to learn legimancy! Mmh maybe that's why her mother accepted to sign his paper? And it seems like he'll finally get more information about his great grand father

Anyway, i liked their trip in the forbidden forest! It made me feel really scared for them, good that they happened to see the doe and it lead to hagrid.

Severus is getting more and more jealous... And not really attracted to voldemort but not disagreeing with some of his ideas. It's interesting to see how he's not brainwashed (though we all know he's intelligent ;)) by what looks like a sect. He stands for what he believes, not caring about what anybody tell him about lily.

i really like how he feels towards her, even though he's quite the jealous type :p but this is a bit due to how he grew up, having always been lonely and lily being his first friend, best friend, and first love though he tries not to think about it too much because he doesn't want to loose her.

I still wonder how you'll show us how their relationship will change once he'll be on the death eater's side... Though we know he'll always love lily. Urgh I already feel my heart clenching. I wonder if we'll see how lily will fall in love with james (as it's a fic centered on lily ans severus)?

One last thing, james really is an annoying brat hahaha

Still can't thank you enough for your work! ;)
xiaozhuu chapter 35 . 12/30/2011
Omg the snowflakes part was so cute, and so was the scene with the mirror!

I'm sorry my reviews are somewhat plain and more or less always the same as i'm not used to discribe well how i feel (even more so in english)

But i just feel it to be so unfair that you don't have that many reviews compared to all the chapters you've written (not that it's proportional to how good your work is! Because it's just AMAZING) because as stupid as my way of choosing which fanfiction to read is, i often look at the number of reviews before beginning...

So here i am leaving a comment everytime i think about it! (Yeah, i'm still reading instead of studying... Anyway!) i really love the way you are portraying lily and severus, and especially severus, how he's growing up/begins to be attracted to the dark arts etc, from the time he and lily first met up to now, how their relashionship is slowly developping into something more than just friendship even though they're still not aware that it could be love. I'm ashamed to say that i've actually never thought lily could have had felt like this towards him before! You really opened my eyes, and it makes the story even more complex and sad.

I just feel like, i don't know, like this is somewhat like JKR releasing a new book. It feels so... realistic.

I really really do love it. Not it is absolutely the kind of story i wanted to read about lily and severus, it's also really well written. I'm kind of sad i didn't begin reading harry potter fanfictions earlier, i would have loved following your updates! all these chapter must have been a lot of work for you so i hope you'll rest well and that maybe you'll be writting up another story after this one :)

(In the meantime, i got to read all the chapters that are awaiting! Yay :D and i feel like i'll be reading this fanfiction over and over and over... after my exams ;) )

Thanks a lot!
silverwatermist chapter 137 . 12/30/2011
I have spent the past 5 days of my life reading every single word of this story, and I cannot possibly describe in words how it has made me feel or how it has affected me. But I'm about to try. Please bear with me.

I have been a Harry Potter fan for half of my life... it's been 11 years now. Waiting desperately in between each book's release to see what the next one would hold. For a long time one of the only possible respites was fan fiction. I have read a lot, but I always have had very specific criteria for what a fan fiction should be. Some people write them simply to have fun, and so they can do with the characters as they please; that's fine for them. I have never been able to read those. For me it has to be more. It has to be founded in canon, the characters looking and acting as they truly would, even if the plot of the fan fiction is different and makes its own path. It needs to be believable. It has to create the illusion that I'm reading from the books.

You have taken my criteria, adhered to it, and completely utterly and irrevocably blown it out of the water.

I have not read fan fiction in years. YEARS. I stumbled upon this on accident, searching for something about Snape. I find his story- his and Lily's story- to be the most fascinating and sad story of the entire series. I have read these books ten times each, Cried over them. Slammed them shut in anger. But I really do love them. And their story is the crux of the entire series for me; what everything hinged on, and what inevitably caused everything. And so a few days ago I got curious, I guess because I got fed up with sitting around wondering about the missing pieces of their lives. And then, I found this.

This is one of the most wonderful things I have ever read. Your portrayal of Snape is the most accurate I have ever seen in any fan fiction, ever. Lily was fantastic as well, but I feel she's slightly open to interpretation since, though we hear about her, we don't see her in the books like we see Snape. But you nailed it, every single piece of his personality, body language, and manner; you explained every single detail that the reader could wonder about, to fill in all the holes of how something so right could go so wrong. Your plot you created to explain various events (Snape's growing fascination with the dark arts and his roots) was absolutely spectacular. There is no other way to describe how pleasantly surprised and thrilled I was to see the amount of detail and foreshadowing you included, adding in such things as the two way mirrors. It was absolutely amazing. I'm at a loss for what to say... As someone who has been writing for my whole life, and thought I knew the Harry Potter characters and could write them well enough... you have made me jealous. After this, I don't think I could do them justice. And that's okay.

This was one of the saddest things I have ever read, and rightfully so. Not sad in a sense of, you feel bad for the characters. Sad as in heart-wrenching. Sad as in, sometimes I could barely take it, had to walk away, because I knew the mistakes that Snape, and sometimes Lily, were making and where it would lead. I found myself torn between wanting to see you somehow let them be together, and knowing you wouldn't because of how incredibly accurate your story was. I knew it would end in a way that reflected the real book series. But your writing was so incredible, that I found that sometimes I could barely take the sadness. The last scene with the two of them, I burst into tears, and I rarely, ever, EVER cry. Please don't feel bad about this by the way! I'm still baffled that I've read something this amazing, that is 100 steps above anything else I've encountered. And as desperately as part of me wanted to see them have a happy ending, I knew I would never have it be any other way, or else it would break the perfect, absolutely perfect spell you have weaved.

At this point, I am essentially considering this cannon. I have several minor complaints that broke the illusion for me but it was never, EVER something Snape or Lily did. Only other characters. Hagrid's accent is one example. But I don't even care. Everything else that was done right so vastly outweighs whatever minor things were not. This is the closest thing to cannon we will ever get, about what happened in between each of Snape's memories. Maybe that sounds ridiculous, but I don't even care anymore and the entire world can disagree if they want;, I just cried my eyes out and went nuts, completely insane, over this story for 5 days, and I have never done that with a fan fiction, ever, even when I was younger. That's good enough for me.

I don't know how to thank you enough for writing this, and if you can manage to read through all of this, I know it's terribly long, but this is 5 days of pent up thoughts, driving me mad. I knew I had to wait for the very last word before I could possibly write a review... Even though I knew, every one of my braincells knew how it was going to end, I had to wait.

I don't know what else to say... except... Thank you. So much. More than I can ever describe.
xiaozhuu chapter 19 . 12/30/2011
Awww severus is so cute :) I've always felt sad when thinking about their relashionship and how it ended... But i love how you're picturing it!
xiaozhuu chapter 18 . 12/30/2011
It's really good so far! But i guess i read more than what i wanted to at first haha, gotta slow down :)

Thanks again for the work!
excessivelyperky chapter 72 . 12/29/2011
Excellent chapter. The former headmaster quite likely knows where that third book is, but if his nose isn't rubbed in it, and Dumbledore doesn't ask him, there's no need for him to say anything, is there? I sense a bit of a grudge between Phineas Nigellus Black and the current headmaster as well.

Severus didn't receive the kind of reception at the Black household that would make him want to go back; but then, as a poor half-blood he's probably supposed to be grateful he was there at all.

I'm glad he bailed on looking at the Dark magic book to go help Lily, though, though he'll almost certainly get snarked at by Petunia for being there at all.

Is there anywhere Snape can be without someone hating him? Canon says not, alas.

Again, good chapter.
xiaozhuu chapter 1 . 12/29/2011
Just... Wow

I usually wait till the end or at least a few chapters before marking a story as one of my favorite...

but your story really hooked me up if we can say so haha, can't wait to read all the next chapters!

Even though my english is not perfect, i can tell it's really well written :)

and though it's only the first chapter, i can already tell i'll love how you'll be "filling in" between the parts JKR made us see from their story (eeek doesn't sound very english, hope it's understanble)

It's too bad i have to study for the midterms or else i'd read all of them in a row, like i did with the harry potter series :) guess i'll just read one or two chapters whenever i'll be taking a break ;)

Thanks a lot!
koalakoala chapter 137 . 12/28/2011
Someday (when I have lots of spare time!) I'd really like to go back and reread this from start to finish, all one hundred and thirty seven chapters. It really is a masterpiece, and your commitment to both the characters and the fic itself was wonderful.

Thank you so much for sharing! I'll look forward to reading anything else you write.
koalakoala chapter 136 . 12/28/2011
I'm kind of speechless. I loved the choice Lily gave him: her or the Death Eaters? though really, he chose a long time ago. In choosing her, he ultimately chose them. And I definitely liked your take on the scene, having their relationship end on not as sour a note and more of a bittersweet (yet still tragic!) one.

You've done such a lovely job wrapping this up, I'm looking forward to reading the final chapter.
musicalkilljoy chapter 137 . 12/25/2011
Such a beautiful, very well written and touching story! Thank you very much for sharing it, I hope you'll write something else soon. x
Heldon16 chapter 137 . 12/24/2011
I still remember finding this story when it was on, if I remember correctly, Chapter 4 and I can safely say I have enjoyed every single chapter of it.

The rise and fall of the friendship was brilliantly portrayed

The plots such as the three books, Severus Prince and his interactions with Dumbledore and Tom Riddle, the brilliant Madeira arc. The way you managed to weave them all together and into the canon story.

So finally, thank you for what has to be one of the most brilliant, complex stories on this website and what I can say is, and has been for a very long time, my personal favorite.
cap9419 chapter 137 . 12/23/2011
You have no idea what this has done to me.

As soon as I hit Chapter 134 I knew what was coming...and the tears went from there :'(

This actually feels like J.K. Rowling writing under a secret alias it's that good and it deserves way more reviews than it has. I could go on and on and pick out my favourite quotes but I'd be copying whole paragraphs and it would take me so long to choose!

I wish this story could have ended differently, so much so, but we probably would love it as much, knowing that loves does conquer all even if that means protecting them. I'm glad you ended it the way you did with the image of Snape starting a new page and not having to go through seeing Lily with James.

I've recommended this story to others in the hope that I'll be able to talk to them about it and express how amazing it was!

Please, PLEASE keep writing! You've set the bar so high on LilyxSnape fanfics I just can't read any others without comparing them to yours! Stick with Severus Snape and Lily Evans and maybe next time we'll see them with the happy ending they deserve :)

Mari83 chapter 135 . 12/23/2011
"She knew Severus would hate the interference: she knew how immeasurably proud he was, how he always refused help, even when she had found him bloodied and battered after his father's beatings, but she couldn't let him choke there for Potter's entertainment, outnumbered and reviled."

And it's just very much like her not to want or be able to stand the injustice of it, even if it was strategically wise.

"And Potter had the nerve to ask her out – again – while he was doing that to Severus? And blackmail her into the bargain? The arrogant berk had even threatened to hex her!"

And deflating or not, it's remarkable that he and Lily ever got beyond this moment.

"He had made it clear that he did not want anything more to do with her. She probably stood too much in the way of his future career among Voldemort's supporters. Association with Mudbloods was more than just frowned upon, these days. She sniffed angrily, wiping her face with the back of her hand."

Missing how much Severus tries to exclude her from the mudblood-category, not seeing (or wanting to see) the specialness he associates with her...

"She had always known it wouldn't be something stupid, like the crystal singing a 'happy birthday to you' or such rubbish"

:D The only bit in this chapter that made me grin:-)

"Then she remembered reading about something else the Ministry had plenty of: preserved memories. She had never even seen as much as a picture of them, but in History of Magic whole archives of a silvery substance stored in phials were mentioned, and once Severus had described something called a pensieve , a magical object in Madeira's house that held other people's memories ... "

It's interesting (and makes sense) that for Lily and her peers preserved memories and pensives are much less normal and present than for Harry later on.

" Something silvery glinted between the bracken leaves and fallen pine needles, and she saw her pendant lying there. She had probably dropped it at some point."

The pendant is a great example of what makes this story so amazing. It perfectly incorporates the bits we know from the books, but there's this whole extra dimension that fits in seamlessly, even with something already rather well-established like the mudblood-scene.

"The answer came to her unbidden: their Combined Magic. It had to be! That meant that Severus had told Voldemort about it! No-one else knew! She thought she couldn't feel worse, but the thought that Severus given away what they had mutually agreed to keep secret, made her feel even more betrayed."

It's so telling for the different circumstances they live in now that she can't imagine Severus sharing his knowledge in any other than a voluntary way.

"In forgiving him, she would lose herself.

She must take her own life into her hands. She couldn't go down that path. She must harden her heart and somehow sever her thoughts, her mind, her very soul, from Severus."

The final cut. It completely makes sense from her point of view – I think the saddest thing in these last chapters is to realize how different they've become, that they don't really understand the other's motives anymore...

Sigh, I'm missing this story already...
llazer chapter 137 . 12/22/2011
I'm not verbally talented enough to express just how much I appreciate all the effort you have put into this magnifient story. And how happy I'm to have come across it! Friday has basically become my favourite day of the week, reading a new chapter has been something I have looked forward to all week. So now I'm feeling almost empty... But of course all stories must come to an end at some point. And I have already started re-reading!

You have more than earned some time off from writing, but I sincerly hope you'll be back in near future! I'd love to read your take on those "dark" years of Snape's life that Rowling mentions very little about... And, of course, how he felt about the choises Lily made and did they encounter properly before Lily's death. I have especially enjoyed how skillfully you have transformed feelings (both good and bad) into words, so I think you'd do beutiful job on describing the process through which Severus came to realize how deluded he had been to believe in Voldemort's new order and better world...

You should be proud of yourself! Thank you! Oh, and greetings from Finlad! You surely have quite an internetional fanbase already. :D
HPRocksMe chapter 137 . 12/20/2011
I thought u were going to write an epilogue ...

I am so sad this fic is over ... I looked forward to its updates. I wish u continue this till Lily's death or may be till Snape's death :-). May be u can write a sequel.

Anyways ... great writing ... keep it up.
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