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The Galaxy Arcana chapter 1 . 6/9/2011
Wow! I was expecting at least some action after the "manipulation", "lying" and "betrayal" thing, but maybe I'll get those, in the later chapters...


Does Souji's shadow have a chance on appearing right... after what Akihiko said and Naoto's deductions, I really am doubting his appearance...

I've got some suggestion on how the reconciling will go... (albeit a dark one)

1.) After their talk, the investigation team just accepts Souji, like nothing happened

2.)If they will not accept him, His shadow will appear, someone (maybe bagman) will bash his head and throw him in the TV world

3.) If they will not accept him, His shadow will appear, someone drugs Souji (Bagman maybe) to unconsciousness and slits one of his fingers then rub them on the TV screen (well blood is the requirement right, to enter the TV world without the involvement of the Physical body)

4.) Naoto did say that Souji was never allowed to go to the TV world WITH them so with the loop hole provided, he can just assist them in battle in the sidelines...

5.)Souji saves their asses, after the battle, he has 50-50 chances of survival, even the Skill Salvation, Diarahan or Mediarahan won't work on him (maybe Teddie "stole" his glasses so that it may be possible)

6.) Messiah intervenes... Wounding Souji critically
Arisato Souji chapter 93 . 6/8/2011
I was reALLy hoping that Akihiko's words would snap them back to reality...

but then again, it's your idea, who am i to judge you...

i hope Souji's words would snap them back to reality for real this time... but if it does not, it's either, he is going to help them in one battle they couldn't win or Souji himself is being thrown towards the TV world tied up, and I don't know save him or someone, maybe Minato's essence (impossible) would let them accept Souji.
seiryux chapter 93 . 6/8/2011
Hopefully, Souji's words will get his friends back, but if not, the next best way would be be him to save the day by forcing himself into the TV world and save their butts in a very tough battle.

Great cliffhanger, BTW.
Natzo chapter 93 . 6/8/2011
I can't really guess where this is going. I can't see them just forgiving him just yet unless he explains. Heck they might suspect that he is trying to manipulate them.

Why hasn't he gone to the Velvet Room to ask about the voice and the social links? Igor should be able to help him, after all he is the one that told sees about the social links and turn them agaisnt Minato.
princesskisara chapter 60 . 6/4/2011
The s.e.e.s will train with i.t. That very interesting. I look forward to it. And yeah. Now. I am sure for something. Garu traitor is nikita. Right? Ups... I am wrong again when i said garu traitor is yosuke even if i am not 100% sure back then. And i am curious about ikas hidden power. And yeah... I think i wrong again about putting her on my suspect list. She is not the culprit. But i had a feeling she know something. And maybe... She have izanami's power. And i am corious about patty's shadows too..
princesskisara chapter 59 . 6/4/2011
Hahaha... It so funny to see yosuke so embarassing when he show souji his work place or when souji entering the gay area.*snrk*. But i do noticed naoto down mentallic. Huh... That make me worry. And the top for that souji just ignored teddy's dream...
princesskisara chapter 58 . 6/4/2011
Great... One social link max... Yeah unbroken bond. Still fuuka shadows looks confusing. Yeah... Well, i hope yukiko will got her persona again...
princesskisara chapter 57 . 6/4/2011
Oh... So much event, but the last event... The talk between the 2 girl with the hanamura's confused me... Why mrs. Hanamura have to chose between yosuke and teddie. And now kanji have to face his hidden self again. And i am curious to know. And i hope yukari is safe.
princesskisara chapter 56 . 6/4/2011
Yeah, akihiko join the team. But i worried about chidori the men who with her is takaya. Right? That make me worry. Well... To tell you the thruth. That was very uncharacteristic of souji to technically pushed yosuke when he is in desperate measure. I also see you had been able to put more mystery which i like it. It make my heart beat even faster. And yeah adachi about the social link. And i hope they are battle against fuuka shadows is not dificult as rise. And i hope adachi wouldn't ruin with the team solidity. Well i just finished reread 55 chap and finally review this.
Knight of the Iron Hammer Vita chapter 92 . 5/30/2011
souji is becoming an emo no offense to others but thats to be expected in a groups thats breaking up and knowing the game they still need the wild card
UmbrellaMan chapter 92 . 5/30/2011
I appreciate that you're taking the time to develop Souji's isolation and the reactions of his friends. Out of selfishness, I admit I wish that you can update the story at a faster rate, but that's only because I want to see how Souji endures this emotional trail.

My only worry is that this "Isolation" section of the story is so delicate that making it too short or too long could quickly ruin an otherwise fantastic story. That being said, I find myself checking this story everyday with the hopes that I get to read another chapter of this trial that Souji must undergo.

Additionally, I second the comment of a previous reviewer: It's so hard for me to watch any videos pertaining to Persona 4 without feeling a knife in my chest. This story has hit me, and probably many others, so hard because seeing Souji and his friends together with such a strong bond among them, once that seemed unbreakable, makes me want to forget what is currently happening to Souji in this story at this moment. I find myself reading this story with great character devlopment, devlopment which you made your own in a sense, more than the actual plot, which is quite good as well, just like the story of a Persona game. Jadegang I salute you!
blackninja789 chapter 92 . 5/30/2011
well this chapter was great! it seems nanako is getting devil summoner abilities i take it? and as for the investiagtion team...they dont realize what they just did kanji is strong and all and cool i like him but he aint my first choice for a leader,everyone ignoring fuuka's request to listen to souji will cripple them and ignoring souji outright is weakening them too so i assume they'll realize their mistake or there'll be another trip to the velvet room so igor can explain like in FES? still though keep up the good work!.
Natzo chapter 92 . 5/30/2011
Well, I gotta say that I have a feeling that Messiah and Bagman are manipulating the team's feelings like Bagman is doing with Souji. Or, you know, they're hypocritical jerks.

So since the story if only half way done, and I just dying to see the team eat their words, how long do you think before they're called out on their attitude towards Souji by, I dunno, SEES, Aigis or even, though doubtful, another Wild Card? Actually that would be cool, some old bitter Wild Card helping Souji or calling the team out.

I have to say in this story Souji is really getting the short end of the stick. Apparently his parents don't love him, his other father figure is actually a terrible one ( in the game and the story). Terrible friends that turn on him at the first problem, even if all he does is for them.

I think I mention this before, but I feel like the purpose of the wild card if to help fill the void in the fools, the 0, and in doing so strengthen their resolve which is what gives power to the personas.

He seems a little weak willed, maybe he just say "fuck this" and grow a spine. At this rate he will revert to the detached self he was before Inaba.

...also Kanji as leader? He ain't exactly leader material.

You should focus next chapter on the team instead of Souji just to show what they are thinking and how they're reacting.

I love the story, though I can't play the game or read other stories without remembering this one and hating the team. Specially Naoto who when from my favorite character to my hated bitch.
seiryux chapter 92 . 5/30/2011
Great insightful chapter into the thoughts of a depressed Souji.

Looks like Nanako is gonna have abilities and possibly a Persona of her own. I wonder how her dad would react to that.
princesskisara chapter 55 . 5/28/2011
Here we ago again... Well, i hope we would see yukiko persona again. And this time maybe we will see yosuke's shadow this time. And scared? No... I feel excited now... Hohoho...
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