Reviews for Nobody Said it Would be Easy
tgcgoddess chapter 10 . 7/30/2012
I liked this story, but what I felt I had to comment on was the Epilogue. That was, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and meaningful marriage ceremonies I have ever read. Did you come up with it yourself? Because if I were an officiant, I would totally ask permission to use it.

*wipes a tear from eye
Mucina chapter 10 . 7/10/2012
A lovely story *sighs dreamly* thanks for sharing it :)
ElsaGemma chapter 1 . 7/1/2012
MerlinGodricRowenaHelga chapter 10 . 6/29/2012
gr8 stort sequal soon please
wolfydies chapter 2 . 6/13/2012
That swirly design thingy is so cool.
serenityselena chapter 10 . 5/2/2012
awesome story _
Cherryboy19 chapter 10 . 3/9/2012
this I my second time reading this an it's still amazing! I love it soo much keep up with the good work.
atymer chapter 10 . 1/12/2012
An entertaining romance with just the right touch of action.

I can see how these circumstances would have come about because the wizarding world is such a stagnant predjudice place. Their willful ignorance of the 'real' world will cause their destruction if they don't get a grip on themselves.

Loved Harry and Jack together which surprised me and Teddy was adorable with capitals. lol
Shadow Lighthawk chapter 10 . 12/30/2011
Well, this was a fun little read. HP/SG-1 crossovers aren't usually my thing, but a little variety is nice sometimes. And, to be honest, I couldn't resist Jack/Harry as a pairing.

One of the things I like best about this story is how you set it up. A power-hungry minister setting Harry up isn't all that unusual for post-Voldemort AUs, but I like the way you framed it as a continuation of the intense fickleness Harry has experienced - and we, the readers, have witnessed - from the Wizarding World. I like how strongly you created Harry's sense of disappointment and disillusionment with the outcome of what was, essentially, his life's struggle.

It was also fun to see Harry with Jack and interacting with SG-1 and the SGC, but I was a little let down by the romance portion of the fic. Romance, for me, is powerfully character driven. It's all well and good to tell me that two characters have a connection, but I need to see it, see the connection happening, see the intimate little moments that make up a budding romance. I got very little of that from this fic. Don't get me wrong, I like fun sexytiems too, but I need the sexytiems to be integrated into the overall story and the arc of the romance.

Of all the things in the story that I had problems with, I think the thing that threw me the most was sex scene after Mr. Weasley arrived with Ginny. That would have been a great time for cuddles and reassurance or maybe for Jack to please Harry in order to relieve stress and take his mind off things. Instead, it didn't seem like the arrival of the Weasleys even registered in Harry's emotions, because he and Jack jumped right back into a fun, lighthearted interlude with bonus first time shyness. Where did Harry's tension go, his worry about Ginny and Mr. Weasley and the situation in England? The whole thing was vaguely off-putting. I just don't buy Harry as either that self-absorbed or that good at compartmentalization.

There were several places where I wish you would have been more careful and more thorough with the characterizations. I have long felt that characterization is the heart of good storytelling, and I think you're missing a chunk of that.

On the plus side of the equation, I really like Harry as a healer. There's a really nice balance in the idea that Harry learned to heal as well as hurt in his training, and I can see where that would be something to which he is strongly drawn. The Harry-as-Healer thing ended up meshing really well with the structure of SGC, since it gave Harry a place in the organization without requiring him to go off-world. This is another place where it would have been nice to see more. Maybe a few scenes of Harry learning to integrate magical and muggle methods or some of him treating people. It seemed like all of that happened off screen, like it wasn't important at all, which made me kind of sad.

Lastly, I thought the resolution of what seemed to be the main conflict in the plot - Scrimgeour trying to arrest Harry because Scrimgeour was a power-mad creep - was pretty underwhelming. Anticlimactic, as you called it. I thought you had built the plot fairly well, as Scrimgeour got closer and then somehow found out about Harry's location. Speaking of which, who did tell him? That was never clear to me. At any rate, I'd have liked to see something with a little punch for the climax of the story. Maybe Harry going with the delegation to talk to the Prime Minister and Amelia Bones or going back to Britain and helping with overturning all of Scrimgeour's insanity, kind of a coming-full-circle thing. Or, if you didn't want to involve Harry in the climax, you could have just made Amelia Bones' call for a vote of no-confidence into more of a feature in the last chapter. That could have been intensely dramatic, the tension of a secret meeting with the potential to bring down a tyrannical regime.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of different paths that I wish you had taken. If you have the time or the inclination someday, I think the story could really benefit from a reboot with a little more dramatic tension and some stronger characterization. I also think a good proofing by a beta would be helpful, as there are quite a few technical errors - misspellings, incorrect tenses, that kind of thing. For what it is, though, this is a fun little romance that rates very high on the sugary-sweet scale. It was fun to read something so different from my norm. I doubt I'll read the sequels, though; mpreg is not my cup of tea. That's okay, this one seems fairly well tied-off, so I don't feel like I'm missing anything by not reading the sequels. I hope you have tons of fun writing them and I wish you luck in your future endeavors.
Elemental Emotions chapter 10 . 12/23/2011
~I really enjoyed this. It was a wonderful fic.~

Eternally Yours,

TrudyW chapter 10 . 11/18/2011
Great story, I'm off to look for the mpreg now.
Oogies4u chapter 10 . 9/23/2011
Have to say I have read a couple SGC/Harry mixes and this one rate high up as enjoyed :)
delete-account-please 742011 chapter 10 . 9/8/2011
great story really liked it alot.
lisa.demonic.angel chapter 10 . 7/3/2011
loved it! you are going into my fav author list
Kage 5243 chapter 8 . 6/15/2011
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