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Jadedbest chapter 5 . 8/18
I was rehashing a VERY old discussion with my brother about Goku's terrible parenting skills last week. This time the debate centered on who got the worst of his bad parenting: Gohan or Goten. I was strongly in the Goten camp in this particular debate. So, when the urge to read some DBZ fanfiction hit me after many years away from the practice, I decided I wanted to read something centered on Goten on that very subject. Now, I figured a Goten/Goku based ficcy would leave me feeling bereft of quality time with my beloved Saiyan Prince so I thought before I sought out new fics I'd go back to my favorite author and reread my favorite Vegeta moments in From Bad to Worse, Two Sides to a Story and A Dragonball Honeymoon to get my quick fix before diving back into this world. Imagine my shock when I scrolled through your page and discovered this little gem. It had everything I was looking for and more on this topic. As always your storytelling gave a wonderful mixture of humor (loved 18 and Bulma's argument and Bra's defense of Vegeta through her act on and drama. As always, your Vegeta and Bulma are on point. I really enjoyed the way Goten is written in this fic and as the "firefighter" in my own family, I had a great appreciation for each of Gohan's scenes as well. The ending was absolutely heartwarming. As always, outstanding job Darke! Now, I am off to see what other nuggets I missed in my absence from fanfiction. :-) - JB
Hatred bear it Fangs chapter 5 . 2/27
Wow man. This is truly beautiful. Like seriously... I am just glad Goku learned of his actions, but really I don't blame Goku. Even though he has a natural instinct for fighting as a full blooded saiyan, people seem to forget he was raised in the wild with his grandpa and when he died, he was alone. Having a family is a weird concept to Goku Still though I applause this fanfic. It's great.
Soul Jelly chapter 5 . 1/27
I've reviewed before, in various guises, but I've returned to this fic a few times recently - it's such a solid, comforting story, like a warm blanket - and thought it deserved another review. One of my favourite fics of all time, without a doubt.
S.V. II chapter 5 . 12/11/2014
This was an adorable ficlit. Incredibly well thought out and well written. A story. Your penname sounds familiar- you must have other popular dbz stories. I will have to check em out. :)
Guest chapter 5 . 7/27/2014
very well written
i just love it
Marilu Moreno chapter 5 . 7/9/2014
Muy buena historia felicidades : )
Hive Queen To Harbinger chapter 4 . 2/22/2014
AC/DC is a total Saiyan band all the way.
Hive Queen To Harbinger chapter 1 . 2/22/2014
Awesome. And keep being nice to Vegeta, for the love of God!
SolitaryHawk chapter 1 . 11/28/2013
**looking at the B.S. below and LMFAO**

Looks like you have a crazy stalker friend, Darke! :)
Darke Angelus chapter 2 . 11/27/2013

When you go out of your way to create a false account just for the purpose of continually posting your rants; that is called harassment. I have made it clear I am not interested in your opinion. You have been reported to the moderators of this site for your poor conduct.
DeeMwende chapter 1 . 11/27/2013
O.k., so you private message me but have prevented me from returning your private message, that's fair, huh? Anyway, I will answer your reply here:

1. I don't care what you think.

Obviously you care, you answered me. And, my answer was so hard hitting that it has caused
you to make the flimsy statement about something you obviously really enjoy, "it's just a

2. It's just an old cartoon. You need to calm down.

I love DBZ and I truly enjoy reading these stories. I just found Fanfiction almost a year ago,
therefore; I'm excited to delve into this great world of imagination concerning.

3. When you start to post some fanfiction of your own, feel free to critique
others on their stories.

I'm sorry, I didn't know comments were reserved for Fanfiction writers only. I thought anyone had
the right to comment and feel free to be honest about their perspectives. I did not try to insult
you or bash you; I was just very open and thorough about my thoughts on your fic, which by the
way I thought was beautifully written. You seem to have a gift for storytelling, I just didn't agree
with your opinion of Goku and Vegeta. I guess I have quite a passion for these two characters. I
thought I was among like kinds with the same kind of passion here on Fanfic, taking these
wonderful stories into consideration. I wish more writers here had your gift for storytelling; the
world you create is so vibrant and potent, you can feel your characters.

4. If number three is not clear to you, Bette Midler in Seinfeld said it best:
"Get some talent, then you can mouth off."

I do write, just not here. However, I have never considered myself a great, or even good writer.
Never. I've never attempted to write a story or had any intentions in creating a story for
viewers. I just lay down my sincere thoughts and the contents of my heart on paper when I am
moved to. People who have somehow gotten a hold of some of my writings just really enjoyed
them, in whatever form they were in. Other people consider me a writer and have commented
throughout my life that I am a very good writer. I never tried to be and never considered myself
as one. I have conversed many times through e-mail with my college instructor and, based on
my lengthy e-mails that were being judged unsuspecting to me, he labeled me a writer. He just
considered me to be a writer without even thinking about it. He said, "Doranda, now you are a
writer and blah, blah, blah, blah something or other". His consideration of me as a writer was far
from the subject of whatever the heck it was he was talking about, but that is the only part that
is stuck in my mind because I never considered myself a writer, ever. Don't want to be. I just
write when moved. Your story is so well written and so against my opinion of the main characters
that I was moved to write. Maybe I'll take your opinion of me as a talent-less writer (don't know
how you formed that opinion) as a challenge. . . maybe I will write and post a story based on the
two main characters of your story. I don't know, something expressing that magnificent golden
bond that exists between them; that colorful, multi-faceted, deliciously complex, yin and yang
bond that is fantastically undeniable. Maybe.
Darke Angelus chapter 5 . 11/26/2013
The final word to DMWENDE:

It's just a f***ing cartoon. Chill out.
dmwende chapter 1 . 11/11/2013
DMWENDE / DEE DEE: Also, thank you for your comments. However, if they were to intended to sway me to liking Goku, your efforts were for naught. Yes, Vegeta is a prick, but Goku is and always has been a complete idiot. My story stands as the argument towards that belief. The fact you are the lone voice in Goku's defense in this review forum is also another indication of how badly Goku failed in his personal life, and everyone else knows that.

I've always been the lone wolf, that is o.k., I don't mind; I said what I meant, and I meant what I said. I believe you painted a false picture of both, and I do believe Akira, the author, would support my belief. Whether my "efforts to sway you" worked or not, if you think hard on what I am saying, you must admit to yourself that there is truth to my overall statement. However, I was not trying to sway you; I was just very moved to lay down my opinion to be heard. Don't make the mistake of thinking that Vegeta sticks around Capsule Corporation because he wants to be a "family man," If you think that, I must say, you don't know Vegeta. Aside from Kakarrot, there is really nothing outside of C.C. for Vegeta; his world and original way of life is gone. Goku has wholly embraced humans and loves being withe them, Vegeta has not and does not. It's much easier for him to be home always, he can't stand anything outside of it, he doesn't care! He came a long way at the end of the series, and he is a great deal better than he used to be, BUT that wonderful man was DIRTY! He was self centered, selfish, inconsiderate, cold, and put nothing and no one above himself and his desires. Mind you, this was even after Trunks's birth when he was living at C.C. If any of those Z-warriors had decided to kill him, especially during Cells development, you couldn't fault them and you know it! I would have been sad, but hey, I wouldn't be shocked. You need to have a much better understanding of these two characters and their inner workings. At least, don't forget that they are both aliens, and it is clear from Dragon Ball on that Akira meant for viewers to understand that while Goku was sent to earth as an alien child, he did NOT develop under the standard conditions and ways of a normal human, or even a non-normal human. He knows next to nothing of human, societal and cultural conventions and standards. Due to the blow to his head as a child, he received a kind soul, but Goku's instincts are Saiyan! His kind soul operates through his sub-continuous Saiyan nature. You are mistakenly judging him based on your own societal and cultural conventions programmed into us from birth. Mistake. These human, cultural conventions are learned and must be experienced while involved in that societal world. Goku was not raised in that world; he was not a part of that and knows nothing of conventions or standards. He thought marriage was food! His heart was instinctively drawn to Chi Chi, but he had no clue about the institution of marriage and all that comes with it. The concept of love, its conventional meanings and roles associated with them, conventional commitments, attitudes, culturally accepted ways of behavior and self control, these human concepts are foreign, alien to Goku. This is the whole thing about Goku, the story. This is what makes him pure, naive, innocent, fresh, even when he is soooo wrong sometimes. . . . . ACCORDING TO SOCIETAL AND CULTURAL CONVENTIONS. Take these things (and a lot more) into consideration when writing about Goku. By the way, when I read a story where someone knocked Vegeta unfairly, I certainly did speak my opinion against it! I am not on either side; I love both Vegeta and Goku just for who they truly are. Its just that here, I believe Goku happens to be the one receiving negative, unfair treatment.
Darke Angelus chapter 1 . 11/4/2013
ERMILUS: Thank you for your comments.

DMWENDE / DEE DEE: Also, thank you for your comments. However, if they were to intended to sway me to liking Goku, your efforts were for naught. Yes, Vegeta is a prick, but Goku is and always has been a complete idiot. My story stands as the argument towards that belief. The fact you are the lone voice in Goku's defense in this review forum is also another indication of how badly Goku failed in his personal life, and everyone else knows that.
tomorrow4eva chapter 5 . 11/4/2013
What a lovely ending. :) Excellent job. I like how Goku can begin to redeem himself, even if he can never make up for the past, he can rebuild those relationships. I also loved Vegeta's shenanigans.
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