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Lostrissy chapter 19 . 11/6
Damnit... You got me here on so many levels.. I dont like reading fics with major char death, or anything that doesnt have a happy ending, but even though i knew you were going to finish it like that, i still went on till the end... I still cant find word to describe how you (fic) made me feel. I was happy, sad, angry and damnit, i wanted him to live... You managed to make it, real, to make us feel the emotions. As someone who is now starting to write, i seriously look up to you.
One of the thing that really got me, was Itachi's end... How the last thing he did was to give her the necklace that has so much meaning, and then peacefully in his dream pass away. I must say, i cried at that part.
As for the epilogue, i didnt think that they would have ended up together, mostly, because they both loved the same man (but not in the same way) who was taken from them all to soon, and that they would feel more pain, and remembered all that happend. But, since Itachi wasnt there to take care of them both, the best that they could do was to watch for each other. In the end, no mater how sad or angry that would make him feel, he would probably be happy for them both, and for his nephew... Somehow i still hoped and there would be a damned miracle, and itachi would be able to make it, survive, live and for once in his life live to the fullest... Damn feels
Thank you for writing this story
Guest chapter 19 . 10/14
This story touched me. It was so heart-breaking and beautiful. So real. I cried when I read the last two chapters. Beautiful.
itachimaniac chapter 19 . 9/8
I am crying so hard right now it's not even funny, I'm trying to get ahold of myself long enough for me to write this.
I envy u in the sense that as a young potential author/journalist, I could never have done a better job of creating such perfectly believable situations of love, anguish, friendship and so much more, that it's almost as if it really took place in the naruto series.
The way you portrayed itachi, the way you got his pacifism on point clashing with his lack of openly expressed feelings. I also loved how u set samurai up as a strong kunoichi till the end, not letting her succumb to the state she herself had once despised seeing her mother in.
I give u my regards, I have no doubt that you'll go far off in life. All the best.
a itasaku fan.
stainedxcherryblossom chapter 5 . 7/27
jhian casey chapter 19 . 7/26
oh my gosh.. just WOW!
this isn't actually the first time i read this.. 2nd time if im not mistaken..
ahm.. im totally speechless.. i mean i really dont know what to say..
im really emotional right now and i still have tears in my eyes..;(
this so very well-written.. amazing plot and so much emotions!
we, readers are really moved by this story..
we can never actually thanks your effort and dedication in writing this beautiful and classic fic..
so, THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me the opportunity to read such a wonderful story about love, life and relationships..
you're awesome and you made so much justice for itasaku pairing.. Thank You..
and pls, continue sharing your wonderful stories to us.. we love them!
'til your next itasaku fic! keep inspired!;)
AnimaAmore chapter 19 . 7/5
God damnit, why do I do this to myself? It is a devastatingly heart-wrenching, exquisite tragedy, yet it still brings hope of tomorrow and an "it's alright" message. It is a tragic, romantic story of the highest caliber. I am not professional critic, but this is a master piece that should be by all rights published and made into a movie, were it not for the fact that it is fan fiction. Hell, "Dear John" didn't even make me cry inside like this.

What I love the most about this story is how you finished with life going on - better, but incomplete, yet accepting it and loving it for all its faults and pains. How one can not just survive the heartbreak and live happily, but also to be strong enough to remember the past with fondness even with the pain it reminds. I especially love how Sakura kept repeating that she wasn't religious but still could feel Itachi's presence - I don't know, that just struck a chord in me. To not consciously believe, but nonetheless to KNOW… And to honour Itachi, in so many little ways.

My favourite part was the last line of the last chapter, when Sasuke and Sakura returned to the village holding hands and you wrote "bringing things full circle" it was just so perfect. They left together, they grew up through pain and love and forgiveness, and together they return. It was just… dear lord, I can't explain it.


You're a master, of so many levels. If you're not already a published author, I in all seriousness urge you to consider it. Thank you for sharing such an exquisite masterpiece. Keep writing, you have an amazing gift!
An1meOtome chapter 18 . 7/3
dayum that was so well written i almost shed a tear at that ending well done :3
Haru chapter 19 . 6/29
That's...such a fulfilling ending. But I am not satisfied until I read every ItaSaku fanfic ever. Thank you.
Haru chapter 10 . 6/29
I would pay to see Itachi's face. The shocked one, of course.
Haru chapter 5 . 6/29
Itachi is surprisingly cute at glittery floors with lace pieces of cloth.
ukatoemina chapter 19 . 6/17
Oh my god. Just. Oh my god. This has to be the best ItaSaku fic I've ever read. This is the first and only fic (as of yet) that has even come close to making me cry. If not for the fact that I was reading the epilogue in a public setting, no doubt the tears in my eyes would have overflowed. At the start of the epilogue, I thought at first that it was in the point of view of Sakura and Itachi's child but then it wasn't. The hopeless romantic in view was a bit put off by that but then I remembered that Sakura is supposed to be 16, too early for her to have a child by my standards and apparently also Itachi's standards. I was also hoping for a happy ending but I just absolutely love how you ended it. It was so bittersweet and heart wrenching that even now more than 6 hours after first reading it, I still feel the pain and heartache. I must also commend you on this fic because you were able to nail this totally possible turn of events and things still coming back full circle. All in all, this was absolutely amazing. I would definitely love to read more of this but for now, I think my heart needs to take a break from all the heartache this story has caused it. Great story, great plot, great development! Everything was amazing!
lakeya2700 chapter 19 . 6/16
This was one of the best itachi and sakura fanfics
0118999881999119725.3 chapter 19 . 5/13
This was absolutely beautiful and touching. Excellent story telling.
Shebali chapter 19 . 4/13
You had me tearing up while reading the last chapter and I'm crying a little still. Such a lovely story. I didn't expect it to end like this when I started reading, but I don't find myself wishing for another ending.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I love happy ends as much as the next person, but this feels right, so.

Thank you for your writing and I hope you're well and that future brings you joy.
Rizuki Dhan chapter 19 . 4/11
Gosh I broke down

Great job.
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