Reviews for Breaking News
mamajo76 chapter 3 . 10/27/2009
this going to be b one hell of a ride
n0 l0nger in use chapter 3 . 10/27/2009
Hmm! I got a feeling Lauren will be all over Edward.

I got a strong feeling your Bella is not seeing herself very clearly. She mentioned brains over beauty, but I got a strong feeling she is actually a triple threat. Someone with a radiant beauty and a touch of hidden sexuality, very intelligent and a hard-hitting reporter. I think if we ask the corporate suits what they see in the "Dynamic Duo", they will say Bella will be the "best news-breaking babe" and Edward the "Hottest Newscaster" and I don't mean hot as just his look but how fast he can get his hands on events news worthy.

I love their verbal duel.
mea-kh chapter 3 . 10/27/2009
I continue to be amazed... this is really a magnificent story. Almost shocking that it's just a fanfic, you could totally write a novel with this skill.
TwiAggie chapter 3 . 10/27/2009
Another great chapter... I was stoked when I saw it had updated. I can not wait for you to write about Bella and Edward's pissing matches...
singlegrlmusing chapter 3 . 10/27/2009
Great chapter and you certainly didn't disappoint with the E&B dynamic. Looking forward to more!
whyOwhy chapter 3 . 10/27/2009
It's funny to me that Bella thinks Edward is an arrogant prick...

Because I think she is a judgmental, ASSuming, hypocritical, b*tch ;)

But... I guess most women are, lol.

It's ok for US to want to be the best and actually think we are, it's ok for US to judge people on first site and make unfair assumptions about them, it's ok for US to fight dirty for the upper hand...

But it's NOT ok for men to do those things.

As if we are justified in that kind of behavior, we deserve to be able to act that way... but men don't.

It cracks me up.

I will probably lose my girl-card for saying this... but most women I know, are FAR more sexist than the men I know. It's one thing to want equal rights, everyone deserves that... it's another thing to take it too far, stoop to their level, and drift into female-chauvinism territory.

Anyways... I guess I am just trying to say that I hope things end up equal for Bella and Edward in this story. In most stories I come across like this... Bella always wins, always gets the upper hand, always gets the last dig. And while Bella is praised for hurting Edward in the name of feminism, Edward is always crucified for hurting Bella in the reverse situations. And that's no fun ;) It's all about the give and take, ya know?
chartwilightmom chapter 3 . 10/27/2009
*Wipes sweat from brow** Wow, that was a lot to take in. Bella sure can talk/think a lot. Very nice. Like the recommendations too.
nitsuAPJ chapter 3 . 10/27/2009
Yup, hang on to your hat Bella, this ride is going to be wild and bumpy.

Wonderful Chapter!

imbatnan chapter 3 . 10/27/2009
"There is a slight shaking where the two pieces are spliced." Ooh, very very nice. How long has that little gem of imagery glittered in your brain, waiting for the right pairing? Delish.

I get the distinct feeling, Nina (or Nena, if you prefer), that while Beatrice-Bella was your fairy tale-self, and News-Bella is your real alter-ego? (Or not even alter?)

You continue to amaze, inspire, teach, and delight. go find this "Sassenachwench"...another lover of big, red Scots, I'm hopin...
singlegrlmusing chapter 2 . 10/27/2009
Oh, can't wait to move on to the next chapter for a little B&E interaction!
nitsuAPJ chapter 2 . 10/27/2009
"Many things, but never an underwear model."

Hm... maybe not EDWARD; but his alterego, Robert, has. He can model ANYTHING *or nothing* he wants to for me.

Great Job!

azure0610 chapter 3 . 10/27/2009
I know you don't like the breakdown but I suggest it if you keep referencing some things that might now be common knowledge. News is tricking to where most probably don't know much.

I caught most of them except for the title. But that's something a quick Google or Wikipedia search could rectify.

The seizure thing was definitely a miss. I don't find Mary Hart's voice grating so I would have never guessed.

And the parachute one I thought was some euphemism I didn't know about
michswan chapter 1 . 10/27/2009
Yea - I'm along for the ride from the start(ish) this time!

I like this Bella - smart and "one of the guys". I can't wait to see how she plays well with others (or not as the case may be!).

Poor Alice - :(
angelbethy chapter 3 . 10/27/2009
Feels like we're on the brink of some MAJOR fireworks between B and E. Can't wait. We've only gotten brief, tantalizing glimpses of Edward so far... I confess I'm getting a bit antsy. :-) As always, love your writing style. The humor and Bella's internal monologue flow so easily, there's definitely no juddering here.
Ironic Twist chapter 3 . 10/27/2009
Ooh! So much to say. First, thanks for the recs. FFnet ate my storylinks and I lost so many fics I wanted to read. Sadness.

I'm proud of myself for catching most of your references. your fic reminds me of Left Holding the Bag and Resident Geek where I learned so much from explanations of terms. I had no clue what judder meant and didn't know that Mary Hart caused someone to seize. Thanks!

I loved Edward's refernce to 'the left side of anything you ask me to share.' Thinly veiled inneuendo for her bed.

What else? Hm, foreshadowing about Detroit? Coming back to bite her at some point? I love contentious B&E, especially when B is just as on the ball as he is. Can't wait to read the smackdowns and comebacks!
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