Reviews for Harry Potter and the Spiritual Heirs
Guest chapter 3 . 11/13
Love your story. Look forward to more! Thanks
Corwyn chapter 35 . 11/9
Loved it! Looking forward to the sequel. Thanks for sharing this story with us.
2lazy2login chapter 35 . 10/18
I really wish you didn’t end it off with such a cliffhanger because you haven’t updated the sequel in eight years and I don’t know if I should read what you have despite that. I really really loved this story so I’m torn. Thank you for what you’ve created.
2lazy2login chapter 7 . 10/16
Okay the familiars are kind of reminding me of Kwamis from Miraculous Ladybug and I think they’re adorable. I love your story by the way!
Zile0 chapter 35 . 10/7
A beautiful story.
kittyranma chapter 11 . 10/3
I'm I think you're adding is off. If 1 day equals a month and a week equals 7 months. 3 weeks would be 21 months which is less than two years not 3 years. Even 4 weeks would be 26 months a little over 2 years, 5 weeks would be closer but still 3 months shy of 3 years. Ok ignore me I'm just being picky.
Wolvie26 chapter 35 . 9/26
Love it! Can't wait to read the sequel!
Alfa Wolfcub chapter 34 . 9/11
I know you say you do not like reviews that give no feedback, but I would like to give one for almost every chapter. All I can say is that last chapter I didn't care very much about his death, but you brought it to reality. I am grieved :(
Alfa Wolfcub chapter 32 . 9/10
How does he have a phoenix under his command? I assume it isn't just a true familiar bond. I hope he breaks free eventually.
Alfa Wolfcub chapter 31 . 9/10
I appreciate when an author takes their time to get the story right. While I do not have to wait in this case, there are stories, book series, and tv shows I love to wait for. Yes, I wish they came faster but I prefer they come better. Thank you for taking your time to craft your work of art.
Alfa Wolfcub chapter 30 . 9/10
That's the worst cliffie! Telling us someone will die in an authors note! Is it a familiar? Is it Draco? Gah! I am affectionately mad at you.
Alfa Wolfcub chapter 28 . 9/10
I wonder what type of Draco you have planned. It seems you are leaning toward a not completely evil version (my preference) poor Draco.
Alfa Wolfcub chapter 27 . 9/10
That's quite a cliff hanger. I am excited for the aftermath!
Alfa Wolfcub chapter 26 . 9/10
I loved Black Beauty! I had my mom read that to me every night until I could read it myself. While I was really hoping she would crash exhausted into an elfin colony, I do really like how they were reunited (and it feels so good!)
But now he come out, right? I can't wait.
Alfa Wolfcub chapter 25 . 9/10
That is a really good choice for her. Poor Hermione having to fly that far! Maybe she can get a message off soon and not have to fly the whole way. Way to go house elf! I thought maybe the house elf would contact the other elves... Maybe Hermione will find them before getting home? Like crash land on their hiding place? :)
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