Reviews for They Never Listen
SmooGirl chapter 3 . 10/16/2009
I love it so far! It's awesome and not narsty :P I'll keep bugging you to update ! :D
Pookyilicous chapter 3 . 10/16/2009
Great Chapter XTimeGirlX

hugs for Rose, and as for the Doctor lets hope he realises that he has done before it's too late.

Thank you and happy writing

Pooky x
Xx-Bolly-xX chapter 3 . 10/16/2009
That was great D Really good, you portrayed Jackie well.

L x
Dreamcatcher56 chapter 2 . 10/13/2009
Wow just does not do this story justice! Keep those creative juices flowing!
BananaBabe903 chapter 2 . 10/13/2009
Wow. Powerful, moving, and beautiful. Great work!

This is sort of like an one-shot I had written called "Masked"... hm... nah, I don't think u copied it... LOL

Anyway, fabuloso story! :D Wow, I sound like WeepingAngel123 if you know who I'm talking about.. LOL

Sorry... spaz attack. Anyway, great story! Keep going!
BananaBabe903 chapter 1 . 10/13/2009
(gasp) Oh my God that was beautiful!

I no, I must have a pretty twisted mind to think that was beautiful, but it so was! :'( Poor Doctor! KEEP GOING!
Novindalf chapter 2 . 10/13/2009
Really looking forward to some more of this )
Pookyilicous chapter 2 . 10/13/2009
aww poor Rose, hugs and comfort for Rose, Damn you Doctor

Great Chapter

Pooky x
hidingthetruthbehindamask chapter 2 . 10/13/2009
bloody amazing honey can't wait for more!
Xx-Bolly-xX chapter 2 . 10/13/2009
Felt for Rose there x Lovely chapter! was listening to S.O.S by Jordin Sparks and the lyrics seemed to fit lol :P Great work keep it up xx
Xx-Bolly-xX chapter 1 . 10/13/2009
aw LOVED it! please keep-writing when you get time, although it would make a good one-shot too...D
Pookyilicous chapter 1 . 10/13/2009
:'( OH dear

hugs for Rose, the Doctor can be such a wolly

Thanks for a great start to this story

Pooky x
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