Reviews for Beauty of the Breakdown
Joshua Kelsall chapter 1 . 11/12/2009
This was a good story because the style of your writing really helps the reader understand what your charector is feeling. This is a vital part of describing charectors as it gives them emotion and life and really helps us relate to the people in your book.

The only thing that I think you should improve on is your description of scenery as it was quite vague. It is just as important to descibe your charectors surroundings, as it is to describe your charectors as it gives the reader the feel of th place your charector is in and how they feel about being there and we learn more about them.

All in all I found this chapter gripping and I want to know more, because the way you have left it makes the reader want to find out what will happen to your charector as she is going through so much.

I hope you found my review useful.