Reviews for 20 One Shots
Prisma19 chapter 20 . 11/4/2021
This was so much fun to read! I enjoyed reading about Bruce’s and Clark’s life as they got married and got older and had kids.

I real loved the image of Clark dragging Bruce in a hurry because he was so exited to tell him he was engaged and I love they both told each other at the same time.

I also really love that Batman’s nervous tick is that he clicks the second pocket to the left on his belt open and shut! I have never though if Batman/Bruce having a nervous stick before but now I am coming up with more ticks for him and I am adding this one to my canon. It’s seriously needs to be canon in the comcis that Batman/Bruce Wayne has nervous ticks!

I love how a normal person would think their heart beat is faster than normal and then there’s Bruce who goes all specific with it thinking about the exact numbers and science of it all.

I will never stop thinking about how it’s so funny things in life will make Bruce more nervous at times than the things he does as Batman and when he is fighting villains. Logically Bruce who is Batman shouldn’t be as nervous on his wedding day but Bruce being the man he is, it makes sense would be more nervous.

I love that Bruce and Clark are both a dad now who relate to what their life is like now that they have babies and toddlers and both relate
relate to the long nights of each of their babies waking them up in the middle of the night, being sick, and throwing up.

It’s crazy it’s true Bruce got more sleep when he patrolled as Batman than he does now, now that he has a baby.

I really love the image of and had so much fun seeing West triplets zipped around the room, climbing over everything with peanut butter and jelly on their hands leaving hand and foot prints everywhere even on the walls and floor.

I loved seeing Bruce and Clark acting like normal dads doing dad things as they talked about their family and kids while they watched the Justice League recruitment try outs

Rose is so right and all of the points and things she said were so true. Bruce and Diana should have expected that their kids would want to be hero’s even though they don’t want them to and that they would go back behind their backs to be a hero anyway and they they would end up saying yes and say to train them.

Bruce’s and Clark’s conversation about their hair was so funny! It’s funny Bruce ended up with grey hair and Clark ended up with half white hair. I also really love Clark’s comment he made about how his hair is the way it is because of all of the times he had to chase after Bruce to save him and that he brought up the time Bruce crashed the Watchtower into the ground while he was still inside it. Clark and Bruce bringing stuff up from the past is a regular thing they do and it’s something that will never change no no matter how old they are.

I really love and think it’s so funny Bruce and Clark were talking their kid’s wedding and that Lois and Diana were so angry at them and had to keeping scolding them.
I was not expecting Bruce’s daughter and Clark’s son to get married, but it’s very sweet and funny how the Trinity is related by blood now.

Wally’s kids being ten times worse and more hyperactive than Wally was at their age is so funny and is something that was bound to happen. I love Bruce’s comment about his theory that “The hyperactivity must multiply exponentially between generations." when it comes to speedsters. I also love this true comment Clark said “Someday the fate of the world might be in their hands, you know."

Sadly Bruce was going to have to retire as Batman someday and it’s sad it was a knee injury that forced his retirement as being Batman and that he has to use a cane now, but Dick is doing an an amazing job as Batman and is the only man for the job.

It’s funny that after Clark called Dick’s kids grandkids Bruce corrected him by calling them Nieces and Nephews because he thinks he is too young to be a Grandpa.

This comment Diana made is funny. You could tell she and Lois were getting ready to do it. “Honestly, you two are too old to have to be separated."

I love that after Clark said he sees that Bruce spoiling Dicks kids Bruce said "I'm Bruce Wayne, aren't I supposed to spoil my grandkids?" and admitted they are his Grandkids! And the answer is yes! What else is a billionaire Grandpa supposed to do with all of his money!

I loved it when Clark called Bruce out on calling Dick’s kids his Grandkids and that’s what set Lois and Diana off to separate them and forced them to be quiet for James Kent’s and Rose Wayne’s wedding. I could see how proud and happy they all were of each other and of their kids at the end.

You did a wonderful job writing all of these chapters! I love that you wrote this in the Justice League animated show world and referenced things from it. These were all fun to read! Thanks so much for writing them!
Prisma19 chapter 19 . 10/31/2021
There really are hundreds of heroes in the League and on the Watchtower now and I don’t blame Flash for not caring to meet all of them. I agree that B'wana Beast has the worst costume ever.

I love that Alfred literally tied Bruce down to the bed!

It’s so cute Flash invited Supergirl to drink an iced Mocha with him and sweet they raced each other and played with each other. I love that Flash loves to drink Iced Mochas and always wants to drink one at any time of the day or night.

I agree that almost every female that comes into the Watchtower has a crush on Batman the moment they see him. He really is hot. I can imagine how funny Clark would think this is if he knew and secretly he would agree with her. Like every hero knows Batman is one of the hottest ones.

While I don’t ship Wally and Kara as a couple, It’s so cute they like each other and I enjoyed their interactions and hints they gave each other. One of my favorite things is a Super and a Flash racing each other.
Prisma19 chapter 18 . 10/31/2021
It was so funny when Bruce woke up confused and didn’t remember what happened yesterday and had not idea where he was for a bit. It was so funny when Bruce decapitated Kara’s pink teddy bear, saw he was in all pink room, and thought a bag guy put him in threes and that the room could be Harlequin’s.

Poor Bruce being so out of it and paranoid and not wanting to lift the blinds in case a gun was hiding there and thinking some bad guys where behind this and that Clark was a robot and tried to fight him, even though he noticed things were off that would suggest otherwise.

I love you said Bruce grabbed a heart-shaped magnet and not just a magnet. I have to say though Bruce’s plan to disable the “Robot” was so silly! A pen and a refrigerator magnet would not work!

Bruce being so tired that all it took was children's Benadryl to sleep really proves how tired and weak he was and that their was was no way he could fly. I could already what Bruce was planning on to say Ma after Clark told him she was the one who drugged him.

Like Alfred, Martha is amazing at cooking. I now want to eat all of that for breakfast.

I love you specifically said Pa Kent went to the Shelton's house to help them get there new pigs set up."

I love that the other Kent household rule is no arguments until after breakfast.

Oh my gosh I am saying moved up the date she had for the neighbor boys to come over to build their project! Ma Kent is so clever and cunning and I love how much she is like Alfred and I love seeing her boos around Bruce! So few people can!

Bruce was acting like an angry child the entire time and it was so funny! Bruce was definitely deflecting why he made he was drugged when he mentioned how he is by the other villain. He is just made because Ma Kent is being and doing the same things Alfred would have done!

It was so good when Bruce agreed with Ma that’s what Alfred would have done and then Bruce knew she had him so he them decided to be good and have a pleasant breakfast.

I love that Martha ruffled Bruce’s hair and that Bruce didn’t mind and realized how much he loves her and appreciates her taking care of him.
Prisma19 chapter 17 . 10/30/2021
Bruce will always work more than he eats and keep on working and ignore his food until Alfred or someone else tells him to east. Bruce will also always rarely ever take a night off from patrol or work and do something fun.

You think Bruce purposely ignored Diana, but he didn’t this is just how he is. Bruce is bad at communicating with people and noticing what they are trying to tell him.

I love that Diana went to sit with the girls and then they just had girl talk about how Bruce ignores her and doesn’t get the hint she likes him and gave her the advice that she is trying to hard and needs to play hard to get and get him to chase after her and date a different guy.

I also love that WonderWoman threw Batman to the floor he deserved it.

Bruce and Diana were acting like children the entire time saying stupid things to each other that weren’t even true and lying to each other about who they were dating.

It was so funny when they told each other they lied and It’s so funny how WonderWoman got some of the other Justice League members to create a fake Facebook account for her fake boyfriend and that Bruce faked a lip stick kiss from Catwoman.

While I don’t ship them as a couple I still enjoyed reading this and it was fun to read.
Prisma19 chapter 16 . 10/30/2021
Martha is just like Alfred and I would love for there to be more fanfics of them and to see them interact and work together in the comcis more. I have the head canon that they talk to and complain to each other about dealing with their stubborn boys and they they swap stories and talk about cooking techniques and equipment and share recipes and visit each other to cook and are in charge of cooking for the hero community.

Bruce will forever be stubborn when he is injured and insist on taking care of his injuries himself or going to Alfred to have him deal with them.

I love that Ma was already was awake and was listing to their conversation. The moment Martha Kent saw Batman she already could tell and knew what she was in for, especially after Batman kept on insisting he was fine.

I love that Bruce was acting like a child the entire time Ma was giving him orders and was trying to take care of him and that she was able to eventually force him to sit down, take off his armor, and lay down. It was so much and so funny to imagine! I could clear see and hear how angry Ma was and could see her pointing her finger multiple times at Bruce and where she wanted him to go.

I really love that Ma threatened to call Alfred and what she said and how astonished Bruce was! Bruce always gets like this when he is around Ma and Pa because they act and treat him just like Alfred does and as if he here any other normal person, they don’t care that he is Batman. To the Kent’s Bruce is just like any other man and they will treat him just like they do Clark.

I love that you said the chairs were from Ma's aunt and that Ma mentioned the story in the news paper about Clark’s friend he went to school with.

I love the number rule in the Kent household is “Don't lie to Ma" It’s the same rule in the Wayne household “Don’t lie to Alfred”

I really love that Clark had to think for a minute before he decided to X-Ray Bruce and help Ma get the things she needed to take care of Bruce because he was more scared of his mom then Bruce.

I also really love that Ma noticed the hidden zipper on Batman’s suit from her experience of sewing and was able to unzip the Batsuit when Bruce refused to.

I also really love that Ma was able to get Bruce to drink two cups of tea so she could drug him with Benadryl and knew he wouldn’t be able to taste with the honey and his bloody nose. Ma Kent is so clever!

I love how she was smiling the entire time and knew how this would all end while Clark was just confused the whole time and though this would all be more difficult. Ma know Batman just as well as Alfred and Clark do and knows how to deal with him too.

I also really love how happy Martha and Clark where to see Bruce sleeping I peacefully. I also really love how Martha sees Bruce as being a boy and I can tell how much she loves Bruce as if he he were her son and how much she deeply cares about him. By this point Martha sees and has has adopted Bruce as her son now.

I also love Ma told Clark to lay Bruce down in Kara’s room and how much they were having seeing Bruce sleeping in her room next too a 3ft tall teddy bear and imaging his reaction when he wakes up.

Now when Alfred is gone, cant be contacted, and whenever Batman is too far away from Gotham, Superman and the League can always threaten him with Ma Kent and threaten to call her and take him to her when he is hurt, needs to sleep, and needs to be watched over for any reason, specially he needs to be watched over to make sure he does sleep and when he is injured. I have now declared this is all canon.
Prisma19 chapter 15 . 10/30/2021
Bruce is one of the few people who would ever randomly tell people facts and tell them some that are gross even if they are factual while they are eating.

Batman saying “Yum!” is so cute! I pictured him smiling kid as he said this in the most happiest voice!

I felt so heartbroken and happy as Bruce was looking through Clark’s photo albums of the life of Pa and Ma Kent from the beginning of their life and up until Clark came to them as a baby and all the way up until Clark went to college.

I love that the red tie made an appearance again! As happy as I was that Bruce burned the last one and the suit and shirt, Bruce should not burn this tie, and show Clark which colors and patterns he needs to wear with it.

I love that Clark defended himself when Bruce mentioned there is a picture of him milking his first cow and Clark said it was a big deal to him. I am now adding all of this and the photos to my canon and saying it’s a big deal especially, in Smallville when you milk your first cow.

Clark is so right that Bruce can’t leave every time someone tries to talk to him and in wondering how Alfred can stand him for so long, I wonder the same thing.

I love seeing Batman sad so much because he rarely ever shows his emotions and it reminds me just how broken and vulnerable even Batman can be and that Bruce is human.

It broke my heart when after Clark said he was sorry Bruce said he shouldn’t be and that Alfred kicked him out.

Alfred kicking Bruce out and the rest of the family agreeing with the decision and keeping their distance is a big deal and let’s you know just how bad Bruce has done it this time and how much what he did affected Alfred and the family.

Alfred is so right though that Bruce is the type of man/son who can is “Uncourteous, moody and generally a jerk” and can act like this way too much at times. At least Bruce knows they are not wrong and that he deserved to be kicked out as sad as it is.

I love how even though Clark could tell Bruce was sad and was ready to just leave, he was able to comfort Bruce and got him to stay for a bit and drink hot chocolate with him.

I am surprised Bruce’s mom and Alfred never made many photo albums! I expected them too! I have to say that after Alfred heard about t after Bruce and Alfred talked, Alfred went and put all of the photos into photo albums.

I can tell how happy and warm Bruce was as he looked through Clark’s photo albums, told him how great Smallville is, and when Clark said they would love it if he came to visit them.

I could also feel how determined Bruce was as he said he is going to apologize to Alfred and Diana and thought about how happy he was thinking about great it’s going to be once he makes up with them, but until then he is happy knowing Clark will keep him company and comfort him.
Prisma19 chapter 14 . 10/30/2021
Wally and Nightwing spying on Bruce and Diana because they think they are dating is so funny!

I love all of the things they set up to spy on them, they really went all out to do it and they even managed to wait for them for five hours, seventeen minutes, and thirty-two seconds!

Bruce and Diana kissing and what they were doing any saying to each other was so funny and it was so much and so funny to watch Dick and Wally as they spied on them! I love Dick’s and Wally’s reactions and Wally’s and Dick’s remarks! Wally is not wrong, WonderWoman’s suit is a low cut bathing suit.

Of course Bruce knew they were spring on them and I love how Dick and Wally thought they were going to be scramble away, hide the evidence, and act like they did nothing and get away with it.

I love this moment so much!

"Nice try," said a deep, dark voice. Batman turned to Flash and hissed. "Run. Very fast." Wally did as he was told.

"Look, Bruce, it was just a joke, right? It's not like I kept a record of it. We didn't see much…please don't kill me?" Batman smiled his very scary smile. "Sure, Richard."

He took a step away from Nightwing and said, "Just remember that I have videos, pictures, and recordings of you from age eight onward, and your girlfriend's email address." Yes! Batman pulling a dad move on Dick!

I don’t think you wrote Bruce and Diana as a couple but, if you did, I don’t like them as a couple and will forever only love Selina with Bruce so, I am saying Bruce knew the boys were planking to spy on them and Bruce and Diana decided to have some fun with them to teach them a lesson and to have fun with them.
Prisma19 chapter 13 . 10/30/2021
It’s funny Bruce can barley cook, clean, or do anything else domestic on his own, but I love how he tired his best to help Clark and even though he knows he is not good at doing these things, it was very sweet and all of the mistakes he made are mistakes any newbie would make. At least Bruce knows how to and can make good tea.

I love that Bruce was able to force Clark off of the couch and get him to lay down on his bed so he would be more comfortable, even if it did involve him taking the covers off, taking his tissue box away, and picking him up. At least now Clark has realized not for the fist time why Bruce hates being carried.

Bruce has now learned his lesson that next time he needs to warn people when they give them soup that’s spicy, but most times he won’t because he thinks it’s funny. Poor Clark though expecting some nice Chicken Noddle Soup to then discover it was spicy.

It was also very sweet when Bruce took Clark’s slippers off and pulled the overs over him. Bruce may not be able to cook and clean for someone, but at least he can make them tea and take care of their emotional needs and make them more comfortable.

While Clark appreciates Diana and Bruce looking after him, I don’t blame him for asking her to not ask Bruce to look after him next time when he is sick. Bruce will be ready to one day after he spends many many hours learning from Alfred.
Prisma19 chapter 12 . 10/30/2021
I love that you came up with there is a system they have to calculate the Watchtower's energy intake and that Bruce knows if you put in the
nuclear-conversion equation first it makes it calculate quicker.

These words Clark said are so true about Bruce!

“You never can stand losing an argument, can you? Even over something as inconsequential as twenty seconds,

After Bruce said these words they really hit me and I could see how hurt Clark was by these words.

“Actually, you're not human."

They hurt so much because while Clark knows he is from another planet and is an alien and has felt like one since he first came to Earth and feels like one at times, but over time he slowly began to feel more human and apart of the human race and now feels human and always sees himself as being human, so these words really hurt him.

It’s crazy how Bruce and Clark can fight over and get so worked up over the dumb things, say dumb things and hurtful things to each other, act like children and ignore, avoid, and not talk to each other for so long. The Batfamily and the entire hero community know when Bruce and Clark act like this towards each other every one is miserable, it’s harder for everyone to focus and save the world, and things don’t go as smoothly, especially since Batman and Superman are the glue of the entire hero community and are some of the main leaders of the hero community.

Some fans will say them acting like this is OOC but it’s not. Bruce and Clark actually will act like this with each other and say things like this to each other.

I love that Superman was able to be human for a short time and that this happened because of a gas that was mixed with a Kryptonite gas.

It’s sweet they worked things out because a building collapse on top of them. It really does take a tough or life and death situation to get these two to apologize and work things out.

I love there is an all glass sky room at the top of the the Watchtower that was built in that location so it’s always in the sun.

It was so peaceful and so surreal to see Clark siting there with his eyes closed. I could feel how peaceful and surreal the atmosphere was and as Bruce and Clark sat next to each other.

I really love they apologized and made up there because it’s a calming and peaceful place which is the perfect place for them to be at and apologize at since things had been tense and angry between them and they needed to feel calm and at peace with one another.
Prisma19 chapter 11 . 10/30/2021
The image of Bruce curled up on the bathroom tile floor was so sad to see and I enjoyed it. I love seeing Bruce being so vulnerable and weak and acting like a human being.

I love the descriptions and details of the Justice League was doing, the location of the bad guys, and of the fight.

As annoying as it that Bruce is going off to fight the bay guys when he is too weak and sick too, he comes up with the best excuses that makes sense and are believable. I love the excuse you came up with for Bruce to say. It was very logical and believable.

I was not expecting for there to be so many of Batman’s villains involved in this master plan! I love all of the details and descriptions as to how the heroes were tied up, what the bad guys where doing to the heroes, and what the bad guys were doing as they were speaking.

I also love the descriptions and details as Batman was fighting the bad guys and the descriptions of the fight and what Batman and the bad guys were doing.

I thought this whole time Batman was just sick so it was a surprise to find out he was sick because Ivy laced Croc’s claws with a virus.

I love Batman was able to tell who was who by their hair that was sticking up and that they were held in leafy coffins.

I love you came up with that those plan was to alternate injecting Ivy's pleasure and Scarecrow's toxic fear at ten-second intervals to overload their hypothalamus to melt their brains. It is a very creative plan.

I also love how Batman discovered he could free them after he threw the Batarang at Ivy and it grazed her arm and embeds itself into
Wonder Woman's cocoon and ate some of it away.

I have no problem with Batman hitting her pressure point to stop her and cutting a small cut on Ivy so the blood could drip and free them, but I do have a problem with Batman cutting her neck and digging the Batarang deeper into her neck. Batman would never purposefully cut someone’s neck and dig whatever he is using deeper into their neck, which is a fragile area. He would dig whatever he is using deeper into a person to free himself if he has no other option, in a certain situation that’s serious, and in a life or death situation such as to free a person from the bad guys grasps.

I love Batman was going to miss hitting Luthor’s watch but he didn’t because he moved the right way and made it move into the Batarang’s path hitting it. I love it when Batman succeeds because of luck!

I could see how worried they all were after the were free and saw Batman, leaning against the wall, heard Clark say he is burning up, and saw him pass out in Clark’s arms.

It was so cute when after Wally asks how Bruce was doing Bruce showed up in the kitchen and said “He's better"

I love that Clark did not let Bruce make his own lunch and told him to sit and Bruce actually did and let Clark make him lunch. I also love that Bruce jokes around with them when he asked if Clark could make him Foie Gras. I had to look up what type of food that was and I learned about a new food today. I wouldn’t mind trying it sometime.

Of course after collapsing and waking up only two days later the man is going to back to Gotham to check on things he has missed and start patrolling soon. They all were do this, but they most definitely are not going to let him patrol and are going to take turns baby siting him at the cave until Alfred comes back and can tell at him and stop him from going out until he is 100% well.
Prisma19 chapter 10 . 10/29/2021
Unless it kills him Batman will never take a break when he should and will do what he has to, believe the signs his body gives him are no big deal, try to everything he is supposed to, and push through it all and continue fighting until he collapses.

I love that you specified the type of punch Batman did and mentioned the specific spot Batman punched Grodd at.

I love that Dina makes the team food dishes from her home world and that they all love to eat them. I never thought before that the women on Themysicra have their food dishes but I will now. I don’t know if Bollidash Soup is something you made up or not but I love the name either way and if you did come up with the name, that’s awesome.

Of course after Bruce feels even worse and even more dizzy and almost faints he tries to do Monitor Duty and falls asleep and Clark and Diana find him sleeping with a fever and a very high one.

I feel bad Bruce threw up and is so sick, but I don’t feel that bad for him since be did this to himself. I was so happy when he finally agreed with Clark that he has to go to sleep and that he finally did.

Reading about what Clark did for Bruce made me feel so happy.

I love what you came up for Two-Face’s plan and all of the details, descriptions, and names you came up with and what you came with up for Two-Face to do as he executed his master plan. It’s interesting he just vanished out of thin air, I was not excepting that and am excited to find out he disappeared.

I love Bruce’s logical explanation as to why it was unusual Two-Face decided to cause trouble on a Tuesday.

The image of Bruce with his head on his knees and his eyes were closed made him seem like a child and I could clearly see how weak and vulnerable he was and felt especially when I pictured the eye bags under his eyes.

I was happy Bruce’s fever went up because in most sick fics I have read they most times goes down instead of rising.

The League taking of Bruce is the best thing to see and I especially love it when Clark and Diana take care of Bruce and it’s even better when Alfred is gone because that causes them to have been stricter with Bruce and it’s funny to see.
Prisma19 chapter 8 . 10/29/2021
I love their conversations and reactions to what Clark was wearing!

Wally is so right! You should “listen to a princess and a billionaire on matters of fashion."

I really love that after Bruce and Diana saw the disaster Clark was wearing they teleported him into Bruce’s closet.

I love that right after Clark read the tag on one of the suits and looked out the closet door he knew he was in Bruce’s closet.

I love that they are all so close friends that it doesn’t bother Clark as much that Diana was undressing him and that Clark stood in front of them only wearing a t shirt and boxers.

It was so much to read about and imagine Bruce and Diana dressing Clark and handing him things to try on and wear!

I love that Bruce has so many new clothes and clothes he barley ever wears and that Clark knew the suit he was trying on was new because he felt the tag poke him! Bruce not caring about fancy clothes is one of my favorite things about him!

I also love and agree with that Bruce has paler skin because he spends all of this time in a cave. I loved it when Clark shouted this!

I also love the color of Clark’s suit! I love purples and blues and a color between lilac and periwinkle is a beautiful color.

I love that once Clark saw the price tag he heisted to put the suit on but Clark did it anyway because he was cold. We all also know he put it on because there was no way out of it and he secretly wanted to wear it.

I love how much fun Diana and Bruce were having as they picked clothes out for Clark and dressed him and how annoyed Clark was and how surprised he was by how much fun he could see Bruce was having.

I also love that Bruce ruffled Clark’s hair to fix it.

Clark will now no longer be a fashion and is going to go shopping in Bruce’s closet to put more of Bruce’s clothes to good use and to stop Clark from being a fashion disaster.

I can now imagine Clark telling the story of what happened and Lois laughing and telling him what great friends he has and Clark agreeing with her.

You did a fantastic job writing this! Thanks so much for writing this! This is now one of my favorite and one of the best fanfics I have ever read of these three!
Prisma19 chapter 7 . 10/29/2021
The image of a Kryptonite arrow sticking out of Superman’s side with the words Ha Ha! etched onto the shaft is so scary.

I love that Bruce moved a lock of hair out of Clark's face and that Clark dusted some of the ash of off Bruce’s face. I love it when Bruce and Clark are so sweet to each other and do little things like this to each other.

Bruce trying not to cry by blinking was so heartbreaking!

Clark asking Bruce to smile for him more often and Bruce trying his best to smile for him and then crying was a little sad but also very sweet and touching.

I actually thought Clark had died and I was thinking in my head how I was going to change it so Clark didn’t die and then I was so happy when I found out it was all a dream.

I could feel how sad and worried Clark was Bruce woke up and said he was dead and when he pulled his cape back.

I really love that Bruce pulled Clark’s cape even after he realized it was all a dream just to make sure Clark was ok and that Clark showed Bruce he was fine to reassure Bruce.

I also really love that Bruce tried to smile at the end and I love Clark’s response after Bruce asked if he was doing a good job of smiling. It’s so sad they have to ask what Bruce doing when he is trying to smile because it’s sadly the most unusual thing for Bruce to do. I am happy Bruce is going to try his best to smile more often for Clark and for himself.

I really love Bruce’s and Clark’s relationship and how deep it is and how much they see and love each other as brothers.

You did a great job writing this! Thanks so much for writing this!

There are not enough fanfics out there about Bruce and Clark doing intimate things together as just friends so reading this chapter made me very happy.
Prisma19 chapter 6 . 10/29/2021
I am so happy you wore a follow up chapter!

Of course Bruce acts stubborn and like a baby and broods in the darkness for awhile and ignores everyone and shuts out any light they try to shine down on him after he goes through a hard time.

Bruce not speaking to someone for 4 days is impressive. I also know he can go from a week to many weeks with out speaking to someone and it’s impressive and concerning.

Diana is not wrong though they if Bruce was honest more often it wouldn’t be so hard and painful to be honest, but it’s too hard for Bruce to be honest and he needs time to be honest and has to ease into in being honest.

Bruce’s words here are so true! Bruce knows much about psychology and knows so much about it from witnessing it from others and experiencing it that he knows what is and isn’t helpful for him to do.

“Unless reopening old wounds is somehow helpful, which I doubt even your damn shrinks would agree with. All you did was force me somewhere I didn't want to go."

These words Wally said are so true and are especially true for Bruce!

No one likes to be exposed. All you did was take away his protection."

Bruce hiding things and not being honest it defense mechanism and he can’t be forced into being honest.

It’s nice Wally was able to make Diana see what she did was wrong and they her and Bruce were able to apologize while eating Bruce’s favorite of ice cream and that Bruce realized he can go to his friends for help.
Prisma19 chapter 5 . 10/29/2021
I love all of the descriptions of what the place looked like, what the people were doing, and of everything that was going on.

Of course Bruce at age 16 would be zooming through a small narrow town on a black motorcycle doing tricks like we see in the movies while he is being chased by the police and of course only Bruce would be able to catch up to himself and fight himself and win.

It’s funny Bruce knocked his younger self out and had no shame in doing so and just smiled.
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