Reviews for A Long Way to Go
Guest chapter 12 . 6/17
I hope she doesnt move to fast for the kids sake
Lllaa chapter 5 . 3/12
Bella is just stupid! She could have gotten a restraining order and sent him to jail, but she is stupidly more worried about what people will think! Mike should have knocked the stupid out of her.
Theindividualdifference chapter 8 . 10/12/2014
Your summary is misleading, it's chapter 8 and the two characters haven't even met yet! I get they went through bad times but I'm too bored with the background information that I don't want to continue with the story
Narges chapter 29 . 9/3/2014
beautiful story full of love for one's family. thank you. I enjoyed reading it.
divyvicki chapter 29 . 6/27/2014
Great story! Loved the ending. Still think u should write a sequel. Maybe have the exes return to cause havoc in the neighborhood.
divyvicki chapter 28 . 6/27/2014
Thank you for this wonderful story and thanks as well to all the betas and pre-readers who helped make this such a joy to read! I'd love to see a sequel where we get to see Edward and Bella raise Claire, Patrick, Pacey and the new little one any any that follow.
divyvicki chapter 27 . 6/22/2014
Just a great chapter. I was sure if Mike ever found out about Bella's success as an author he would show up wanting money. Guess I'll see if that comes true.
divyvicki chapter 26 . 6/18/2014
Great chapter! Hope Emmett roughed up Mike. Do we get to find out who called the douchebag?
divyvicki chapter 25 . 6/15/2014
Sweet chapter. Loved it.
divyvicki chapter 24 . 6/10/2014
I keep waiting for nasty Mike and Tanya to come back and throw a wrench into things.
divyvicki chapter 23 . 6/5/2014
Great chapter.
divyvicki chapter 21 . 5/28/2014
Great chapter. What a wonderful evening. Did u post the recipe for Cherry Yumyum someplace. Sounds delish!
divyvicki chapter 20 . 5/23/2014
I would love the recipe for Cherry Yumyum. I'm always looking for new dishes to add to the family get-togethers. Loved Emmett's advise. Good chapter.
divyvicki chapter 19 . 5/20/2014
Thanks for the recommendation, but I'm not much of one for reading lots of lemons. I prefer them widely spaced and pertinent to the story, not just written for the sake if writing them. Liked this chapter. Perfect balance and well placed lemon.
divyvicki chapter 18 . 5/16/2014
That was great. So glad they had such a great time.
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