Reviews for Happy People Make Me Sick
Phenomenal Styles chapter 1 . 6/8/2016
But in the end, Noah is happy, and with Lindsay. YAY!
Blue Marvel 0 chapter 1 . 4/3/2014
Great story.
Toaneo07 Ver2.0 chapter 1 . 2/22/2012
i like this fics
Clamanter chapter 1 . 1/17/2012
Wow. I support none of these pairings (no offfence) but I couldn't stop reading. I think I need to change my pairings. So now I will quote another cartoon character..."

'Thank you and curse you!'
CrazyGeekyLove chapter 1 . 8/19/2011
You write everyone so realistically. I can kind of see these couples. And NoahxLindsey and BridgettxHarold are cute!
shadowcatbrat918 chapter 1 . 11/27/2010
Loved it! Don't know why but I'm really starting to like crack pairings lately. Anyway, awesome writing! :)
Bubble Bubbler chapter 1 . 6/19/2010
Awww! I adored it! I've always had a soft spot for this couple, honestly.

I feel proud of myself reviweing. I've read a couple of your TDI stories (pity you aren't writting anymore. I'll just savor what you have then.) and I've always wanted to praise them but, I didn't have an account back then. But now I do, so I must say ten words,

I loved it and your are an exceptionally good writter!

Marvelous work,

Sparkling-nexis137 chapter 1 . 1/7/2010
Aw, this was really cute! This was truly a unique story. It was also the most explicit of your stories that I've read so far. Seriously, do none of these people wait until marriage? What has happened to modern society? Is it some kind of rule now that if you're dating someone that you automatically have to have some kind of physical relationship with them? I mean DJ? Bridgette? Those two seem like some of the most chaste people on the show. They're both super moral, always looking out for others. What would DJ's mother think? If she got a grandchild before DJ was married, she would be so disappointed in him. It would make her cry. The profile said the Bridgette's mom was her best friend. What would she think? WHAT HAS MODERN SOCIETY COME TO?

Sorry, I'm done ranting now. This really was a great story. Wonderful job.
rose.darling chapter 1 . 1/5/2010
I've spent the whole day in bed being sick or mostly tired and your one-shots are amazing! They saved me from a day of boredom and from blaiming myself that I didn't go to school.
Amethyst Jade chapter 1 . 11/7/2009
This is literally the BEST Noah and Lindsay story ever!

You described all the of the couples so well, and made them seem very realistic. There were a lot of quotes in here I found entertaining, not least of which the way you described Duncan and LeShawna! And Noah and Lindsay were both incredibly in-character, you captured his sarcasm and her cluelessness perfectly!

I love NxL, they're like my favorite fan couple, and I LOVE this story!
thisobsessioniscontagious chapter 1 . 10/7/2009
INSERT GASP HERE! Noah-centric and ending on a Nosy note? How did this one sneak by me?

I gotta say, I think I would've liked this even if I didn't read it. Just because of the title XD

Anywhosin, onto actually reviewing...

One of the things I love about this piece was the detail. You subtly slipped in something about Lindsay leaning down to kiss Noah - yes, he is shorter, and I liked how knowledge-savvy you seem to be with TDI. It makes it seem like I'm reading something most definately legit and just that much easier to envision, which is a major plus there. It's always the little things that make something stand out. Definately don't lose that little gift.

And Noah possibly having a twin sister was an intresting, unique way to consider his family situation. Just like how his personality can be perceieved as childish versus just pessemistic. I never would've thought of that, but it just makes Lindsay seem more naivee herself for relating him to something so cute and innocent as a child when no one else would think of that. And having her consider herself not smart enough for him and seem self-conscience? Way to give her levels of depth there.

But I must say, while I absolutely love Noah and Nosy, the my favorite part of the entire fic had nothing to do with either of them.

"No word of a lie, one minute these two would be at each other’s throats and the next they’d be down each other’s throats. Talk about kiss and make up."

I was in tears. Absolute brilliance/truth in that statement. Pretty much how I picture LeDunca working.

Obviously, after I positive rant it only makes sense I end on a positive note. Great job, loved it loved it loved it, and props for participating in Crack/fanon week ;)
The Lightning Knight chapter 1 . 10/5/2009
Their sex lives?

They're sixteen! And not married!

Good writing, but teens shouldn't be that deep into a relationship.
JoeMerl chapter 1 . 10/4/2009
For some reason I think of you and Kobold like Bridgette and Harold. ;-)

Heh, Djeva. :-D I kind of like that one. And DJ has fangirls? Who knew. And yeah, I can picture Izzy doing that. ;-)

Huh, and interesting take on Gwen and Tyler...that's an interesting pairing, and I like how it's going in the other story. And it's kind of fun for Noah to keep mentally describing these wonderful romances, and then just scoff and roll his eyes. XD

"Ezekiel had gone from a shy and awkward homeschooled teen to an open and outgoing thrill seeker, much to Izzy’s delight. She had corrupted him well." Actually, considering the way he jumped off the cliff with a loud "WAH-HOO!," I think this is more his default personality. ;-) I kind of think of him as being a somewhat more subdued Izzy, in some ways, which is part of what makes them a cool couple. Huh, Izzy didn't tell Noah about THEIR sex life? Possibly a good thing...

"No word of a lie, one minute these two would be at each other’s throats and the next they’d be down each other’s throats." HA! :-D

"Would the mental images ever stop?" I sympathize with you, Noah man.

"We could always make out to pass the time eh." Oh my, Zeke is bold, 'innit'e?

I kind of thought it would be Beth. :-P But I like Noah/Lindsay more. Ah, nice call back on "unpredictable" there.

You know, I used to not like Noah/Lindsay so much, but I'm warming up to it recently, and the way you describe Noah as being like a petulant child (as opposed to Lindsay's innocent childlike nature) is kind of endearing.

You know, I think I invented Cody/Heather...unfortunately I mentioned it to someone else before I ever published anything like that myself. :-P

Noah's ticklish. Heh. ;-)

I pity Lindsay...I can barely keep track of all of MY siblings, and if this is keeping continuity with one of your other fics don't they all have "N" names?

“Any luck?” At first I thought that "l" was an "f"...o_0

Anyway, this was nice. :-) I really kind of liked Lindsay and Noah together here. Great work!
Kool Broadway Reader chapter 1 . 10/4/2009
awesome story. it was really funny lol.
Urimizo chapter 1 . 10/3/2009
What a present to give someone! Well written, and funny as well. I've noticed Noah has become a fan-favorite as of recently...not that I'm complaining.

Kep up the good work!
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