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Lynnusxo chapter 15 . 7/30
Oh my god that Padme/Vader interaction was written so tastefully...
Absolutely loving the story so far!
Lynnusxo chapter 4 . 7/30
At first I was a bit skeptical because the characters were pretty OOC and I wasn't really used to it. But things seem to get really interesting now, especially with Vader hanging around Padme as Vader AND Anakin hahah
The King in White chapter 25 . 7/26
Very interesting AU.
AraelDranoth chapter 1 . 5/27
Oh man this is going to be good!
Asj Johnson chapter 25 . 4/10
This was a neat fic. I like it.
Crymeariver1995 chapter 1 . 2/28
This. Is. So. Gorgeous.

I found this fanficiton two years ago and even now I keep coming back to it!

Beautifully written, gorgeous detail and wonderful interpretation of characters and their relationships. Thank yo so much for this gorgeous piece. :)
MasterAssassinScrolls chapter 25 . 6/5/2014
It's finally over... Two days of addicted reading, completely hooked on every single word that was written... And now it's finally over. I have to admit, it saddens me greatly. But don't get me wrong: I think the ending was perfect, and I wouldn't want it any other way... But still, the fact that it's the 'ending' just depresses the crap out of me... *holds back tears*
I loved - or should I say love, I still do - this fan-fiction. That's the reason it's on my favourites, and not merely follows. If I could, though, I'd add it to my favourites a thousand times over, because it deserves it!

I feel like as long as I keep this review typing, it won't be totally finished, so here's most of my thoughts:
- I'm extremely happy about Sabe (love her character by the way) and Jix getting together. Though I never expected them to get married... Don't know why, I just didn't. But they'll be an intriguing married couple, I'm sure.
Their passion towards each other compliments their relationship, I think. The fact that they want to rip the other's head off one moment, then furiously kiss them the next is a great representation of sexual tension - in fact (in my own opinion) I think they're the perfect representation of sexual tension. One reason why I love them together so, and the other because they cracked me up quite a few times. XD

- As I said in my first review, this story was very - extremely - different from what I had been looking for. There was fluff, to be sure. And the chapters containing it were my favourite (their first kiss being my absolute favourite, obviously!) but I enjoyed all of the twenty-five chapters. There was not a part in any chapter were I was disappointed. Even in the darker chapters, for instance: the one when Padme was kidnapped by Xizor. Sure, I had to stop myself from swearing and telling the pathetic dirt-bag what I thought, but I still enjoyed reading it, I was still hooked on it.
And I've got to be honest here, not many stories on this site have been able to do that to me. Of course I enjoy all of the seventy fanfics I follow... But enjoying something, and feeling as if the author has put you under a spell, where you are compelled to keep on reading, are two very different things all together.
So thank you for doing that. I sincerely doubt I'll come across a Star Wars fan-fiction that I heart so much. :) Unless it's written by you... Then maybe the story will have a shot of taking my heart. ;D

-You know, I never planned on reading any stories on here that had Anakin be Anakin AFTER he'd been taken by the Dark side. For the same reasons as I said in my first review, but also because I never wanted to think of Darth Vader as a good character. And I never, not in a million years, thought that there'd actually be a chance that I'd come to like him... But it's more than that. This story has made me see Darth Vader as not an evil, merciless killing machine, but as an actual person. I mean, yeah, I've always known that there was a good side to him (episode VI proved that) but I never really thought of it. Now I am, and I'm finding myself loving him as a character... That's not good - at all. Ah, but I'm afraid I can't go back. XD

- And while I didn't previously love Darth Vader before this fanfic, I've always loved Anakin. Gods, there's just something about him, you know? I don't know what, but I actually, literally, think he's perfect. Laughable, I know, but I'm obsessed. XD I must sound crazy, forgive my words.
So before I started rambling about how I have a crush a bloody fictional character, where was I? Oh, yeah. What I was gonna say - before my pesky hormones did a somersault - was that this story has actually made me love him even more... Surprisingly. I didn't think that was possible. XD

Okay, so I think that's really all I wanted to say. Except this: Thank you again so, so much for creating this story. And doing it so well. Not just any writer can just make me instantly love their story, even if they are a good author. Which you truly are! I mean it endlessly. No joke. You're a wonderful writer, and I hope you are proud of this piece. :)

P.S. Just as heads up, I'll be checking out the sequel, because my appetite is definitely not sated. I think it'll grip me in it's hold just as mercilessly, too.

P.P.S. I reckon this is the longest, most sincere review I've written... Sorry for its length, but I thought it was necessary. I totally understand if you've not even bothered to read it all... I probably wouldn't have. XD But it just goes to show much I feel for this story. :)

- MasterAssassinScrolls (just to be just that much more serious and sincere).
MasterAssassinScrolls chapter 20 . 6/5/2014
*Sobs* Only five chapters left... No! What shall I do? *breaks down crying* Though, I suppose I'll be able to read it again... Still though. *Sigh* This chapter, this whole story, is amazing. :)
MasterAssassinScrolls chapter 15 . 6/5/2014
You don't hate know how content and bliss I feel after reading that... Oh, my God... That was indeed something. You described it so perfectly, I could see them so vividly in my mind, image that I was her... *clears throat* Um, I think you've made my mind get a little carried away. XD
MasterAssassinScrolls chapter 11 . 6/4/2014
You really need to apologise to me - for taking away my entire (mostly) day! This fan-fiction is so very addictive, it's just not fair to me - or anyone else that feels the same. And not to mention the fact that you made me act like a little school girl... Upon reading that last paragraph, I squealed. Actually squealed... I'm ashamed of my behaviour... But. I. Must. Read. More. *collapses* XD
MasterAssassinScrolls chapter 7 . 6/4/2014
This really is a complicated story. I must admit I knew not where it was going, only that I'd like it. But this is getting intense... I have to say that it is a bit strange that she'd trust Darth Vadar, a known murderer, over Anakin, who may be powerfully intimidating... I just have to wonder how she'll feel when she finds out that Vadar and Anakin are halves of the same whole. I guess I'll just have to continue reading. :)

Oh, and you're a wonderful artist. That sketch (including the coloured version) was beautiful. It made me love this story even more!
MasterAssassinScrolls chapter 3 . 6/4/2014
Before reading this chapter, I promised myself that if I liked how it ended, I'd give this story a seat in my favourites... Once I'm done with this review I'll have lived up to that promise. ;)

This story intrigues me, quite a bit actually. I was searching for a nice romantic fluffy fan-fiction revolving around Anakin and Padme... This is a bit different to what I had in mind, but better in my opinion. I was a tad bit hesitant to read it, because of him being Vadar and well... Let's just say I haven't yet watched the last movie, because I don't want to taint Anakin's image just yet. But seeing as this is an AU, I thought I'd give it a shot - and I wasn't disappointed!
fantasyfreak133 chapter 25 . 3/10/2014
Holy crap! This is my favorite Star Wars fanfic of all time! Good job! I think I'm going to look at Oceans of Emptiness now that I know what a great suspense writer you are. Wish I could write suspense but I'm more of an action/adventure writer :-)
fantasyfreak133 chapter 21 . 3/9/2014
This story is amazing! And I have a feeling Obi-Wan is going to make an appearence soon, hu? *slow happy smile* (but Anakin is still way better)
fantasyfreak133 chapter 20 . 3/9/2014
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