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Anonomous chapter 2 . 7/23/2014
This is well done. I would enjoy reading a little septimus/merrin. I have not seen or heard of any fanfictions containing that pairing.
Beatrix45 chapter 3 . 9/24/2012
I must say that this is an outstanding chapter. You seem to continue to improve as a writer with every chapter you publish. There is so much sexual tension between Jenna and Lucy and I get the impression that it is tension built out of boredom and curiosity rather than true attraction. Their relationship has potential to be very interesting. Please elaborate on it more in future chapters. I can't quite tell if they will become involved in a relationship but there is indeed undeniable tension. There also seems to be a great deal of tension between Jenna and her father and I don't entirely blame her. Milo is quite conceited and selfish. I do hope Marcia is not truly involved with him in the way that Jenna thinks she is. Even in the true novels, Jenna is much too harsh about Marcia, I find. The bit about the fairies was rather symbolic and creepy. I didn't know what to make of that. I do appreciate the fact that you are coming to terms with the fact that so many people do not accept gays and lesbians in this story. The gender blind Castle is lovely but most of us have experienced cold hatred at many points in our lives and it is nice to know that someone else comprehends what we are going through. Thank you for writing this. It is going to be so fascinating.
Defying Silence chapter 3 . 9/24/2012
Hello! I actually read this a couple days ago, but I decided to let it run through my head for a bit before reviewing. You've put a lot into this chapter! As always, you make your pairings so believable. Jenna and Lucy really, really make sense to me after this, and so do Rose and Bo. It was beautifully put together. I'm curious as to how you're going to portray Marcia in this one. Obviously Jenna and Lucy aren't too crazy about her now, but I think as Marcia is fully introduced to the story they might at least acknowledge that she has a brain and that she doesn't necessarily ENSARE men... Then again, you always interpret Marcia both well and interestingly. Maybe she is a bit of a maneater. But let me get this straight. Simon, Iris, and Milo like Marcia? It's a love quadrilateral! Haha, no. But it is fascinating. Rose and Bo are so cute together. And I really can see Septimus being homophobic. If I remember correctly, when he was fresh out of the Young Army he was a prejudiced, sexist little twat. It makes sense that some things would stick with him. And I guess you could make the story M. I mean, I'll read it regardless. Not exactly a prude here... But yeah, for younger readers I think a genocide at the end might be too graphic. Anyways, great to hear from you!
ShatteredGreen chapter 2 . 9/23/2012
Can I get a standing ovation please? CR has graced us with her writing again! :D Cant wait to see the flood of reviews that'll come through. I'm so happy to see you writing again, babe- we can really tell you've improved and changed some things, and it has worked for the better. I missed the references to classical literature that you're so fond of- I'm just happy to see you writing.
Now, getting down to the chapters.
As many of the previous reviewers stated, I hav to say that I adore the "gender blind" Castle. It makes sense, and I do like the take on it. I like how it's normalcy. It's refreshing an gives your readers a relaxing view on things. Lucy and Jenna- as always, I love how something's been going on with Sep ad Jen. They're so scandalous. I like the way they seem to be going through the same thing- it really draws out the contrasts between classes, I think, and I love how you added more of a defined accent on Lucy. It's charming, and brings out Jenna's proper speech. I like the conflict of the classes.
Merrin getting good looking? Colour me all kinds of joyous. Love that gorgeously guilt-ridden boy. I like how he's a much gentler creature in this one than he has been in your previous stories (even PL). Loving all the new takes. Septimus... Oh dear... :)
Rose makes her debut to the Camilla Richard scene! Personally a favourite of mine (;)) and Bo! I love it- an old favourite of mine too! Rose sounds like she's been busy around the castle. This Iris girl sounds a veritable bitch. I hope Marcellus wakes up to the horror before him. I can't help but find it interesting that she's attracted to Marcia- I'm sure dark hilarity shall ensue.
Good to have you back, baby
PW chapter 1 . 9/23/2012
I'm sorry CR! I didn't think my first review ever posted and it did. So... Now you get two (or 3 if you count this one)! Thanks for writing for us! You're the queen!
PW chapter 3 . 9/23/2012
Hey! Remember me? You probably don't because it has been such a long time. I loved your fanfictions a few years ago and this looks like it will be nothing short of amazing. Is this story going to be about the persecution of gays? Septimus seems like an asshole. I feel so bad for Rose and Bo but if they have only been together a few months, what are they doing already having sex? Especially if Rose has always liked men and might just like Bo because she gives her positive attention. I'm not saying that Rose is doing a bad thing, but sometimes girls "go gay" for comfort rather than for actual sexual attraction without even realizing it. Is this what is happening? She had a bad relationship with Septimus that went badly so I think it might be. You always make bold statements about people in your stories. It seems like you are putting a lot of thought into this story. What will you do with Merrin? Jenna seems so messed up too! I hate Milo as much as the next person but she is unhinged. I bet Marcia isn't even sleeping with him. Jenna is making up mind games and Lucy is just playing along. What fools. Speaking of Marcia, you have to bring her in soon. You write her so well and always give that extra layer to her that even Angie doesn't. Please do something with her! Don't leave her with that awful Milo. Anyways, great story. You still got skillz. I love it.
Laura177 chapter 3 . 9/22/2012
Hello! I like your writing style very much. The story seems interesting too. I'm a yaoi fangirl so I would like to ask that there will be boyxboy, like Merrin X Sep or Merrin X Beetle or something like this? Maybe next time a little bit more Merrin? ( he is my fav) Thanks.
Defying Silence chapter 2 . 9/11/2012
Hey! I'm really happy to see you writing on here again. It looks like you've put a lot of work into this new one; I don't remember most of these plot points and I love all of them. The idea of Marcellus getting an Apprentice never even occured to me, but it works so well and makes for a nice dynamic! And Iris having a "crush" on Marcia is a really cool development too. I don't know why, but I feel like Jenna and Lucy are going to hook up out of pure loneliness. And Rose! I loved her character in Darke and I love what you've done with it here. Pairing her with Bo sounds fascinating. And Simon's obsession with Marcia... Anyways, great, great work! Like I said, it's nice to have you back.
PW chapter 2 . 9/2/2012
CR is back! This is incredible! This story seems like it is going to be really great! I can hardly wait to read more of it. I am glad you're finally writing a femeslash. Why is Linda's picture on this? That can't be good. I am with the first person whoever that is. I want to see Marcia/Jenna or something. Add more!
Arty Thrip chapter 2 . 9/2/2012
You know... I spent about ten minutes looking at the link to this trying to decide whether or not it was a new story XD
But at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. I always liked your stories, even if it was some years ago... And I have to wonder, indeed, if you remember me :P
Still, yes, this is a good start. Were I not reading on my phone I would probably comment on your long paragraphs being a wall of text, but due to the small screen it is pretty impossible for me to judge how long they actually are...
So that is about the pitifully useless information I can leave you with. I honestly wish I could say more, but alas...
Glad to see you're writing again
Beatrix45 chapter 2 . 9/3/2012
Your "gender blind Castle" has become quite famous with your readers, hasn't it? I suppose it makes sense, an alternate universe in which all sexual desires are accepted. There was a study done in recent years which proved that sexuality is not as clear as we thought. Your stories have always exhibited that well. It seems queer that you would place Lucy and Jenna in a situation together. It seems that they both prefer men but they would make for a very strange pairing if you wished to put them together. It will be fascinating to see what their relationship ultimately becomes and the dynamics of it. This chapter was very well written. You obviously have not lost your talent over the years. Now, onto my reivew comments. I am going to disagree with some previous readers. While I did find Iris terribly obnoxious in this chapter, Rose bothered me just as much. She would not have had you not mentioned the fact that she was involved with Septimus before her relationship with Bo Tenderfoot. It seems as though she has taken shelter with Bo because she has decided that all men must have the wrong intentions, as Septimus did. Rather than actually liking women, she is rejecting men by running to a woman. I do hope this is not the case and that she is not that shallow but if she is, I shall have to stomach reading about her anyway. This is a nice premise and I am excited for the next installment. Welcome back.
Beatrix45 chapter 1 . 9/3/2012
This is an interesting introduction. Well written and intriguing.
Partygurl chapter 2 . 9/1/2012
Wait a second! Wilde? I didn't know you were an Oscar Wilde fan! Me too! This chapter is sick. I can already tell that A Necessary Evil has been changed quite a bit but I like it better already. Your original version of this story was kind of funny but I am starting to think that this version will just be dark as hell. I missed all of these complicated relationships. Angie Sage has so many characters and you always seem to find what to do with the most obscure ones. As a bisexual, I love that you have really made everyone in the Castle bi. I think most people would be bi honestly if it were more accepted by society. It is a shame that it isn't. I love what you are doing with Rose and Bo. Your version of Rose seems complex and sympathetic and it was awesome of you to include Bo Tenderfoot. So few people remember her but I'm not shocked that you do. Merrin is good now? I wonder if he will stay that way. Why do I feel like Jenna and Lucy's "friendship" will fail? Frankly, I feel bad for Lucy now that Simon is obsessed with Marcia. Will that go anywhere? Simon/Marcia seems creepy. And Jenna has family problems? I wonder what those are. I can already tell I am going to hate Iris. Maybe she will have a change of heart but she seems really awful right now. What a bitch. If I were Rose, I'd have hit her. You need to update because you've caught my attention again!
Partygurl chapter 1 . 9/1/2012
Camilla Richard is back! I love this introduction too. It is so you. I am interested to know why you picked ANE before FP to rewrite but I guess I will find out soon. This introduction is pretty heavy. This is going to be really dark again, isn't it? What is the necessary evil? Enough questions! Time to read chapter one!
Blackswan1678 chapter 2 . 9/1/2012
Holy shit! This is incredible! I have been looking for a dark Septimus Heap femslash for the longest time and I think this will be it! Your writing is so good. Could you please do something with Marcia? I really love her. Marcia/Jenna would be great. Update! You are so talented. This has the edge Angie's writing needs.
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