Reviews for Dragonriders of Earth
Nightshade1712 chapter 6 . 5/5/2012
You have fogoten that humans in bellwood have seen a dragon, aliens, and mutant animals. I dont think dragons would bother them much
DragonFyre94 chapter 6 . 2/28/2012
Please update this soon! I just found your story and I think it is amazing. You have a good style of writing and i think the story is intriguing :)
pyrakitt2 chapter 6 . 10/10/2011
This fic has potential but I'll admit that I'm rather confused. When this is suppose to be taking place is hard to pin down, but that is likely attributed to the entire Pern series not being read yet, especially First Fall and The Dolphins of Pern. To be clear, where we are time wise in the Pern books is clear, where we are in the Ben 10 universe is the two are interacting with each other without Paradox being involved baffles me.

There doesn't seem to be much explanation for anything, just Rules (with a capital R) set down to keep the plot intact. I'm left asking why in several instances. Why does Ben need to turn into a Dragon to help? As important as Dragons are they are not the only way to fight thread, nor statistically is one more dragon going to make such an impact that Ben would have to make the effort. Why not turn into Big Chill? Cold destroys Thread. Why not Swampfire and work the ground crews? The Gold Riders use flamethrowers easy enough. What is stopping Ben from taking the fight to the Red Star?

Why do they have to stay forever and ever if they Impress? I can understand there being a protest at four dragons, two of which are queens, being taken from the planet as they're needed for breeding and fighting Thread. In that case they shouldn't have been allowed to stand as Candidates. On the other one on Pern can stop them from leaving.

Why wouldn't Ben and the others be able to return if they can fly to the planet that fast? Set up interstellar communications and be on their way, come back when their dragons are ready to mate or if they are really needed. I'm also a little confused why Julie and Kevin left the sands if the dragons they felt likely to Impress hadn't even hatched yet? Was it just a panicked reaction on the part of Grandpa Max to keep any more of them from Impressing?

I agree that Ben turning into a Pernese dragon is likely a bad idea. The only reason I agreed with is not having a human to Impress on. There is no reason why Ben wouldn't be capable of everything the dragon is, including flying Between and chewing firestone and producing flame. You are correct however that we have no idea what turning into a creature that requires that sort of emotional support structure would do to Ben's mind. For that matter, now that he's bonded to a dragon shouldn't there be a reaction on the dragon's part when Ben turns into an alien? His mind is no longer human at that point, he has different instincts, thought structures and so on even if he remains Ben. That has to be a little disconcerting to a young dragon.

I would also like to suggest that having only been hatched a few sevenday ago none of the their dragons would feel the urge to mate and therefore none of them would be affected by a mating flight. I will need to reread the series but I got the impression that until the dragon had grown large enough and old enough to mate then the new dragonriders didn't truly have to worry about being affected strongly, if at all.

Never fear though, I am rather intrigued by this story! I have always liked the Pern books and love Ben 10 as well. The idea of crossing the two is interesting as well as a niche not overused in the genre. It has a lot of potential and I look forward to reading more when you get your muse for Ben 10 back and finish reading the Pern series (if you haven't already).

Good luck and keep writing.
Avatar of Wurms chapter 5 . 3/15/2010
um couldn't they just go "between" from Pern to Earth and back whenever they needed to, I dind't think distance mattered with that, just accurate knowledge of the location. I mean, they can go back in time, shurly going to Earth should be easier than that?
The Elven Archer of Rivendell chapter 6 . 1/10/2010
As a fellow Pern fan, I can tell you with certanty, that dragon's mate once they hit the 1.5 year mark. It's the same for Firelizards.

While the dragons are growing, the wyerlings recive training in Dragonic care. Like how to mend thier fighting straps, how to strap a dragon into the harness, thier teaching ballards if they haven't learned them like the crew, and landmarks.

Hope this helps!
GinnyStar chapter 6 . 1/3/2010
Good interaction, good background, and you need a beta let me know, I don't kown the crosover but I do know a lot about Pern.

Three two two and half Turns for queen, green turn old, and all full growth for Turn and a quarter,

They have lesson, in make their own harnesses, they also learn how stay in formation first on the ground learn how sort and bag firestone, toss the bags of stone to older weyrlings whem there fall, try here w pern nl/ add the dots to find out more, and links to Meeting of the Mind.
A J chapter 6 . 1/3/2010
Your math on dragons is right, Solara. And just in case Gwen and Julie are feeling complacent, remember that there are over a hundred greens in each Wyer, and at least three queens. And dragons mate roughly once a year ... ;D Tell 'em good luck from Earth, and we'll catch ya on the flipside. A J
Katescats chapter 3 . 10/22/2009
Hi just read your story it very good. Can't wait for the next chapter.
GinnyStar chapter 3 . 10/21/2009
scales They have hide, not scales.

Also there are more books about Pern.

The three are just the starting point of Pern.

Good interaction, well written, good background.
GinnyStar chapter 2 . 10/16/2009
Scales dragons and fire lizards have hide. Also so far well written good interaction, and good background so far.