Reviews for It Could Only Happen to Harry
DrSanchez chapter 7 . 10/24
i know it's been a long time since you did this last chapter, but i would really appreciate it if you finished this, the anticipation for Harry/Hermione is fucking killing me!
SaintMichael95 chapter 7 . 10/24
...too bad you abandoned this... You asshole...
TheBear chapter 7 . 9/12
I very much enjoyed the story so far...were you still planning on finishing it?
Deathshot147 chapter 5 . 9/2
The Puns that Tonks be saying is just hilarious!
Guest chapter 7 . 8/20
Make one with hermione and the rutal
guest chapter 7 . 8/8
Well, damn. Kinky but still hot. Almost seven years since the last update I hope i cant find the complete story somewhere on the internet.
darthtenebrosius chapter 7 . 7/24
Very enjoyable :) but no further chapters :(
gphoenix51 chapter 7 . 7/15
Was the rest of this ever finished? It's an excellent story, kinky as hell and one of my favorites. But Hermione was the one I'm really holding out for and I've never seen the chapter with her in it. Is there one? Even a rough draft version?
shadeslayer1444 chapter 7 . 7/13
My erection its...its over 9000!
dauntlessofthesea chapter 7 . 7/10
Brilliant! Why haven't you continued this?
Gr33nc1oud chapter 7 . 7/8
Bloody brilliant but wheres the last chapter of the ritual with Hermione?
conner chapter 6 . 5/26
(Throws up into the nearest toilet) You could have done without the part about the trolls.
Guest chapter 7 . 4/24
Barking mad chapter 7 . 4/22
Dude! Ya gotta make the other chapters! That was WIERD!
Soaring Jay chapter 6 . 4/22
I think you captured Luna perfectly, with her strange reactions to muggle behavior. This was a unique and beautiful chapter.
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