Reviews for Evangelion: XTreme Measures
Devilboy101 chapter 8 . 1/5/2013
Friend I like thi story, and you are right that hirorki is under used, but I also think thatyou should makr Shinji a little more tougher too you know.
Also if Yours doing logan and miisato then you shouod allow him to be some what like a father figure some what.
Devilboy out!
SeanHicks4 chapter 8 . 9/1/2011
That was a cool story and an interesting setup for your crossover. Using the comic verse to correct some of the movie's screw ups probably helped with that.
gunman chapter 8 . 5/30/2011
Yeah, I totally get what you mean by not giving the pilots super powers. Yes, they have Eva's, and that's their special talent, and the fact that Team X are their bodyguards makes their human-sized physical skills necessary.

Though giving Hikari powers is a slightly nice touch since it puts her in the same category as Team X and Magneto.

And Misato is naturally worried for herself and her wards who don't have special powers or the skills to defend themselves. Even if they have mutant bodyguards.

And Wade asking for advice on how to date was funny as hell!

However, there is a question that I'm sure some people will ask in regards to your not giving the pilots powers: what will you do once the Eva's are no longer needed?

I mean... Shinji and the others who don't have powers are gonna feel like dead weight when Team X and the others start getting into a fire-fight with terrorists and extremists and even the JSSDF, and they don't have their Eva's to fight in.

Anyway, good update.

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orabit madness chapter 3 . 5/30/2011
First off soz about the anon review but if you look up the name u'll find me. I just wanted to point out you can use proper spelling for ass which is arse and add an s for spelling like the fic so far
1337 chapter 1 . 5/7/2011
hope your fine and well. hope you update soon your story is great.
gunman chapter 7 . 1/4/2011
That was excellent!

You gave Hikari phasing powers like Kitty Pryde. Which is cool. They are quite similar in many ways. Not just appearance and personality, but also in spirit and how they handle things. Scared at first, but when pushed, they become charged with courage and a sense of selflessness. A responsibility to other people.

As for Logan being there and rejoining Team-X, that was quite a surprise. Victor's on the loose, and Logan's brought back into the fold, especially since he has nowhere else to go. That was actually, pretty good, sticking him in a place where he couldn't get any work or access out of the country.

Nice way to bring him into the loop, even if he could understand Misato and Kaji.

And I loved how Logan interrupted Kaji trying to take advantage of Misato like that. He really is a pushy SOB some of the time.

Also, the whole fight against the HYDRA agents was good. And unexpected to have that terrorist group in the mix, so kudos for that one.

And the last bit of this, bringing in Eric Lensher as the new commander? That was completely unexpected! Though you would have to have someone in charge who is sympathetic to mutants. Stryker just uses them for his own purposes. That's going to be an interesting clash of opinions and personalities.

Also, whether or not Rei gets any mutant powers, it would be cool to see the others (Shinji and Asuka) get some. This is mostly considering that Rei is a hybrid, so she could have her own set of powers.

Seriously, in this case, I would love to see just what kind of powers they acquire.

My personal choices: Asuka gets fire powers, (like Pyro), and Shinji gets duplication powers (like Multiple Man) or even ice powers (like Bobby Drake)

Also, I would really love to see more interactions between Ritsuko and Wade, see if he can become less psycho and give Ritsuko the affection that Gendo never did.

Good work on this.

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ryld chapter 7 . 1/3/2011
Your right Hikari isn't used much, and her as shandow cat is a great choice. Hope your update really soon and give the others kids powers to.
gunman chapter 6 . 9/29/2010
Nice update.

A little different than what I was expecting, but being a little different makes for better reading.

I mean, going line-for-line based off of the series and/or movie is really, really dull.

(Like the scene in the hospital between Logan and Stryker. The dialogue wasn't word-for-word, so that was a nice change up)

So this was a good read.

Also, if Victor has gone AWOL, how is Stryker gonna use him for his plans later on? I mean, he is still planning on using him just like he used the rest of Team-X, right?

Even simple divergences from the original scenario doesn't mean that the scenario is completely scrapped. Right?

And very nice of Ritsuko to delete all the Dummy Plug info.

And I love how Wade tells Logan to 'Get your hands off my woman', like he's already staked a claim on her.

Which is good for Ritsuko. He may be a loon, but he'd treat her better than Gendo would have.

Though I was kinda expecting him to pull his swords instead of hoisting up a shotgun.

Also, did Kayla really die?

It would give Logan a better chance to hook up with Misato if she was actually dead. I mean, through half the movie he thought she was dead. If she really is dead, then Logan can move on.

Once he's killed Victor, that is.

Good work on this.

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gunman chapter 5 . 8/5/2010

Of all the character on Team X to try and connect with Shinji, John Wraith is probably the most logical. Mostly since he isn't a 'fighter' like the others. (Even Bradley isn't, really)

And yes, the chapter was short, but I thought it was good. At least it is something.

Hope to see more later on. More Wade/Ritsuko interactions, especially now that Gendo is dead.

I approve of the death, really.

Keep up the good work.

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Rider Paladin chapter 5 . 7/15/2010
Not a bad story so far. The laughs are coming a mile a minute thanks to Wade, but you really capture his sensitive and compassionate side, too. I also noticed that you're depicting his personality more like that of his comic self, and as a side note, I like your Dark Knight homage at the end of the last chapter. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy. Seriously rooting for Wade/Ritsuko here (crazy killer Wade may be; he at least cares more than Gendo), and wondering how you're going to work Wolverine into this story.
gunman chapter 4 . 7/13/2010
I had a thought.

When you used Punisher and Ghost Rider on your original omakes, you could have also used Elektra and Bullseye. (Then again, it wouldn't have been too long, really using Bullseye.)

I love this chapter!

The fight scene against the mosnter Angel was incredible, but then you had Creed kill Gendo, that was pure gold! I personally would have loved to see Wade slice him to pieces, but I understand using Creed to do this would make much more sense. Gendo reminds Victor of his father, and even though Victor never got the chance to kill his own ather, there is something in the way of closure in this.

Not that Victor's gonna stop killing, but... it does seem much more appropriate.

I kept thinking of how each member of the team could kill Gendo.

Zero could shoot him. (Kinda boring, really) Bradley could fry him. Wraith could teleport him up high then drop him. Fred could break him in half.

Also, if the Eva pilots are gonna gain mutant powers, could Shinji get Cyclops laser vision, Rei could get diamond skin (you see where I am hinting at the pairing here) and maybe Asuka could gain fire powers like Pyro.

Also, if Second Impact was responsible for creating mutants, and this is just an idea, Misato should be in line for some powers as well, since she was practically at ground zero when it happened.

I understand that what Zero told her could have just been a cover story, but if there was even some truth to it, then it's possible that Misato's abilities could be latent.

Maybe give her some other mutant power, like walking through solid objects like Shadowcat, or ice powers like Iceman. Rogue's ability to absorb other powers would be trouble, and Misato would go crazy trying to control telepathy. Forget Storm's powers, and Mystique's shapeshifting powers would only be an excuse not to wear clothes.


Then again, you could give her enhanced physicality like Beast. It would be funny to see her shedding all over the place.

But if you are going to have Misato paired with Logan, it might be a good idea to give her 'something'.

Also, if you are going to kill off the commander, it would be the perfect opportunity for SEELE to move in and try to force control of NERV. By taking the pilots as well.

Then Team X would really be able to show off their skills against hundreds of JSSDF soldiers. Plus, if you throw in Victor and Logan before the attack (somehow bringing Logan back and giving him adamantium claws like you did in the movie... hmm. That gives me an idea: Victor goes hunting Logan on Strykers orders, finds him, kills Silverfox (for real) Stryker convinces Logan to get adamantium enhancements, and both Victor and Logan realize that they have been duped by Stryker, who has an alterantive agenda to eradicate mutants.

Bradley could find this out and tell the others, who along with the mutant Eva pilots, decide to fight back against SEEL and Stryker, In A Climatic Battle For The Ages!

(Sorry, couldn't resist)

Anyway, that's my idea.

If you want any additional help or ideas, let me know.

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gunman chapter 3 . 7/12/2010
HA! I loved the omakes!

Seriously, it was cool and actually kinda sweet to see someone caring for Ritsuko.

Though I would have loved to see Wade slice him up on her behalf. I mean, he's kinda made it obvious that he likes her, if his innuendos are none to subtle.

Okay, Wade's never subtle.

And I don't like Kaji that much either. I'm sure the rest of Team X picked up on that from Misato.

Was kinda expecting Kensuke to start asking the group all kinds of military questions, Toji to be staring at Misato and Hikari chiding them for everything/anything.

And I just had a thought, actually more of an idea: will Shinji and the other pilots be bonding with any of their new bodyguards?

It's not like they could have done so with Section 2, not that they were that much good at being guards.

And will any of the Eva pilots develop special powers like Team X? It might be interestig to see, since the groups unique experience puts them into a different 'power-acquisition' position than most other people.

Then it would be a unique situation, if Stryker were to find out about their powers and take them to the Island. The team, with the exception of Zero (maybe) might be inclined to rescue them and go on the lamb so as to keep protecting them.

I mean, considering what happened in the movie, the whole team (except for Victor and Logan) got wiped out. Wade doesn't really count since he was transformed into Deadpool.

I never really got that. I mean the healing and teleportation and even the laser beams, okay, but those swords up his arms? He can't even bend them when they are retracted. That's gotta be somewhat inconvenient.

Good chapter.

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gunman chapter 2 . 7/12/2010
Loved the action. Though Zero's explanation wasn't bad, it felt almost practiced. If we are going off the movie, then mutants have been around alot longer than he says.

Guess that's not surprising. Don't want to give away too much, just enough to satisfy the people you are working with.

Not much for interactions, but with all hell breaking loose, it wasn't too missed.

And how does Team X know so much about the Eva pilots, and not the other way around at the start? Guessing Stryker's intel is better than Gendo's, if Gendo didn't care about anything other than his scenario.

Which isn't really that smart.

And yes I did notice several 'stolen' scenes, like the Spider Man one. Nice touch, really.

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gunman chapter 1 . 7/12/2010
First of all, I'd like to say that I love the mix of characters you've got for this story.

And you're going to pair Ritsuko up with Wade? That's a pairing I wouldn't have expected.

Mostly because even though Ritsuko is a bitter woman, she isn't as bad as Gendo. More often than not, she has been the victim.

Most of the time she has been protrayed as getting teh short end of the stick (not much of a pun to Gendo)

With Wade in her corner (and I mean Wade, not Weapon X) it might actually lead to soemthing alot happier for the woman. If she doesn't get aggravated by his constant talking.

I loved the Wolverine Origins movie so I'm glad someone else got this crossover up and running. (I've got one in the works as well)

And it was hilarious to see Wade slice up Asuka's hair because of her attitude.

Too bad Logan didn't join them here. You'd figure a bodyguard detail would be better than an assassin job, even if the team is a little extreme.

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Captain Deadpool chapter 3 . 12/23/2009
No matter how you try, Deadpool's just more interesting than all those other dudes.
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