Reviews for The Bonds of Blood
CovenStine chapter 52 . 6/17
Do you ever write anything that isn't bloody awesome?
I'm so glad you share them! We're lucky, indeed.
Also, completely off topic- Mara Jade Disney crap. You nailed it.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/19
I was 8 years old when this fic was posted, barely discovering the HP movies and now with 21 years of age I'll start reading this story. That just seems so crazy to me.
Dear author, thanks for sharing your writings with us and also thanks for the warning.
Mewpagano chapter 52 . 3/18
extreme rre and good fiic
E8rocks23 chapter 20 . 2/3
Hey there, HUGE fan of all your HP and especially HP/SW work, BUT i noticed something here (I'm posting this without reading the other comments) it seems as if there's a missing section/paragraph/plot point in this chapter. I will copy text here and explain myself-

Huh seems FFN doesn't allow highlight-copy-paste anymore, oh well, here's the webpage elements pertaining to my concern
p"Thank you, Sirius, I wish I could," Molly said. "I have my own brood to feed, however."/p
p"Very well," Sirius said. "Thank you for bringing them."/p
pWhen Molly disappeared back into the fire, Sirius popped his knuckles with an evil grin. "Hmmm, now your mine."/p
p"And Dobby is a…?"/p
p"A house elf," Sirius said. "Dobby, thank you. You prepared a marvelous meal."/p

There is clearly SOMETHING missing here. Not only is Dobby not introduced prior to this point, the Grangers also haven't, in context, arrived at the house yet.
Would you be willing to include the missing part in an AN perhaps? Or a quick single-chapter update?
I'd love to beg you for the lost piece, but I aint got the time unfortunately, and my respect for you as a writer is too great. Do please let me know what you think, theres nothing more enjoyable to me than a good, completed fanfiction
SamTheSlytherin42 chapter 23 . 1/26
Why’d it always poor Ginny and shit Harry’s just as forced into this shit as she is hell she probably enjoys it more Harry got rewarded by sav8ng s9meone live by having to be bonded to them he is super confused about puberty and all things sexual he is more of a victim here than she is
Adran06 chapter 52 . 1/24
So glad you recommended this to me on reddit. It's definitely not one of the fics I read before, but it was definitely amazing. Loved every minute of it.
Dayside chapter 52 . 1/20
They were really, really fucking stupid to bring a child into a warzone just so they can hang with their friends and go to school. Insanity
Dayside chapter 37 . 1/20
Yeah don't get Hermione upto snuff in occlumency or anything before telling her insanely secret shit
Dayside chapter 21 . 1/19
fuck this shit is so sweet I need to see my dentist
Dayside chapter 1 . 1/19
I love lockhart. Can we keep him as a narrator lmao
ResurrectFlame chapter 52 . 12/10/2021
It's a wonderful story.
RoyaleGaming1 chapter 9 . 8/23/2021
I’m this chapter at the part where petigrew is found I noticed you called Amelia Amanda lol
Raiju001 chapter 52 . 6/28/2021
Quite the story here. Rough and dark, exploring the other side of the soul bond idea. Thought provoking and while yes, underage kids should not have been forced to engage in such acts, I personally knew people during that same age bracket who chose to engage in such acts. Lack of oversight or crafty kids figuring out a way to not get caught, in the end it was just like that one example given in the story. Sex is an act that can feel good or bad. Making love though is about a bond you share with a trusted mate and, in my opinion and experience, much better than just sex.
Thank you for the story!
Guest chapter 22 . 6/11/2021
The word "mom" in a Harry Potter story, which is British, sounds out of tune, you know what I mean?
JosephAmbrose527 chapter 11 . 6/4/2021
I meant for Tonks
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