Reviews for Breaking News
Atwiggs chapter 3 . 4/3/2014
An intelligent story with fabulous sexual tension! Yea!
wonderfullybedazzled chapter 17 . 3/28/2014
Miss ciaobella. She took everything down. :-(
wonderfullybedazzled chapter 14 . 3/28/2014
Nothing compares to a guy in love woth your brain!
wonderfullybedazzled chapter 12 . 3/28/2014
Sexually succinct.
wonderfullybedazzled chapter 5 . 3/27/2014
I wish FF would let me copy & paste all the epic lines you have written.
Love the line he gave about being too lazy to break in someone else...among others.

Are you ever gonna write another fic?
Not many like this nowadays.
wonderfullybedazzled chapter 4 . 3/27/2014
OMG That repartee over dinner! I was LOL.
Reminded me of the good ol Hepburn-Tracy, Grant-whomver romcoms.
wonderfullybedazzled chapter 2 . 3/27/2014
Clever. Envy your way with words. So descriptive.
LOL on the Jewish reception.
wonderfullybedazzled chapter 1 . 3/27/2014
I am back for a reread!
RubyDee chapter 7 . 3/25/2014
Guess I got so lost with his hair and The Voice that I more or less ran Chapters 6 and 7 reviews together. Perhaps it was an attempt to travel light like Edward. The whole scruples thing cracked me up.
RubyDee chapter 6 . 3/25/2014
Oh, our dear author, what are you doing to us?! This man has all these fine qualities and all I can focus on is the hair. (And yes, I said fine qualities. Bella convinced me of this with her list.) So what did I take from this chapter ... Ah yes, the HAIR ...

- It was just there, making him look as though he couldn't have cared less ...
- "Hey, I'm just hanging around killing some time.
- What we're up to here isn't important. I'm not on the clock. I'm casual.
- You just talk, and it'll stay right here between us. No deadlines.
No agenda. Just Edward and his hair, not really paying close attention to anything you might want to share with us."
- The hair lied through its teeth. If it was being honest, it would be a buzz cut.
- "Uhm, your hair. We're going to need to tone it down a little." / "What do you mean, 'tone it down'? I'm not having news hair, Peter. No way. Forget it."
- Honest hair would be an interesting look for him. One less shifty element to work around.
- "No, I'm not talking about a side-part helmet," Peter assured him. "We just need to, uh, trim it back a bit.
- Your hair's a little MTV at the moment." To my surprise, Edward merely shrugged at that. "Fine. You can shave it off for all I care. As long as we're clear that I'm not having news hair, it's fine with me."
- It sat atop his head like a ravished angel on a Christmas tree, slightly wild and a little dangerous and anything but predictable.
- Enter Demitri ... I'm a moving target," Edward groused. "Do whatever it is you need to do up there, but don't expect me to stop living while you're doing it."

So I am sitting here cracking up at all this talk of his hair, thinking of all the conversations I have witnessed in re to this mans hair over the years all while Hair plays on a loop within my mind. *points to self ... child of the 60's. lol.

Enter Tanya. I just knew I was not going to like her. Yeah right. There for a minute I thought so this is what a girl crush looks like. I am here to tell you I really like her. She knows how to "git er done" and she is a great asset to Edward. I just know Emmett will be just as good.

They have found Alice. Now to get in. Will Edward ride shotgun? Or will go in guns blazing so Bella can get in? I will stay tuned.
EnchantedbyTwilight chapter 6 . 3/25/2014
Love the lock-in idea! Can't wait to see what was number 11 on Edward's list, but I think Bella was right, Sensitivity training is probably in order! LOL
RubyDee chapter 5 . 3/24/2014
Now we are getting somewhere. Well we still don't know who Garrett is but they are working on a story together and this should be good. :)
RubyDee chapter 4 . 3/24/2014
Oh jeez, he is so full himself, or so it seems. They banter that runs between these two has wheels turning within my mind as I try to figure him out. I can't help but wonder if he is not attracted to her. Perhaps she could wear her hair in pigtails. If he pulls them or attempts to dip them in an inkwell we will get our answer, Poor Peter as he painfully watches the dance between these two wondering if this is going to work or not. Then the whole waiter thing came into play and I couldn't help but wonder if Edward hadn't already seen this sixth sense in observation in Bella prior to her selection for the position. All of a sudden it comes to mind that they could make one hell of an unstoppable team. Learning to share an office, however, may be easier said than done.

Area code 973 is in New Jersey (I wiki'd that shit). So who is calling and why will Alice kill them all ...
PS. Guess there is no correlation between Alice and what is happening in Michigan.
RubyDee chapter 3 . 3/24/2014
After reading about Edward in this chapter I can't imagine working with him. His ego is rather large and seems to center around his left side. lol. Had to laugh while reading that thinking to myself ... what an arrogant prick ... when lo and behold those were your very words. lol. It would be wise for Bella to hold the underwear model image in her mind when dealing with him and not because of his good looks but more as a reminder that underneath he is not so different than others. Ah, but damn him and his charm anyway. Then there is Carlisle with his cryptic words. Can't help but wonder if he is behind Bella's offer in hopes of her bringing Edward more down to earth. Eh, that's just me ... always looking for motive in the stories. I have a feeling that if anyone is going to put Edward in his place it will be Bella. But at what price? The chemistry between these two is palpable and so much fun to read.

Alice's dad was rather abrupt when he spoke with Bella. Like that was supposed to ease her mind? No pops, the opposite effect. Perhaps he forgets he is talking with a reporter. Why the secrecy and skirting? Where do they have her anyway? Does this tie into what is breweing in Michigan in any way? Guess I will have to stay tuned to the Breaking News. (Jeez Louise could that have been any cheesier?)
RubyDee chapter 2 . 3/24/2014
There is an ease in Bella's relationship with her co-workers that is fun to read. Should she accept the co-anchor position will she be able to maintain the fun side of the of the work environment. Enter Edward Cullen ... OMG! After reading all his accomplishments I may be fan girling just a little as I fan myself. lol. The E/B introduction went quite well but when he tells her, "Many things, but never an underwear model.", I could not contain the boisterous laughter that escaped from my being, :)
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