Reviews for Polar Opposites
ilovemyboys chapter 2 . 9/19/2010
Very nice. _

I realllly hope the medicine still has an effect on Leo in the morning and he's giggling and slap happy (gives Raph a hug maybe). And Mikey of course slips on the toys outside his room. (Maybe he actually gets hurt, Splinter scolds Raph, and Raph has to help take care of Mikey and Leo). _
Agent66 chapter 2 . 10/12/2009
Now I feel kinda bad about not signing in when I reviewed earlier, cause I didn't mean for you to take away from your fic to answer me (but thx for that) I'll try to sign in when I do, just know I'll be lazy and just use initials.

1. Good man - was it two? Again, it was pretty early this morning when I found this (like, a little after 7) and was still drinking one cup of coffee, so I may have seen it one too many times. Ah, see it didn't seem as though it was coming across sarcastically and it was ambiguous as to who was saying it (it didn't sound like a Raph sentence).

2. Open arm - it wasn't that it was a bad scene; it was very informative, just that it seemed to get too much as it went on. Again, could've been the time of day that I was reading it, but my mind started to shut down after a while.

3. Leo - I personally liked it that scene. I also enjoy the family dynamic, especially that was portrayed in the 2k3 cartoon version (removing FF from the concensus) and how despite being wildly different, each turtle could easily be partnered with another and it would make SENSE. Like, you would think that Raph/Don would have nothing in common, let alone talk to each other, but the episode HATE works well for them.

I was actually a little put off by the way they acted in the 2007 CGI, though I have found some really awesome fics that kinda brouch WHY it was like that (The Time Unknown I think is the best so far).

As for this chapter, I seriously enjoyed it and I liked the story from Raph. And I'm guessing that nasty cherry flavored nastiness was probably Cherry Nyquil - which, despite it's name as Cherry, taste like nasty flavored nastiness - so I understand the harships of taking that stuff.

Yeah, I definitely liked this. I did think it was going to be this long fic about Leo and Raph, but seeing it now - and fully awake - I'm glad you aren't doing a standard big-fight-causes-brother-to-leave, though very clever to have that within the Sam/Abe story. Yep, like it.
WMG - too lazy chapter 1 . 10/12/2009
I have to say that I liked this so far. A couple of things that kinda stood out to me -

1. was there a reason for the turtles (either Don or Leo) to keep saying "good man" in the first half? The first time I could see as being a bit sarcastic, but having them say it another three times made a serious scene ridiculously funny. Not sure if that was your intention or not.

2. The middle where Donnie is taking out the bullet seemed kinda long winded to me, like it wasn't going to end. Like it was interesting and a bit funny in the beginning, but then it just seemed to drag on with Donnie explaining everything to Mikey. I did enjoy Splinter's line of not performing surgery at the table, even to amuse Mikey; though I'm surprised that you continued the scene, without having them move into the lab or soemthing. That would've given more insight into Leo.

3. Enjoyed the insight into Leo and his feelings. Sometimes I get the impression that he just sees the world in black and white - there's good and there's evil, with no middle ground. I think as he grows older, he begins to see the view that Raph has - which is the world in shades of grey; not every criminal is evil, like the married man, who took to the one night of crime for some familial reason.

Anyway, overall I enjoyed it. As I said, I thought the middle was just slow, making this first chapter a bit slow as well, but sometimes you must start off slow in order to get to the important stuff.

I wait to see what you make of it.