Reviews for Steps, Forward and Back
Peabodythecat chapter 9 . 12/7/2014
Oh thank god. I was really, really afraid that Rusty was going to be HIV positive.
And, oh Stan...
Peabodythecat chapter 7 . 12/7/2014
You are brilliant.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/18/2014
Will you continue this story with Danny and Rusty in a relationship? You are a gifted author
mothsonfire chapter 17 . 10/11/2013
So thought I should finally leave a review.

I started reading your Ocean fic in 2008 or 2009 when you were starting Falling Like Dominos, and despite a really, really sporadic internet connection in the boarding school in Wales I was attending at the time, I checked religiously, every day for new chapters. As I left boarding school I left much of my reading, but would check on your fic every few months, do a reread of my favorites and see what was new. Falling like Dominos verse in particular is something I reread whenever I want either Oceans fic or EXTREME ANGST.) It's been about a year since I checked (and since you updated this story) but I know everyone works at their own pace, and other inspirations come and real life trumps.

I just wanted to thank you for writing and putting so much time and effort into these stories, and let you know that you have a dedicated reader for as long as you continue to spend time with these characters. I would love to eventually see this completed, or, even better an Oceans 12 continuation, if the inspiration ever takes you.

ladyowl chapter 7 . 9/21/2013
Just a heads up: even though the languages are the same, the Dutch object to having their language calls Flemish, and the Flemish-Belgians object to having their language called Dutch. It's one of those regional rivalry things, involving football hooligans and bad jokes.
Otherwise - good for you. :) LO
InSilva chapter 17 . 9/3/2013
Reviewing these two chapters together and there's so much to love and, as usual, so much to scream about.

I think David is drawn really well as a character. I can see him. Weak and shifty and self-serving and eager to please and everyone's friend right up until the point where it matters. Very different to Rusty and it's Rusty's misfortune to be his brother, caught in a blood tie and maybe he would have cut David loose but there's still those lingering childhood memories of David doing the nice things that didn't cost him anything. I'm remembering the story where Danny and Rusty met and Rusty's goal was a simple one - to go and find David. Can imagine him fixing the dream of escape on being with David. And even though Rusty's no fool and knows what sort of man David is, and how futilely angry he makes Danny, he still can't say no to him.

Of course in this fic, David can only make things worse with his careless dismissal of Rusty's time inside, screwing up the job itself and the offer to sell his brother out to Alvarez. Oh, he's a complete weasel. Alvarez has it right.

And by contrast, there's Linus. Resourceful, competent and loyal in all the right ways. I love that they call him and trust him - way above David, naturally - and that he repays them in spades. And any other time, there would have been much more gentle teasing and joshing (to coin a Linuslike word) but not here and now, not when David's there, because Linus doesn't merit it. Both Danny and Rusty want to show how much they value Linus and his friendship.

Smiling for the simplicity of the (well-named :D ) con and much sigh for the horror of when it all goes wrong. Halfmond and Hart and handcuffs. What have you got against the letter "H" all of a sudden? Giggling. Feeling all My Fair Lady. Ahem. Where was I? Oh, the horror. And it is. An awful, awful offer from Rusty and for Danny to have to watch his nightmare come to life - well, in any verse it would be tough to recover from but in this verse, it's tenfold. So glad that Linus is brilliant. So glad that he gets to hear that from them.

Oh, and my favourite lines in this fic:

"I mean, I get that family is important, but - "

" - David isn't family," Rusty cut in. "Danny's family. David's just someone I'm related to."

And if he was Danny he might just voice the deeper sentimental point. That his friends were the people he trusted to watch his back, and his family were the people he trusted to watch Danny's back, and David might not appear on either of those lists, but Linus did and Rusty knew where. But he wasn't Danny and he couldn't say that stuff if he tried.

Perfect. Just *perfectly* written. And sorry it's taken so long to tell you so.
InSilva chapter 15 . 5/15/2013
Scowling for not being included. You are meeeeeeeeeeean.

Much sigh for Rusty marking the year in his head. And it's been a packed year. Am not surprised that Danny can't quite believe it. And a year ago, they were still apart and everything was broken and nothing was as it should be and all the things that fall out of the drunken conversation are things that they've been carrying around and trying not to think too hard about, trying not to voice. And none of them would be any better off except Terry and Carson.

Can imagine the guilt building up in Danny and he's been so focused on Rusty's healing that it's only when they're drunk and in confessional kind of mood that he'd ask the question and it's nothing that has even occurred to Rusty. It would have been different if Danny had known. Not sure whether he could have done anything to physically intervene (maybe bribe Bruiser's cousin) but just the Dannylove and support would have helped and Rusty wouldn't have come out anywhere near as broken. Can understand the gnawing agony when Danny thinks about what he could have done and of course Rusty forgives him because Danny's there now and he's saved Rusty. There wouldn't be a Rusty now without Danny. That goes some way to cancelling out the pain of it all.

Love that you echo back to the end of the FFH - Rusty's nadir, with the "There came a time when he couldn't exactly remember how he and Danny had met". It's right that that's addressed and fixed and I can't think of a better anniversary present of year one of a new life than Danny telling him how it was.

Do love the instantaneous connection at first sight. Neither of them expecting to meet the other and they are both far more interesting than their marks. Smiling for the synchronous of them opening the bathroom doors at the same time. Smiling more for the cookies and I love the honesty. It doesn't occur to either of them to lie about anything and I can see that night and the talking and the sentence finishing and smiling for the discovery of shared love of films (giggling. They both know Sapphire and Steel, yes?) and of course now that they've met, Danny can fly with ideas and Rusty's mind can get busy with the details and they can go for the bigger prize.

Sighing for the background stories. Mostly because of David (am still growling about him), partly because of Mark and Julia, definitely because of Logan and Abalone, certainly because of Danny's step-dad but above all because of the loneliness. So happy they found each other. And they cover so much ground so quickly. Like that they're able to tell the other one it's not their fault and that they believe. Helps. Smiling for Danny trying to analyse the way he feels about Rusty. Good luck with that, Danny.

An elegant plan. Naturally. And giggling for Rusty offering Danny the bag of mice. Can see the looks. Am surprised Rusty didn't name them. :) And neither of them wants to say goodbye. How could they? There's magic and they've barely touched the surface of it. And now am thinking about snowglobe in Zihuatenejo and that's upsetting me. On a Wednesday lunchtime too. Shame on you. I like this happy ending so much better. It's all about the amazing and the unconditional and the impossible and that's them.

And I love the ending with the tenses, the was and the is and the always should be. Because yes, damn it. Don't break them up again.
Maia2 chapter 17 . 11/6/2012
*sigh* Jeez, never an easy read, this one.
So, not sure what to say. The writing was, as usual, very good. Some images were very clear in my mind as I was reading. And no, I don't mean just the more graphically violent ones, small things too. Like the kiss in the hand. Even though it was nothing we ever saw, I could totally *see* Danny's face, see his expression, see him doing it. Well done.
Thank goodness for Linus. Cutting it a little close, were you not? More than the A Team, it felt like MacGyver, what with the quickly rigged explosion and the waiting until the very last second ;-).
Anyway, I'm glad it's done, glad they made it, glad they talked about it.
Thanks for sharing.
Emi-Ly Sway chapter 17 . 10/31/2012
that's...that's an update! A long and great update! Oh, I am very very happy. Must admit I thought I was going to stop reading, at some point. You know which one. Yeah, the classic moment when everything is just blown to hell before a key is lifted and something explodes and I start breathing again.
Maia2 chapter 16 . 8/28/2012
HOLY S$$$! Nooooooo, you did NOT leave it there! OMG, talk about cliffhangers. And it would be bad in any other 'verse, but in this one? The possibility of going to jail? *shudders*
Anyway, I got to read the last 3 chapters. So many things to say and I won't be able to. From the scary con at the ski place (scary because of what was going on in Rusty's head, not so much the con itself). And it was a wonderfully long one. And I liked the underlying birthday theme. Very scary and powerful. And nice way of introducing the unheard of before brother (I mean, i know it's been looong months since I started reading this one, and Dominoes but I don't recall any mention of him before) .
Then there was the trip down memory lane and for once it was a *good* trip. I loved reading about them meeting and their innocence and brilliance. The instant protectiveness and love. Such a breath of fresh air.
And then this one. Which shows a MUCH more ... centered Rusty. With the carelessness of David, but still able to manage it. And they're connected, and not hiding from each other anymore. And the brilliant heist... and then the stupid brother! And the worst thing is, it's not like he's a mean or bad person. He just doesn't really care a lot. You can't actually accuse him of doing anything on purpose. It doesn't make him any less guilty, just... Well, you know what I mean, you wrote him.
So... " I'll get the next part posted as soon as I can."... taking you at your word here... that's NOT a nice way to leave us hanging.
Anon chapter 16 . 8/13/2012
Yikes - talk about a cliffhanger! I have loved this AU, although I was quite hesitant about it at first (and sorta skipped around in the first story in this series). This story, though, persuaded me that as much as I like happy endings & nice stories with friendship and fun and amusing-double-talk (which is what really got me into the whole Oceans series), you still managed to keep that friendship going, despite the "betrayals" and the awfulness of prison.

Also, remind me to avoid prison. If Rusty is this damaged from it...I don't want to think what would happen to me. (And I've read some of those advocacy websites, what you've talked about does occur...)

Keep writing! I'm waiting!
happychica chapter 15 . 8/12/2012
I hope you're still planning to finish this story.

Not sure if I want Danny to get a hold of the guys from prison or not - the meeting with Carson in the last story was painful enough. .

I'm still working up the nerve to actually read 'Falling Like Dominos', but it is a testament to your writing style that a person can read these stories out of order and still understand most of it. I peeked a few times, but I get nervous whenever I try reading the first part. Your scarier than Stephen King in some of these chapters, for Pete's sake! And I like Rusty.

Keep up the good work, and maybe Basher'll blow up that prison. There are worse endings. _
Hello chapter 16 . 8/8/2012
Wow, I want to hit David. Being clueless is one thing, being a complete ass is another. I'm surprised Danny hasn't pulled David aside to tell him to SHUT UP because god knows U want to.

My favorite part was this:"David?" She snorted derisively. "If you get a chance to push him off a cliff, don't hesitate. Your Dad will help you make it look like an accident."
Honestly, HAHAHA so matter-of-factly Molly. I love you.

Anyways great chapter, Thanks!
corny chapter 1 . 6/4/2012
Want more! So glad to have discovered you and DannyandRusty!
GreenAwesomeness chapter 15 . 5/13/2012
That was wonderful! I really felt the emotions, although, I thought what they were feeling was a little unbelievable, but I suppose that was the point.
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