Reviews for Shinji Ikiryo
Dan senpai chapter 21 . 7/10
Nice chapter, write soon
Dave Stein chapter 21 . 6/15
Update soon.
Taranodongirl1 chapter 21 . 5/10
Ichigo kurosaki chapter 21 . 5/4
So you still alive.
Guest chapter 21 . 5/3
Please update this story
I am the fastest chapter 21 . 4/30
Please write a fanfic about becoming the flash/Barry Allen you can base it off the show, but please consider it. Also don't ship him with any NERV characters because they don't really treat him well, they only care about whenever he is piloting that damn robot, give him an iris west like character, she a way better lover than anyone at NERV. If you choose to write you should make shinji 20 or older because it gives it a sense of realism. Any way please read my comment and consider doing it, I ask you because you're one of the guys that let them know how to write good super hero stories.
Loki fanboy chapter 21 . 4/27
Don't ship shinji with any female characters in NERV
I'll give you three reasons why not to

1) most female characters in NERV take advantage of shinji's kindness and weakness to do as others say which is not cool and is definitely not love.

2 ) they treat him like crap.

3) Shinji deserves better, his whole life people have ignore him aNFL treated him like he never matter, give his character someone who make him happy, like that girl in his old home town.
Arrow chapter 21 . 4/26
Update please.
SuperiorSuperman chapter 21 . 4/26
Please update as soon as possible.
Flash Point chapter 21 . 4/26
I come from a future where you never update this fanfic, I'm here to warn you to never stop writing this story, continue it.
Samsung lover chapter 21 . 4/26
Update soon please.
Impulse chapter 21 . 4/26
Please don't ship shinji with Asuka. Ship him with friend from the town he grew up in.
Prom time chapter 21 . 4/26
SI when is the next update buddy.
GroundHog chapter 21 . 4/26
Please update.
Jimmy Pines chapter 21 . 4/26
When will you be updating this story.
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