Reviews for Lost Forever, Loved Forever!
WindSorrows chapter 1 . 10/12/2009
Lost Forever, Loved Forever!

By- DoveWing & WindSorrows!


Baylee- What? What? WHAT? :O

Haylee- Guess what we just got? :D

Baylee: What? Tell meh! D:

Haylee- We just got applications from V.A.C! ( Vampire Academy College )

Baylee- V.A.C! :O:O:O:O:O:O:O

Haylee- Ya! xD

Baylee- You know what that means right?

Haylee- What?

Baylee- Were are smaticalz! :D

Haylee- Yay! xD

SURPRISE! - Said David and Kyle the girls boy-friends!

Haylee/Baylee- YOU DON'T!

David- We had to!

Kyle- You wanted it SOO much!

David- Still want it? If not i'll take that free scholarship!

Haylee- FRE?

~ Baylee decked David on the shoulder! ~


Baylee- You guys got us a FREE SCHOLARSHIP to V.A.C! You should be ASHAMED!

~ Baylee and Haylee charged at the boys and tackled then! Then started squeezing then intill they could not breath! ( Its not like they neaded to anyway! ) ~


Let me explain!

Haylee and Baylee Coll were twins... You see they are sort of princesses.. literaly! Their mom had died in a "tragic" car crash, but SOMEONE killed her first then she went down the cliff! The murderer had yet to be cought... but will be! Baylee was thinking about her secret love, David a plain boy... while Haylee was thinking about her's, Kyle whom was also a regular boy. But what could they do? Kyle and David were just regular boys! And they were princesses! Princesses! That just DID NOT happen. They had to be royalty! But all they wanted to do, did not cause any harm, although it was forbidden. They only had A LITTLE crush on the boys. What harm could that do? But it was hard to keep it little when you see them everyday.

Kyle and David had no idea that the girls liked them. But they liked the girls. A LOT!

No one knew this but they were lamia! ( Lam-ea ) :O ( A lamia is a born vampire... For guys they only change their looks after every 18 years... and they age. For girls they change every 16 years... and they age also can eat human food, and humans blood! And they prefur humans blood ;l But it will not hurt the human!) But these boys are good lamia! They can be trusted... or can they?

Roselind ( Rose-a-lend ),their mother was very unhappy in the primitive Night World. See, she had been changed the day Kyle and Noah were born, she was changed by their uncle, Emeet's ( Em-ee-t ) ( Noah and Kyle's birth father ) brother, Ewardo ( Edd-war-doo ) without Roselind or anyone's permition! See, Edwardo was just a little jealous/evil... mostly jealous! D: The girls knew then because of their mothers! They were best friends in High School! So the boys were not COMPLETE strangers to the girls!

Start the presses!

Haylee- So kyle... when do you have to go to go to Lemolea? (Lam-al-e-a) ( Kyle's family's colt/clan )

Kyle- Not to sure! There was some fighting between the family and there not communicating very much now... and my father is missing!

Haylee- Ohh goodness i'm sorry! Is there any thing i can do?

Kyle- No not really!