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kouchannie chapter 11 . 9/8/2016
Well, first of all this have been one of the most interesting story involving Chikaru out there, not to mention great crossover too. I'm grateful that someone have been willing to write a story about Chikaru although she is just a minor character. Thank you so much for making this as I am Chikaru bias hahaha. Honestly speaking I started to lose interest when Tamao, I must say, getting in the way of Hazuki and Chikaru. Maybe I judge too earlier and she could aid something later in your story since I'm at chapter 11 now. No offense, I like Tamao very much, but she deserved better than to get involved in another love triangle drama and I would rather she had her own story where a person could love her for who she is and heart on her only. Not the shared-love again. Otherwise the story would have been entertaining for me to read. I simply love how you wrote Chikaru and Hazuki too. I don't know if you are aware of this or not, you are really talented and creative author. Keep your work up and I'm sure there will surely be more grateful comments to come with the compliments of your works.
A Faggot chapter 24 . 7/21/2016
What I like most about this story is how well the characters are written. They're like real people, with internally consistent characteristics/motivations that shape how they view the world and how they interact with others. Some of those characteristics even change, which is pretty impressive for the number of characters in this story. Some characters didn't feel exactly true to canon (Hazuki hardly speaks at all, even when others talk DIRECTLY to her in Yamibou, and Chikaru, while laid back in SP, doesn't seem like the type to crack sex jokes every other sentence), but overall they were faithful to the source material.

I also really like how you demonstrated familiarity with both series. The first 16 chapters were very SP-esque, focusing on relationships and intrigue to generate tension between the girls. The use of the Lulim trio really gives that feeling of Strawberry Panic. I like very much the dynamics between the girls that you present. I do have my qualms about basically omitting Yaya and Tsubomi, a full third of the established characters of the school Hazuki attends, from the story unless they serve to advance Hazuki's progression. I'm not too hung over about it though, because the main focus is on Hazuki, Chikaru, Tamao and the people they are close with.
And then all of the tensions that's been building up within and between the girls just gets blown away by the sudden transition into the Yamibou portion of the fiction. I'm a sucker for overcoming internal problems by struggling against external challenges, so this pleased me a lot. Still, some parts were simply too convenient or ridiculous at worst. Hazuki and Kaname being able to take on an army of over 30 dragons is simply ridiculous. Tamao and Kaname's acquisition of Souma is also extremely convenient. They just somehow managed to get it as the warp happened eh?

Speaking of Souma... I can accept most aspects of what you propose about Souma (even the granting of Mary Sue powers). I just find the transmission of Souma sort of patchy. Just being touched by Souma can imbue someone or something with it? Or would 'create' be more apt? Tamao and Kaname received Souma from being close to the warp as it happened, and yet Chikaru and Hazuki, the initiators of the warp don't seem to be affected, aside from a little bit of nausea. It's as if they didn't have to expend any power at all. In fact, Souma doesn't seem to be affected by anything except other Souma and the hat, which consumes it. Even if things only became imbued with Souma, could they not theoretically walk around with their Soumas ablazing and fill the world with Souma?

That aside, I'm very interested by how this story draw inspirations from different religions/worldviews. The idea of Souma being energy instead of soul is a rather spiritualist view, and the idea that the world is but a book in a cosmic Library is quite Deist. Though I guess you didn't come up with the Library idea, Yamibou's creative staff did. Also, is the trio of Adam, Lilith and Eve supposed to be a(n) representation/interpretation of the Christian triune God? That's next level funny.

I like this story a lot, it's a feel good story the likes of which Evangelion writers come up with, but it's very well written. I tried to point out some qualms I had or interesting points I noticed, cuz I'm sure you've had many reviews telling you your story is awesome, and rightly so.

I'm probably forgetting a lot more things to bring up, but this was a very good read. Please continue the good work!
Spikesagitta chapter 24 . 9/10/2014
Nice! That was an epic story!
Spikesagitta chapter 12 . 9/9/2014
Lol. Yeah that would be my reaction too if someone just told me they are in a threesome.
Spikesagitta chapter 9 . 9/9/2014
Wow. This Chikaru scare me. In a good way I think, she's someone I want firmly on my side. Not as an enemy.
Spikesagitta chapter 8 . 9/9/2014
Chikazu is...essentially asexual then? Interesting.
Guest chapter 12 . 9/9/2013
Threesome thats what she was going to say
DrYuriMom chapter 23 . 11/25/2012
This was a joy to read. It was honestly one of my most enjoyable fanfic reads ever. It read smoothly, it made sense and was both internally consistent and consistent with the canon material, and the imagery and characters were vibrant in my mind. I love these characters as you have painted them, and am left hungering for more.

I have to say, the image of Kaname and Hizuki plowing through the Japanese countryside in a truck is priceless. Although I struggled at times with Kaname's development, and even now feel she developed a conscience a little too easily after being pulled from her world, I can't imagine now her not being what she was in this story. I will be very interested to see how she develops later. But for her unfortunate mortality and genesis within this creation/library, as she is now I could almost see her filling the role of the Keeper Guardian given Adam seems to have bailed for good. So much for his being a guardian when he abandons his wives. :-/ Either he had better have one helluva good reason, or I will maintain Lillith and Eve deserve better! With a guardian like that, who can blame the two girls for wanting to go off themselves. I'm sure the breaking of their circle must be a wound that is still bleeding unstaunched. Lillith displays it more openly, but I'd suspect Eve may be grieving the more for it since Lillith allows herself to be angry and therefore can process the grief more effectively. Eve I doubt has it in her to process the Kubler-Ross Five Stages of Grief...

I will watch Chikaru continue to process her feelings with great interest. To have a sexuality and then to have it taken from you, whether by internal or external forces, sucks. Been there, done that, and I am glad to hear this will be addressed further and that it's not just deus ex'd as the epilogue suggests. Working past this for Chikaru, the Battle for Chikaru's Heart, should be as epic as the Battle for the Library. At least that's my take on it. As much as I am sad I didn't see this story when it first came out, I am glad I have so much Strange Fire to look forward to now. :-)

I could say so much more, but I think for now I'll hold the rest until I am fully up-to-date. Thank you for sharing this with your fans, Suzume. I am proud to be counted among that elite number now.

Write on!
DrYuriMom chapter 19 . 11/25/2012
"Other than the fact that the supernatural being I used to be madly in love with..."

Used to be?

So the Devourer has figured out how to break in. I'm sticking with what I said last review. Samurai and Spartan women...

I once got a review that my story was too good to be Strawberry Panic. Perhaps, but damn it don't hold a candle to this. I may hold off commenting every chapter so I can get through to the end. No stopping now!
DrYuriMom chapter 18 . 11/25/2012
Everything has changed and this sums it up.

"All this so that the Keepers could have their holiday in a human world."

You've gone epic on us. Sheer, amazing epic.

"Go on," she smiled. "And while the samurai is out to war, her wives will guard the home. With naginata, no less."

You broke little Gwendolyn-chan! I'm a little melted puddle on the floor that my lovely esposa will need to mop up sometime later. Seriously, this line, and what you're imagining now, hit me to the core of my feminine need to protect the home and what's important to me. I know my Japanese history...and my Greek history/mythology too. The only thing more dangerous than a Spartan man was a Spartan woman...especially since you dealt with the latter only if you were unfortunate enough to be unwelcome in Sparta. Between the Samurai or the 'wives', I'm not sure I'd take odds on which would be more deadly if there is something worth fighting...and dying...for.

Since you OBVIOUSLY are a fellow fan of The Bard, I shall take liberties. Suzume doth murder sleep!

Chapter 24 or bust!
DrYuriMom chapter 17 . 11/25/2012
"Oh yes, that."

Best. Three. Word. Line. Evar. :-)

As far as the rest. Wow. Oh Wow. Well written battle action. That was something you hadn't really touched on yet, and you pegged it. Perfect landing. All tens 'cept for the East German judge... ;-)

And Kaname? Oh crap...
DrYuriMom chapter 16 . 11/24/2012
And in the first paragraph, there it is. "Spending time with Chikaru. Spending time with Tamao. Spending time with BOTH Chikaru and Tamao." The meditation is continuing. My question answered right away. You're awesome as usual. :-)

"Feh. I may not shop, but I can still enjoy the window displays." My friend, this is really a great line. Really. I mean really.

Oh, Tamao. Dear, sweet Tamao. Lots to absorb in one sudden bite. As a hopeless Tamao fangirl, I'm on the edge of my seat to see what happens now.

And I was right about the knife. Chikaru DOES have it. :-)

And why am I wondering if the increased souma activity and Kaname's gauntlet are connected?
DrYuriMom chapter 15 . 11/24/2012
Oh. my. God.

Dear goddess bless.

I'm dying here. Really and truly dying. And I'll die happy too. *grabs Kleenex to wipe my eyes from laughter*

"Gone poly"? I started to quote my fave dialog from the first section and gave up when it all was deliciously quotable.

Statistics? Really? Pondering over graphs, diagrams, and charts?! That is so damned awesome! Remon and Kizuna, I want to have your baby!

*awkward pause*

Guess they're not the only sick puppies. ;p

Okay, on to the meat of the story...

Hazuki has her "former self's" memories. Why would she say 'apparently' her 'former self was frugal'? She'd know, wouldn't she? Even the term 'former self' seems a bit off, but then again she's the one who died so I guess that makes her pretty 'former'. Not a biggie, just felt odd.

Ah, now the mortality thing is out in the open. T'was wondering if that was being withheld for a reason, or if they really hadn't thought about it. That's HUGE. More than an elephant in oh so many ways.

The 'beach volleyball' quip brought to mind something I'd been thinking. It was mentioned early on that Hazuki was part of the kendo and the volleyball teams. Other than this mention in jest, we've never heard a peep about Hazumi's practicing or playing volleyball that I can remember. Is it just the wrong season for the team to be practicing/playing? In the States, I s'pose volleyball IS a fall sport and this IS spring/summer. I dunno about Japan and perhaps you did.

Another thing that's nagging at me now. Chikaru is making a big point about Hazuki and Tamao getting time as a pair, and it's also noted that the evenings are now always as a trio. What about Chikaru and Hazuki time? Chikaru made such an impassionate point about wanting her time with Hazuki even if/when the latter finds romantic love again, but for now that seems to have passed by the wayside. At least 'on screen'. I'm wondering is there an undercurrent happening here that should be alarming me, or just something in your writer's mind happening off screen and we're not seeing it but it's there?

Well, since this was written three years ago, the answers await me is I turn the (metaphorical) page. Onwards!
DrYuriMom chapter 14 . 11/24/2012
So, the trio's plot thickens...and Tamao is absorbing it as well as anyone could hope. And circumstances with Chikaru as well as Shizuma/Nagisa are moving Hazuki and Tamao closer.

Oh, I am conjecturing so much in relation to Tamao. But for now I shall persevere to Ch 15!

Congrats Shizuma and Nagisa! :-)
DrYuriMom chapter 13 . 11/24/2012
Okay, I'm dying here giggling my fool head off. I swear I am commenting as I go and not looking ahead or looking at anyone else's reviews. I don't read reviews until I process a story on my own. My sandwich comment from the review before this one was purely my initial and fresh response. Damn! You and your writing are just too much fun! As are your Remon and Kizuna. As I've said to Nine regarding aspects of Gravity, yummy strawberry goodness in every bite!

So, your Kagome is so much more than meets the eye too, is she?

Two main storylines in this chapter, and both ratchet what is now clearly the trio protagonists to a new level. Hazuki has fully admitted to us her motivators, and she now has a detente with the kendo instructor that is a win-win. I'm glad to see she's strengthening her position with her biggest staff sponsor. Still, I wonder if the teacher will try and investigate more regarding her assistant's background. It'd make sense, but I don't get the sense you're likely to focus on an adult given all your delicious storylines with the kids.

As far as Tamao and Chikaru, again I'm leaving that alone. Not because I couldn't write a thesis on it, but because it belongs in PMs when the time comes. Suffice to say it is some of the best storytelling I've had the honor of reading. And speaking of reading, I'm settling in for a long night. Onwards and upward!
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