Reviews for Wins the Race
Kelsey441 chapter 1 . 12/8/2017
I really liked that. Thank you. I like the depth you brought to Greg.
lakelady8425 chapter 1 . 11/11/2017
This is a sweet story for this rare pair.
Maloreiy chapter 1 . 3/6/2017
Hello! I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed this story. I recently had an idea for a Hermione/Gregory fic (it came to me while I was sleeping) and I was very confused and surprised by it. I'd never have thought of the two together, and wasn't really sure how reasonable it might be. So, of course, I decided to check out what had already been written. FFN did not disappoint, LOL.

This is the first Gremione (is that a thing?) fic I've read, and it just restored all sorts of belief in the idea that really, any ship is possible, haha.

I really like the way you balanced the "idea" that people have of who Gregory is, with a realistic portrayal of the man he could grow up to be. And I like how Hermione values those qualities that other people might be frustrated with. I think this is a super cute story. Thanks for writing it, even as an experiment. I feel much more confident now that this is a ship that has something worth writing about.
Copykat112 chapter 1 . 6/2/2015
We need more Gregory/hermione stories, this one is the one that got me on to this ship
Guest chapter 1 . 8/16/2014
Cute! I liked it! Gregory's manner of speech is just adorable.
Gotbooks93 chapter 1 . 1/15/2013
Okay, seriously, I love this. So many authors make Goyle OOC for the sake of a story, but you've stayed true while simultaneously making him a sweet, attractive character. Now I kind of want to write some HG/GG stuff. Any suggestions on how to write his dialogue? Thanks for sharing!
Los Grotos chapter 1 . 12/4/2011
Happy panda.
Lala chapter 1 . 11/27/2011
I loved this story.
HollyVanDerBerg chapter 1 . 10/3/2011
Awww I liked your Gregory! Poor kid :P
Oblivious Procrastinator chapter 1 . 7/27/2011
So sweet :)

i loved the little thing Hermione did with the "for me" part, it was just so cute and fluffy! (wow I sould like Stitch) anyways, great job with this oneshot, hopefully you might consider to make a story with this pairing during the Hogwarts years...such as their fourth year...around the Yule Ball time? *hint hint, wink wink* anyways, gonna stop pestering you, but good work :3
Bladre MKT chapter 1 . 5/22/2011
well, liked short and cut before the fun XD but good, and yes, hermy has made it to a point she can been with basicly anyone in the F****** book! even goyle, i had a thing fer this 2 from a comedy, soo went in the look fer a fic of them 3 thanks for the work!
emlb chapter 1 . 4/20/2011
Loved it!

You're a fantastic writer. To be able to pair Hermione and Goyle, and do it well! Good job (:
imurmotherinlaw chapter 1 . 3/27/2011
Let me take a moment to catch my breath.

This is my first time venturing into the world of Gregory-centric stories and any pairing that I come across naturally comes as a shock, be it GregoryPansy or GregoryLuna. So of course my mind stumbles when I peer at a decidedly unusual pairing that is GregoryHermoine. Unusual for me, of course.

Never quite the fan of straight stories for its mostly shallow storylines, reading your story is quite a gamble for me. Although I must say, I came out satisfied and hungry for more. I've never quite liked J. K. Rowling's portrayal of Gregory as some sort of one-dimensional troll. I've always felt that there had to be something more to Gregory, and you have successfully opened a door to the many possibilities. I loved that although you did give Gregory more character, it wasn't over the top with Gregory suddenly being an intellectual or possessing a ridiculous motive for "acting dumb" in Hogwarts.

Hermoine was properly chatty and forgiving - I enjoyed her bouts of rambling and her perception of Gregory. It made sense that she would show interest in Gregory as a potential partner. I was rather taken with how she gave subtle hints of her liking Gregory in a romantic sense. Hermione's flustered actions upon discovering that Gregory would be leaving her department was humorous and apt.

Overall, I really found your story quite the treasure amongst the extensive list of stories that I've read so far. And thus, a "favourite" would be appropriate. Do write more, although I understand that this story is slightly old. What joy it would bring!
nehimasgift chapter 1 . 1/9/2011
i love this. absolutely, positively adore it! i'd take anyone over ron/hermione any day and since i'm a sucker for unconventional ships, this one was a must read for me. greg's characterization was wonderful and makes him all that much more lovable. great job _
Glorioux chapter 1 . 9/23/2010
So sweet...Is this all? I would like to know what happened in your AU. thx
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