Reviews for Secrets
Maria Donado chapter 26 . 8/6
I always check back on this story every couple of months to see if any updates have been made, and behold my joy when I realized I hadn't read this last chapter /3 I hope you continue this. Your writing is EXCELLENT.
You pack quite the emotional punch with the mystery sprinkled throughout, have wonderful transitions, great character development, dialogue 3 ugh just please please please write more?
smar0403 chapter 26 . 8/1
I love it. please don't give up on this wonderful story.
NaTak chapter 26 . 7/9
Hey there! Oh, how I missed this fic!
I saved the last few alerts on my email, because I wasn't in a mood to read Naruto, but I guess today I was!
Oh, readying this last chapters was awesome. I remembered lots of things about this fic I thought I had forgotten. And I remembered why I loved it so much!
So thank you for not giving up! (I hope you haven't)
And I'll eagerly wait the next chapter, no matter how long you take to post it - and no matter how long it takes me to be in the mood to read it.
Green Alba chapter 26 . 6/29
Was looking to see if I had reviewed this story - I had not so here it is. I had to read it in one go, could not let it down. I can see that you've kept the story going for several years, and I can imagine that it's becoming difficult to find the time / or the will to finish this story. Thanks for holding on nonetheless, you really ought to finish it because A - it's a good story, and B- after all this suffering, Hinata and Neji DESERVE their happy ending!
LillieGhoul chapter 26 . 4/30
Oh, I've finally reached your latest update! Damn why did I read it all up so fast? :( Please update soon! I would really like to see how the end plays out. How many chapters left? While I want to keep reading and hope it doesn't end I would still like to know how, uuggghh
LillieGhoul chapter 21 . 4/30
Awww I was so hoping the father would be someone we knew!
LillieGhoul chapter 19 . 4/30
Yes, Hyuga names do begin with an H and end with an I in most cases (except Hinata whose name ends in A and Neji whose name starts with N) so you didn't ENTIRELY make it up :P

What's WRONG with Hinata? Why does she still call him niisan?!

Finally Neji is beginning to understand that Hinata might have been raped! And do we have a reason to believe it might have been by an Uchiha? ;)
LillieGhoul chapter 18 . 4/30
Your pace is going just fine (though I suspect I might be just saying that because I am binge reading it) and so far there are no plot holes in your story. Normally, fast paced storied do tend to have pllot holes. The slower ones have the right amount of detail. I just miss more NejiHina moments as of now!
LillieGhoul chapter 16 . 4/30
Why does she still call him niisan?!
LillieGhoul chapter 15 . 4/30
LillieGhoul chapter 10 . 4/30
Hahahahahaha God I love how Gai's dialogues are all highlighted in bold lettering xD
LillieGhoul chapter 5 . 4/29
That is so... sweet! I wish there was more detail on how Neji was looking at Hinata! Oh and regarding your author's note, I do agree that Hinata is kind of OOC, but this story is still amazing, and you as the author decide how to progress her character and like you said, it's fanfiction.
LillieGhoul chapter 4 . 4/29
I really like this story so far and I must say I am hooked! I'll continue on reading and leave reviews _
K. Feelings chapter 26 . 4/22
This is an incredible story. I don't know if you would still read reviews, but plssss finish this story. It's been more than a year T_T since you last updated. Granted, I had only discovered this recently and binge read everything. Now I feel starved. Pls continue this and give our gentle Hinata some peaceful conclusion after all she's been through! You've made us so attached to her and so invested in her life, you gotta give us closure so we can move on! :D
This fic is so intense and heartfelt. There were moments you brought me to the brink of tears and moments of relief (sometimes) and then there were moments where anger is conjured. I think that's what I like about your writing. So regardless, you've done a brilliant job so far. Although, I know RL takes priority but this is a good piece of writing. its incompleteness does not make it any less good but its completion would certainly make your fans happy . :)
KittyMelShep chapter 26 . 4/18
OH MY GOD I was caught in the hiatus when Neji went off alone to see the baby...To see more chapters after that was MARVELOUS pleaseeeeee don't let this be unfinished PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE!
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