Reviews for How to Save A Life
TeamJacob1998 chapter 1 . 3/26
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Guest chapter 1 . 2/1
Beautifully written. Thank you.
lillyabeth chapter 1 . 12/12/2013
Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed this fic.
Lady Siren Jade Riddle chapter 1 . 12/9/2013
That was beautiful. Thank you.
Rokimbo chapter 1 . 11/5/2013
I really liked this. Wish there were more Sweets and Brennan moments on the show. Well, thank goodness for wonderful fanfic such as this. You rock!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/15/2013
It would have been a pretty interesting backstory if it did happen! But loved reading it even if it wouldn't happen. I wish Bones and Sweets had more moments in canon bonding over this.
The Homeless Poet chapter 1 . 8/16/2013
Oh my god, this is really lovely. Like, I know it's completely AU and wouldn't ever happen but somehow you made me completely, /completely/ believe in it. This is one of those really great fics that I just get caught up in absolutely and then wake up back in the real world at the end; bittersweet and melancholy and well-written and adorable and tragic and... ugh. Really great. Well done ]
GiraffePanda2 chapter 1 . 7/28/2013
God. Freaking. Bless. You.
This just touched my heart.
Thank you for writing this.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/30/2013
i loved it
Buggy2013 chapter 1 . 5/1/2013
I love this soooo much! This is a very sweet story. :)
darkorangecat chapter 1 . 4/23/2013
I really enjoyed reading this, and like how you had Lance and Temperance meeting when they were in the foster care system (even though the events surrounding their meeting were horrid). Nice work.
VallyDream chapter 1 . 3/23/2013
OMG! I'm in some serious tears right now.
AliceinWonderland13 chapter 1 . 3/5/2013
This is great! I LOVE the idea!
R2M chapter 1 . 12/23/2012
I really really really enjoyed that. It brought tears to my eyes, I smiled a little at the end. This was really good writing. I really loved the plot. I would really love for you to explore this even more, sequel? Great Job!
Guest chapter 1 . 11/29/2012
Oh my. Such a great concept and delivery.
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