Reviews for The Legend of Zelda: Sacred Reliquary
Watermellow chapter 33 . 3/8
Is this the end? It's sad but beautiful. Everyone, everyone is gone. And we forget, with time. That's how people learn to move on.
123ht chapter 33 . 2/25
Been waiting for this for a long time! A great ending to an amazing story. Thanks alot, I hope you do more of these!
Nightgazer13 chapter 33 . 2/9
A grand ending to a grand story! Glad to see you got everyone out of old Hyrule, since we now know what happens to that place once the Triforce is destroyed (from ALBW).
ZeldaFanAtHeart chapter 33 . 2/8
Wow. That ended beautifully. It's among my top favorite writings, fanfiction or no. Possibly my favorite. I hope you are able to somehow publish it. Again, it was a beautiful work of art, and I really appreciate how much work you must have put into it.

On a side note, I would like to mention once again my absolute love for Vaati, and I'm glad that you had him in the end there.

Keep writing. I have no doubt that you'll be a best selling author someday.
goldenrhino chapter 33 . 2/6
A good ending.
Windsbane chapter 33 . 2/5
That's kind of a morbid ending, Link destroying the Triforce and by extension killing almost everyone remotely connected with magic. Vaati makes for an interesting character at the end as well, shows how the sheer amount of time he spent living and the mix of experiences with Zelda just wore him out.
Veggiesaurus chapter 33 . 2/3
Right. I've been away from my computer for the past couple of days but I was able to read this when it was published on Friday. Ever since I found this story I have followed it with awe, awaiting every new chapter to this epic saga was hard knowing that I would only have to wait for the next one but it was well worth it. You have crafted something special here. You have taken a beloved game and turned it into something wonderful that is full of creativity and passionate work.

This is truly the creation of a Zelda fan, a love letter if you will allow the sappy comparison, by someone who cares deeply for the franchise and it's characters. Your writing is superb and intelligent and can't possibly wait to see what you have in store next.

Thank you for the wild ride that was this story. I'm so happy I found it years ago.

I'm so happy you wrote this.
Anon chapter 33 . 2/3
Wow. This was the greatest story I have ever read. The ending even made me cry. I'm sad to see Midna and Navi go, but this story was brilliant.
Zaphod Prefect chapter 33 . 2/2
So it ends. Thank you for this tale. I have followed it throughout its creation, and if was amazing.
RagingGunter74 chapter 33 . 2/2
That. Was. Amazing. Thank you, thank you so much for creating this masterpiece of a story, there are no words that can truly give justice of how amazing this story truly is. Congratulations on finally finishing The Legend of Zelda: Sacred Reliquary. Truly, truly amazing. Welp, I guess it's time to re-read it from the beginning.
RED Roman Pyro chapter 33 . 2/1
One of the most beautiful and sad stories I have ever read.
SlayersFan132 chapter 33 . 2/1
I've waited forever for this chapter and it didn't disappoint me. I love your story and it will definitely be the first thing I'll recommend to anyone. Thank you for posting this up here, no matter how long it took to do so.
the.ways.we.lie chapter 33 . 2/1

It's finally over.

I love this story so much my everything like hurts for it. So now that all magic has vanished from the world, is the Zelda universe over? Are there going to be no more incarnations of Link, Zelda and Ganondorf?

It's just too goodddd.

Thanks for a great read,

hero in a cup chapter 33 . 2/1
It's not over is it?
Hirushoten chapter 33 . 1/31
This was beautiful.
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