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xsilicax chapter 1 . 1/26
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ThorinKiliandFili4ever chapter 1 . 4/19/2012
A great story. Very well written.
Tunip chapter 1 . 3/10/2011
Dear Canafinwe,

I had not reviewed this story before out of pure laziness and I apologise for this. Today I am being a good girl and will try and catch up on my overdue reviews.

This is a wonderful one shot that evokes the loneliness of a ranger's life beautifully.

'To slip into gentle visions of fellowship and warmth and marital bliss, visited by images of children who might never be born, and then to awaken cold and alone in the freezing forest would be more than he could bear.' This made my heart ache in particular. We all know that one day he will have everything that he dreams of but he has no idea what the future will bring.

The practicalities of how Dunedain society would be organised had not really occurred to me until I read your story. Of course the men need to get home to their families at harvest time. Your depiction really brought their world to life for me.

I loved Aragorn's response to Gandalf's embrace - every living being needs physical affection, and the heir of Isildur is no different. I feel you have fleshed out in his character what Tolkien only ever hints at. We are never really allowed inside Aragorn's head, or any of his other characters save the Hobbits for that matter. You have made Aragorn human and accessible while maintaining his status as an epic hero.

Your depiction of the relationship between Gandalf and Aragorn is wonderful and believable and feels utterly canon. I got a taste of it at the beginning of 'A Long and weary way' and it was nice to see more of it.

Thank you for a wonderful tale.

Yours Tunip
Darkover chapter 1 . 11/20/2010
Another delightful story! You write h/c well. You are very good both at expressing emotion, particularly loneliness and unhappiness, and writing physical descriptions as well. It was nice to read of a reunion between two friends, the Ranger and the Wizard, and read of Aragorn's loneliness, hunger, cold, and worry being assuaged. Thanks for writing and posting this. Sincerely, Darkover
miladyRanger chapter 1 . 9/10/2010
This rings so true to me that I cried. (And that's saying a lot!) Our favorite Ranger can't be invincible all the time, after all. And you portrayed his loneliness and the weight that he carries marvelously well. Thank you for this wonderful story! It really means a lot to me.
LisaG16 chapter 1 . 6/16/2010
Loved this! Poor Aragorn...what a lonely and weighty life he's led so far and will continue to lead. This was a nice little respite from his trials. :)
Eavis chapter 1 . 10/27/2009
Ah, mellon nin, mellon nin, truly this is the work of a master.

Le hannon.

Emily chapter 1 . 10/22/2009
Nice. I liked the Elvish tossed in there at the end of sections. I've been listening to Aragorn's coronation oath, and as a product, I am learning small tidbits of Sindarin! Yay! So I know that "metta" is "end" or "ending," or at least approximately. So that's cool. I don't know what "lar" meant, but I have a feeling that it was something to the tune of "the next day," etc. So, thanks for that. I was so happy to put my very small experience speaking Sindarin to work. : )
RS1 chapter 1 . 10/18/2009
Aragorn's frustrations and irritations just mirrored my feelings on how the Dunedain's have been treated! AARRGGH!

Just reading the description of the life of the Dunedain just left me...drained. (I already used the words "frustrated and irritated"). It's a wonder these folks still had hope! And that's what really kept them going, wasn't it?

But what really got me was "to slip into... warmth and marital bliss" "images of children who might never be born" and the to awaken cold and alone".. just filled me with sadness.

I'm so glad that my favorite ranger at least received a brief visit from Gandalf; it seems that Gandalf always knows when Aragorn is in need of companionship. I love their banter.

Brilliantly written.

I just finished reading "The Valley is Jolly"..Wow! I need to collect my thoughts so I can write a review".. so much emotions and thoughts going through my head when I read this!
Lirulin-yirth-k'aio chapter 1 . 10/17/2009
The autumn chill is so clearly felt in almost every line.. autunm, weariness and a shade of despair...

... but there's always someone who brings hope, isn't it? (hope and some food;))

If to put it in clearer terms, the fic is great! And filled with compassion to the certain ranger *wink-wink* (glad for him, though I have my own one..)

P.S. The phrase about the autumn weight was brilliant! I have spent some time rolling on the floor laughing..
Elfinabottle chapter 1 . 10/17/2009
This was wonderful. You portrayed Aragorn's lonlieness with great effect. And it's one of the more realistic fics I have read about his life as a Ranger.
estelcontar chapter 1 . 10/16/2009
What a beautifully crafted story. You gave us a most vivid, moving and poignant glimpse of the hard, selfless and lonely life of and DĂșnedain of Arnor, and of the thankless and dangerous work they had to embrace.

You also did a great job of showing that, if life was hard and lonely for the DĂșndain, it was doubly so for their chieftain who had to bear the burden of leading them. Well done indeed.
Thorongirl chapter 1 . 10/16/2009
Nothing less than brilliant. As usual. How true to life your characterization of Aragorn seems. Even the stoutest of men would at times be discouraged by what he has to endure and I'm sure it must grate to be so ill-thought of. Thank you for bringing Gandalf in to the story to help our beleagured ranger through this. I felt almost giddy with relief when he appeared as both Aragorn and we, the reader, needed some respite from Aragorn's troubles.

I LOVE the way you write.
fliewatuet chapter 1 . 10/16/2009
Wow! What a brilliant story. I loved every single word of it.

Thanks for sharing,

ilysia chapter 1 . 10/15/2009
There is so much here that I love- I fear this review will be little more than inarticulate gushings on how lovely and wonderful this story is. But I will strive to do better. Where to begin? Ah...

Firstly, your writing and style. They are perfect. I love the way you write, as I've told you far too many times before, and this little story is a perfect example of why I do so enjoy reading anything and everything you produce. The excellent command of language aside, there's the fact that you give just the right amount of detail so that I can see and smell and hear everything that occurs, but you're not overloading me with information.

And then there's the premise itself. The quote you began with is one of the (at least for me) more telling ones in Lord of the Rings, in that it gives Aragorn, and all of the Rangers, really, a very human quality. You've written the Rangers almost exactly as I'd always imagined them, and developed them beautifully besides. And what's more, you made me reflect on just how selfless of a person you would have to be not only to leave your family for long stretches of time to battle the rising darkness but also to get no thanks for the job. If what we see happening to Strider in Bree is any indication of how Rangers are normally treated, it's a wonder there are any left who care to do the protecting. But there are, and they do their job without thanks or aid, and things are more fascinating because of it. The loneliness and quiet desperation you portray are things that I think a lot of people don't pick up on, but they're there in a very real way, they're things that all Rangers (or so I imagine) would have felt, and I am so glad that you included them rather than attempting to show Aragorn and, by proxy, the other Rangers, as flawless.

The last- and best part of this story- is the characterization. I will never be able to say enough about your lovely characterization, and the things you've done with Aragorn's character in this piece are absolutely amazing. I believe in your Aragorn in the best of ways. I believe in him because he's so very human, because he does have doubts and misgiving and moments when all he wants to do is simply quit his dark and dangerous and thankless task. But he doesn't, and I love him for that, too. I love what his calls his "self-indulgence" in not lighting a fire for lack of desiring the dear inhabitants of Archet to chase him away. I love his reaction to finally- finally- seeing and speaking with someone who knows who he is and what he does. I love the bitterness he can't quite hide behind humor.

Oh, and as a side note, I'm still enjoying the characterization of Gandalf. The dear wizard- so good, so determined, but also occasionally slightly crazy and single-minded, not to mention that he is sometimes less that tactful. His advice to Aragorn to make friends with a hobbit I found ironic. Poor Aragorn- the only lengthy amount of time you'll spend with hobbits will be when they're unable to provide you with a generous amount of food.

Overall, a beautiful story. The writing reminds me very much of Tolkien, albeit Tolkien with more character development (God love the man, but he did tend to sacrifice character development at times for the sake of the epic storytelling tradition). It's wonderful to see this so soon after you finished your last story, and I hope that more stories will be forthcoming in the near (very near!) future.
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