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MitisVenatrix chapter 9 . 6/17/2017
So, I tend to stick rather closely to the Mass Effect fandom, though I do have a basic viewers knowledge of Transformers. An artist I love is a fan, though, so I came to read.

Well written, thoroughly enjoyable, easy to follow for the casual fan, and incredibly well characterized. Moving on to book 2
sakurawriter chapter 9 . 11/11/2016
Ooh, loved this story! Great job! I'm off to read your next story!
ObsidianPhantom chapter 9 . 4/18/2016
Just rereading... I like to go back to the roots and God Starscream and Alexis have come so far since this point! So much has happened and when you think over all of it... Damn! I think those two have touched on every freaking dynamic two characters can have! Predator-prey, slave-master, allies, friends, leader-subordinate, friends, enemies, something else... *Smiles mysteriously*

Can't forget the leading device in their relationship: subtlety. The name of their game is vagueness. Lol! Which I love to bits and even go so far as to say it's their most defining quality.

I always have to laugh and shake my head at Alexis in this chapter. Really, girl! Don't you know to never turn your back on a predator!? Safe? Ha, silly Alexis thinking a few feet equals safe from Starscream!

Seriously though... if I was in her position I'd walk backwards the entire way. Chalk it up to being too scared shitless to take my eyes off Starscream or being wary. Or maybe, she has more balls than I do. LOL! Daring to turn her back! Definitely an Alexis move!

But c'mon who wouldn't be utterly creeped out (with that hunted feeling) at being stared at by the freaking Air Commander. He's an intimidating guy! Red, glowing eyes! Yikes.. Nope. Reminds me too much of the Uchihas... Don't look 'em in the eyes... Hehe.

Starscream is so lovably sadistic at the end. If he's gonna spare someone he at least has to get one scream outta them. Lmao!

You know one thing I've always wondered though? The one bit of vagueness and mystery that always, always gets me; why did he spare her? Hell, even lie for her? Well, okay, this is Starscream.. he lies. He's a liar, but honestly why?

Lol! Don't you just love those mysterious that go on and on and on and ON!? *Chuckles*
Lecidre chapter 9 . 4/3/2014
Nice work! I've never read a Transformers fic featuring UK, so it was a refreshing experience to see the events unfold in an European country aside from the US. Very interesting indeed.
Sandataba chapter 9 . 12/20/2012

And on to the sequel! This was a wonderful intro on how they met. Alexis did exactly the right thing not begging for her life or anyone else's, she probably has a degree in decepticon psychology.

I wonder why you placed an 'M' rating on this though. Compared to other fics (sticky! xeno! slash! goodprimuswhataretheydoing!) this was extremely tame and fun. The thrill was all in the suspense of what would happen next, and relishing how nuanced an uneasy relationship like theirs could begin.

Great fic. None of that over-descriptive "her heart beat wildly within her chest" or "his disgust for humanity roiled within till it nearly overloaded his circuitry" to the nth power. Spare dialogue, spare narrative. Full effect of story. I like.

Thank you for writing this!
Sandataba chapter 8 . 12/20/2012
Starscream is obviously a super genius to be able to absorb human slang in barely more than a week and promptly use them to embarrass himself in front of Megatron. I wonder if he talks with an English accent now.

Now this is more like him. He really has the most ridiculous name out of all the cybertronians.

I tried watching an episode of Transformers Armada. Ahehehe. Obviously one must be a certain age to find it interesting. And Sari... apparently the transformers series have AUs within AUs so I think I'll stick to your plot from now on.
Sandataba chapter 7 . 12/20/2012
The moment SS notices he looks better than Megatron with his new wax job may be the one thing that persuades him to spare Alexis in the end. It couldn't hurt.

His reason for not completely draining her energy makes sense, but since he lies a lot one can never tell. It is the first indication of something weird amiss. (aside from him wanting to party with her and sari, but obviously that was sarcastic and not meant to be so creepy)
Sandataba chapter 6 . 12/20/2012
And here Starscream attempts to sound sinister but just comes off like a DOM. 'What, partying without me?' This is also where one starts to notice his similarities to Alexis, they both tend to have weird internal monologue.

These poor minicons. What comic relief.
Sandataba chapter 5 . 12/20/2012
Gah, sleep energy snatcher!

Starscream's morning greeting reminded me of a puppet called Achmed the Dead Terrorist, who always greeted the audience with an evil, "good evening, infidels" as he stared out with a look as if plotting how best to destroy them.

Now I had to research on what minicons are. Sigh. So behind the times. This fic taught me much of transformer lore I'd been missing.
Sandataba chapter 4 . 12/20/2012
I like the short chapters. I really do. Some of this story I read on my phone, and the short chapters somehow make them just easier to read.

After the entire story I searched google for Alexis' character and started wondering how close you made her to the official character. Apparently not much, in terms of sticking to storyline. But I like this. I stomach AUs better when I know nothing of the original plot. Starscream still has the personality I know here.
Sandataba chapter 3 . 12/20/2012
How utterly lovely it would be if a super advanced fighter jet would crash into your barn to distract you every time your heart got broken by unfaithful scum.

I notice now that I especially enjoy your fics because of the relative absence of typos and grammatical errors. Those really throw me off. I'm so happy.
Sandataba chapter 2 . 12/20/2012
Have to admit, I skimmed the story a bit till I got to the juicy parts. Reading this over, I see the establishment of Alexis' character as someone who talks to inanimate objects, does not suffer cheating bastards gladly, and looks up to her dad. Why she finds an alien entirely unlike her dad fascinating is proof that she does not have an Electra complex. It could be something much worse though.

And megatron misses starscream. Aw.
Sandataba chapter 1 . 12/20/2012
Ah. Greetings. Just blasted through all your AxSS fics almost in one sitting. I'm very tired but I just had to tell you- this is great. I hadn't much hope for human x mech pairings, as they appeal on a certain level but deep down I always get the feeling that - 'nah, impossible'. But this fic. This series. Yes.

Still impossible, but really, done the way you did it, one is able to suspend disbelief, which is for me the mark of a great fic. It sucks you in, lets you sympathize with the characters, root for them, wish them well. I feel that for A and SS. It's just wonderful.

I'm glad I came across this. Kind of hard, slogging through all the fics on the site, and I gotta admit, I was only familiar G1 and the animated movie and recent Bayverse films so I had no idea who Alexis was, and my opinion of starscream was, well, screechy. Thanks for creating such an engrossing story, giving depth to the characters, moving the plot along snappily without all the schmaltz and drama. I hope to give reviews to these stories befitting of their quality. so I'm gonna try to go chapter by chapter, leaving the reviews you so love, because these fics are worth reading over and over again.
Gajeel-rocks chapter 5 . 7/28/2012
Nice Dr. Who reference.
TheLadyIntegra chapter 9 . 12/3/2011
Even though I've read your other stories, I'm reviewing on this one since it has the least reviews. D

Where to START! I don't want to begin every sentence with 'I love' so, I'll say it once and then list everything... Beware, this review will include some shameless flattery and very little constructive criticism (I'm not REALLY critic by nature...unless I really don't like something. when i love something, its usually unconditionally. Sorry if that’s unhelpful xD)

I love:

The fact that Starscream is IN CHARACTER! Actually, you know, considering the fact that I watched the armada AGES ago and that he was probably a lot nicer there, I'll have to correct that sentence and say 'The fact that starscream HAS A PERSONALITY THAT I LIKE!'

He was devious, with all the expected violence that would come with a decepticon. There are two sides to the spectrum with this...A SC who is just TOO. FREAKING. NICE. I mean it's are you even a decepticon? There is NO room for development if he's all kisses and hugs from the first encounter! The thing that I always loved about starcream was how he BECAME a good guy (obviously I always liked that he maintained his badboy streak...hehehe...) but where he's involved, there should always be an element of evil to start with. Otherwise I just don't see the point. :/ No, he did NOT always pity the humans - see thundercracker for details on that one - he DID once enjoy blowing them up, the point is that he STOPPED that BECAUSE of Alexis!

On the other hand, a lot of the stories show starscream as a sexual predator who would only stop in his murderous rampage to get some fine human ass and *shudders* 'mate' with it. I mean, seriously? The fact that you didn't mention starscream being physically attracted to Alexis earns you a big thumbs up from me. That is NOT what I would base their relationship on at ALL! It was not some animalistic attraction that morphed into a reluctant affection/love. In fact, if you really want, it's more like the other way around. So, while at the point in the relationship that they're at in Uneasy Elements, I would welcome, heck even WANT some *ehem* naughty robot stimulation, I am SO glad that you kept that OUT of the way in the first two and most of the third parts. I just DON'T see a robot becoming physically attracted to a human. They would have to first REALLY love that human before they could even consider that, in my opinion. After all, love makes everything beautiful, right? So...yeah. That was quite the little rant. But THAT'S my view on Starscream. Even though I have to admit, he is the sexiest damn thing with wings. I had a HUGE crush on him in the armada (still do...heheh) but in the movies he was kind of...Just no. I was so sad. I mean, I guess they didn't want to humanize the decepticons so much (at ALL actually) but I was still sad that he was butt ugleh and a whimp. Starscream (armada) had one of the smexiest smirks I'd ever seen, and in the movie he didn't even have LIPS! Dx You gave him lips though. Alexis climbed over them in Uneasy partnership when he was unconscious. Yay!

And now, onto Alexis!

You know, once again there are two sides to the spectrum and you’ve landed smack-bang perfectly in the middle.

The thing about Alexis is that she’s rarely ever got any connection to her armada namesake, so in essence she’s an OC. Everyone moulds and shapes her into a completely different character. And the thing people often do with OC’s is make them PERFECT.

With perfect looks and/or perfect witty comebacks, some of the OC’s I’ve read about have just been plain annoying. I mean, honestly, I find it difficult to think that a twenty-something year old GIRL would be able to verbally outmatch a couple thousand year old transformer. I mean sure, I hate it when characters are too docile as well (it makes them weak and irritating) so occasionally she would have to win over him, but brilliantly enough you gave Starscream (realistically) the upper hand most of the time. But, you also didn’t make Alexis weak. It’s difficult to stop a character from being overpowered, knowing that they cant beat a giant robot, and at the same time stop them from seeming useless. You managed brilliantly though! Your Alexis was smart and strong, without being unrealistically successful. She always did everything within her power to gain the upper hand in every situation, but you managed to make sure that she had the right amount of power to work with in the first place. She was a delight to read about. She wasn’t weak and submissive, but she wasn’t overbearing and stupid either. Things often went wrong for her, and she made the best of them. She just felt…real. She was funny and snarky, but she wasn’t SO overbearingly sarcastic and witty that you just wanted to shut her up and smash her head against a wall. No, she was perfect.

So…I loved Alexis, I loved Starscream, and I loved how you worked their relationship. It started off as something very small, and while Starscream showed mercy, it wasn’t a gooey, lovey dovey goodbye. It was perfect for that stage in their relationship. You didn’t delve too deep into WHY he did it, and you didn’t have Alexis pledging her undying allegiance to him because ‘Oh! He didn’t kill me! I must now worship the ground he walks on and approve of all the people he’s killing! D”. Instead you have her trying to win one over him as soon as they next encounter each other. Nice. And Starscream reacted perfectly to that. He wasn’t all “Oh my, would you look at that! It’s that girl who restored me and who I let live. My, what a brave young thing – trying to steal my info like that. She’s so strong and unpredictable! I must respect her now and form an unlikely friendship, because no other human has ever been so daring!”

Nope. He reacted perfectly and tried to squish her with his fist. What a gentleman, ay? Of course he hires a hitman…And I like how you had him squish the bastard. Serves him right! It gave us all time to go “Ooooh! Don’t mess with Starscream’s Alexis! Bitch will smack yo ass!” and then you turn around and have Starscream threaten her friends! It gave us a hint of Starscream’s possessiveness, but at the same time it showed that it was nothing more then that (yet) because he was quite happy to have her suffer. Obviously THAT changed, over time. Hehe.

Skipping ahead, I must say I thoroughly approved of Starscreams anger when he though she had betrayed him (chapter 21 – Uneasy Alliance.) It hints at quite a bit of insecurity, probably caused by the fact that he constantly betrays everyone around him, so naturally he would expect the same from others. I am glad that he forgave her though…sort of.

Oh! I must add that I absolutely ADORE FRENZY! That little Con is THE CUTEST! I was constantly laughing my ass off at him, even in the early stages of his character. I just grew to love him more and more as it went on, especially in chapter seven of Uneasy Alliance. I LOL’D. I also enjoyed Thundercracker (he is such a softie ( and hated Sideways with a burning passion.

Okay…this has turned into the review that ATE THE WORLD. I must apologise. I understand your eyes may have turned into jelly and started running down your face. My bad. But this is a review for all three stories. Hehe.

Can’t wait for you to finish Uneasy Elements, and I’m hoping for a fourth instalment sometime in the future. No pressure though…Life happens.


There. I said it D

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