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DetectiveConanFan13 chapter 7 . 11/28/2009
I can accurately finish Ran-neechan's sentence I think. Kid was being one though, or at least acting like one... )

Thanks for the chapter! Update soon!

Ningen Demonai chapter 7 . 11/28/2009
Ogod, giggling hysterically at the library scene. You two have made my WEEK. Thank you so much. 3

Will probably send you a better review when I'm not half-dead, but believe me when I say I adore you guys.
YumeTakato chapter 7 . 11/28/2009
Aha~ Poor Conan. Great chapter, see ya next time!
Teldra chapter 7 . 11/27/2009
I like how Shinichi is responding more and more as himself when he's around Kid :)
Eyeinthesky chapter 7 . 11/27/2009
Fantastic interplay.
Sasia93 chapter 5 . 11/27/2009
Okay, continuation of the last review; read the one from chapter six first, please.

Where did I leave off, again? Right, library. Got it.

Ch. 6 (part 2).

Well, this one at least is recognized as needing to be drawn: Invisible Lawn Chair.

Hey, remember that think with music player a couple of chapters back? It's happened again. What's with all of the underlines? ("This one")

Huh, interesting point of view on guns, Kid. Pretty accurate, too. Myself, I prefer knives, but that's a different story altogether; one that I don't think I should be telling in front of Kudo. He'd lock me up. ;)

Watching the emotional balance between Kid and Kaito is really interesting; I'm hoping we get more of that (or even just Kaito himself) in the future. Did I mention that he's my favorite character in this? *snickers*

...KId just rolled on his side in midair.


DAMN does that boy have some abs. lol.

And he jumps off the balcony. *snickers* It's all too easy to picture Kudo/Conan's expression. But hey, it's fun to goof off sometimes, ne?

Nice, Kid. Show off your detective skills, and then forget that you can't order out in an abandoned home. You just lost the points you won for semi-beating Kaito in an argument. *grins*

Well, if I wasn't sure about multiple personalities before...

It would be kind of funny to see Kaito's reaction to suddenly having a voice in his head.

Eek, vivid imagery bites back with meitantei, doesn't it? Yikes, I wouldn't want to have that running through my head either.

So the comparison between their relative masks and hidden identities was interesting. It shows how similar they are inside, but still contrasts them enough to justify their differing morals.

Heh, does the Kid have a crush on Kudo? Sorry, just poking fun at his "absolute purr".

Hey, what do you know? Kid's got mood swings. Pretty humorous for a guy who can control his every action so precicely.

The bandaging was well written, both clinical and intimate. Veery nice. But still, Kudo should have known better. Even if he was trying to give fair warning, how did he put it? "Kid is a wounded tiger, not a tame rabbit." You don't go terrorizing a wounded tiger; it's bad for your health.

And they hug? Ookay, major character development here. So much for clinical detachment, just rivals. Hey, they forgot to not cross the lines. That's how you put it, right?

...Taiwanese Kaitou Kid action figures. I'm with Conan on this one.

And exit stage window. Dramatically, of course.

So, my favorite thing about this story, as I've already stated, is the characterization. You make me care about your characters and want to see more of them. Incredibly, you also pull of Kid and Conan/Kudo's characters perfectly, to the point where the react to each other exactly as they should individually without destroying the plot.

Summary: *bows down* I'M NOT WORTHY!

See you next chapter!

Sasia93 chapter 6 . 11/27/2009
No! I will NOT forget to review this before the next chapter comes out again! *grumbles* Friggen lurker tendencies...

Okay, so from the top:


LOVE the introductory paragraphs. They hold just the right amount of humor, snark and suspence, but I do have just one complaint: in light of the more recent developments, wouldn't it be more accurate to have the last sentence be "What's KID going to do about it" rather than Kaito? *nitpicking*

Interesting way to describe the costume change into Kid, and I giggled at how he didn't trip the alarms until he darn well wanted to. *snicker* Control freak.

'Nother snicker moment: Dogpile on the Bandit.

Slight confusion on one matter here: What did Conan pick up in the kitchen? I'd suspect the hairdrier, but he got that in the dressing room...and why would you have a hairdrier in the kitchen, anyway?

Please convey my compliments to Kid for suggesting Detection By Gaslight; The Eye of Apollo was an interesting read. Though I'm pretty sure I missed some of the symbolism for his relationship with Conan/Shinichi...The closest I can get is the "crash and a scream" that Kid points out later, but he didn't know about the scheme beforehand. *is confused*

I am suitably impressed with Conan's ability to pick locks. I've tried; it's hard.

And of course, loves to Kikoman-sama. *grin*

And Ran. Oh my God, Ran. Perfect. Forget Conan vs. Kid, Ran kicks his butt way better. 'Cause honestly, how often has CONAN gotten that reaction our of Kid? Even if Ran didn't really stand a chance...

More Kikoman-sama love.

Kid's quote: "I don't like entering contests I might not win." You liar. You play with your detectives WAY too much for that to be true...but if it works to get you out of the room, then it works to get you out of the room.

On Shinichi's plot: Ack. That was...ack. Yeah, bittersweet is a VERY good word for it. I almost feel bad for Kid on this one.

However, he definitely gets his payback with the marathon thievery. Nice job with those, by the way; it was a very good way to get Kudo and Kid talking civilly. And that talk...*swoons* ESPECIALLY the disarming part. How is it that you two channel them so well?

Ch. 2.

...What's benten? Plural of bento? No, just got another reference in chapter five. Is he/she a god, then?

*giggles* The shonen tantei are so hyperactive.

And MORE love to the elm tree and the picnic basket. Personification is fun.

Nakamouri-keibu's view of Conan is just priceless, and perfect for him, too. "a horribly intelligent terrier. Or, possibly, a psychopath." *grin*

The riddles are fun, and I'm kind of glad that I wasn't on that treasure hunt. Heh.

And the mausoleum was just hillarious. Conan walking all over Nakamouri...well, it's not that much different at heists, is it? Just a bit more literal.

Aoko and Ran. Heh. Well, I did say that I wanted to see more Ran vs. Kid, right? But seriously, the twin comments and the interactions and Conan and Nakamouri's reactions...this chapter is all about the funny, isn't it?

Ayumi, professional dove-handler.

...So if Ran is beating up the Task Force, does that count for a Ran vs. Kid, or a Ran w/ Kid?

Ooh! And the first hint of multiple personalities! It even starts the conflict of the...sixth?...chapter, too. This line makes a whole lot more sense now, too; it had been bothering me: "Kid, feeling benevolent, complied." It seemed like such strange wording, so good foreshadowing, I guess?

And Ran's demand of Conan not to find any crime [enter list here] was just perfect.

Ch. 3.

Hmm...should there be a meaning to 1nb!u? Or is it just a random set of letters, numbers, and symbols? I got sh1 (shichi) and dductshin was easy (deduction), but 1nb!u is confusing me. VERY cute way to establish connection, too. The joke/riddle had me giggling.

Eh? Save the cheerleader, save the world? Closest I can think of is Kim Possible, and I don't think that's a comic series.

Wow. I don't think I've ever seen Kid shocked into speechlessness before. I take back my Ran vs. Kid; she just got him pissed. Kudo got him confused. Heh.

PHONE TAG! It's all I could think of when I read that part. Hakuba' translation was all giggles.

Again, Kudo/Kid interaction is incredible. The power play, along with the sheer weirdness factor is awesome.

And the heist is so edge-of-your-seat suspenseful. With Conan trying to get Kid onto the other frequency, the TF members stuck in the fire still, and Kid playing cautious while still saving them. *shudders* It was GOOD. Definitely not salmon at all.

Getting the whole, "I'm not worthy!" vibe right about now.

Excellent imagery when Kid crashes. Could really see it, and it was pretty darn chilling.

The last scene of this chapter, where Conan cuts the cloth away and unmasks Kid. Definitely the most memorable part of the chapter. I had chills running down my spine the entire time reading it, and it wouldn't leave my head for probably a week and a half, after then next chapter was posted even. The way that Kid wakes up and panics, but still can't do anything to save himself is just...whoa.

Ch. 4.

Lots of 'eep' moments in this chapter, too. Notably the beginning, with the confrontation between Conan and Kid. Yeah. Not much to say on that, just that the emotional confusion for Conan is exactly what he'd be feeling right then. You two are excellent at characterization.

The monacle-mask panic from Kid was perfect. I loved the way you symbolized its protection for him. And the part when he gets back to Jii "Now Kid returned, handed into Jintarou's care by EDOGAWA CONAN." LOVES. It gives just the right amount of panic to the situation.

Heh. Conan's heart-to-heart with himself. Says a lot about him, though. And sometimes you're the best audience you can get. He's got a lot of fear,'s the kind of thing that makes fangirls want to squee and huggle him. *snort* Promise I won't, Kudo-san. Kid-san,'re a different story. Problem is I'd have to catch you first, and we all know how likely that is.

And we're back to the relative safety of chatwindows! ...Don't they know that stalkers like to find their prey through those? Well, Conan does (thank you, Ran!), but the question is: Which one's doing the stalking? And yay, snark!

Ah, typo: you have a Kaito where there should be a Kid. When he was getting annoyed with Conan's poke about Kitsunes.

Quick save, Kudo. Nice job; when in doub, talk about Sherlock.

And right HERE is where I figured out that Kaito and Kid were two different minds: "Kid blinked at him. Kaito blinked back." It's so amusing to watch people fight with themselves. Especially when they end up losing...sorry, Kid. Kaito wins verbal battles against you.

This line, right here, "It was enough to make a detective long for a nice, safe, dead body or two to settle the nerves." was WIN.

Conan's honor, or whatever it would be called, when he chose to not visit Kid/Kaito. YES. Perfect characterization again, goes against any fangirl's plots, but it WORKS. and it works WELL. Epic characterization there, epic.

Ah, minor question, why is music in music player underlined? o_O;; Typo?

And more angst for both of them. Understandable angst, yes, but does Conan ever smile? I know Kid does, Poker Mask of his, but yikes!

Heh. Emotional turmoil is fun.

Ch. 5.

The various Kid drawings in the beginning of this chapter are VERY cute; the Kuroba household is rather visual, is it not? Little emoticons for everything.

One of the things that I absolutely adore about this piece: Every character, no matter how minor, has a real character. Look at Kikoman-sama from chapter one, or Keeta and Moona from chapter five! They're characters that you just fall in love with and want to see more of.

*snicker* This part has so much of an ADD feel; "Ooh, look! A bird!"

Ah, books. The universal peace treaty. Oh, is that only for the geeks of the world? Nevermind, then.

*snickers* I want Kid's stationary. I'd use it, too. Do you think he'd let me borrow it to turn my English homework in on?

And Kid's elloquent paragraph, literal lol moment there. Is it bad that I could see him balancing on a balcony in the stereotype drama pose, saying, "Oh, Shinichi, who has bestowed upon me such wondrous gifts! How may I possibly find the words to express my undying gratitude? There is no way to show the utter exaltation in my heart at such a heartfelt gift, such loving pages!"

...*cough* We are going to pretend that that didn't happen. Moving on...

*stares* Steampunk...Kid? Ooh, that just begs to be drawn. Heh.

And again, Kid, you lost an argument with yourself. If it weren't for the fact that Kid's showcased in this a lot more than Kaito, I think Kaito would actually be y favorite character in this...but, alas, we are showered with Kid. *ducks an Ace of hearts*

Another "needs to be drawn" part: Kid-bird perched over a cup of coffee.

Yay, Kid-Shinichi ineraction! Always fun to watch, but even more fun when they're firmly in their roles...skins...whatever.

Eh heh, the minor power play in the coffee shop against the waiter...yeah. Kind of surprised Conan didn't deck Kid for that later. Acting like an adult while you're hiding as a kid is not the safest life choice...

So...if they're subtly saying everything outright, is it still subterfuge? Nah, more disguised speech, or talking in code.

And of course, I'll make the mandatory squeal over the Windfall reference. Oh, and you like the term, "pear-shaped", don't you?

Ah, and here we have a panicked and angry Kaito...and *gasp* Kid actually sort-of won the arguement?

Aren't interpersonal and interdependent relationships fun?

Want that library. And the tunnels. And the...can I just steal the whole house?

And yet another part that needs to be drawn.

Ack! Character limit, are you kidding me? Ch. 5, then.
DetectiveConanFan13 chapter 6 . 11/26/2009
Honestly. I have no idea when you update, but it seems to be fast, so I don't care!

Thanks for the story! I truly enjoy reading it.

YumeTakato chapter 6 . 11/24/2009
Interesting chapter.
WolfDaughter chapter 6 . 11/23/2009
::bows and mutters profuse apologies for having not reviewed the last several chapters::

Just wanted to let you know I'm still around and still loving the story. I still haven't gotten Kid figured out, though I'm pretty sure his presence as a separate personality has *something* mystical involved in it. At first I wondered if he really was a kitsune and just borrowing Kaito's body to hide. After this chapter I'm not so sure of that.

LOVE the chat between the two boys, btw. Especially Conan's line about paying the gravity bills.
starwefter chapter 5 . 11/22/2009
"Screw the Rules..."? - sweet heavens above - LOL!
eyeinthesky chapter 6 . 11/21/2009
Lots of fun watching them joke and cope. Kaito Kid always does make me think of Linka's "The Show".
DireSphinx chapter 6 . 11/20/2009
Wonderful, as always. Loved the reference to The Shadow - it's a great series, isn't it? We got to act out one of the radio plays for an Honor's Lit course. Tons of fun - so wish I could have played the Shadow but alas, twas not meant to be.

And the reference to horrible decade-long anime series - Irony much? It certainly made me laugh.

One slight thing I have to point out:

"He landed on the arm of the chair which matched Shinichi's favorite with a light puff of dust, heels together in the second standard ballet position, his knees bent ot take the impact."

The second position in ballet? That's actually where you have the feet spread a little further than shoulder widith apart. The position Kaito has his feet in is either first or third position. The only difference between the two is the angle made between the feet. First position almost has the feet side by side while third position creates a wider, almost 180 degree V. If there's one thing I remember from those nine years of ballet, it's that.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
Ningen Demonai chapter 6 . 11/20/2009
To say that I was wary of what you were going to do, when I read the intro, would be an understatement. But I was pleasantly surprised that this didn't end with terrible things happening to Kid or Shinichi! Well, besides the bloody hand, which I am slightly scared will come back to haunt Shinichi.

I kinda feel REALLY terrible for Kaito and Kid. They both want/need someone so bad, but the risks of what they're doing could break that delicate balance. This may or may not be my avid Kaito x Aoko shipper soul saying this, but either way, it's still really sad. And poor Shinichi. I can sort of understand his wanting someone just to talk to and be himself.

I will never ever get tired of Kid's flair for the overdramatic. NEVER.

D'aww, I love Shinichi and Kid's kinda relaxed rivalry/friendship. Not quite as close as Heiji but probably double the excitement.

"decade-long anime series" Oh I see what you did there.

Can't wait till the next chap!
Cataglottisme chapter 6 . 11/20/2009
Lovely, as usual
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