Reviews for Joker's Address
Calamity in Motion chapter 1 . 3/14/2010
I really enjoyed this, beging a huge Joker fan. I think that if he were to ever stumble across fanfiction he'd be disgusted with the amount of stories playing him off as a misunderstood, abused man who just needs the right girl to hug away his blues.

Personally, I hate those. The Joker is crazy, he's NOT lovey-dovey, and he's dangerous. That is, however why I love him.

I thought your take on his voice was fantastic.
Twitchylicious chapter 1 . 2/7/2010
My mind has been blown. I don't know what else to say.
This.Is.SCRUMPTIOUS chapter 1 . 1/3/2010
Ah hell I enjoyed that. I too, am so tired of all the sob story crap I've read about the Joker, and I can definitely see him broadcast this on youtube or on TV. It made me smile. :D
Dr. Doodle chapter 1 . 12/16/2009
God you're good. Seriously, you wrote this in an hour? In all honesty I would never have believed it. It felt like I was actually reading something the Joker had written, it's just amazing how you do these things. I couldn't agree with him/you more though, even though I do indulge myself in a romantic relationship between Harley and Joker far too much, when it goes a little too far and he starts acting completely out of character I get annoyed. This is the reason why I'm 100% committed to presenting the Joker for what he really which is a sociopathic, homicidal clown with zero empathy. He's the closest thing we'll ever get to Satan to be completely honest, not just because of his lack of feeling for the rest of mankind but the enjoyment he takes from the suffering of others by laughing right in their faces. He's a souless monster but I appreciate the character for what he represents which is something I cannot say has been displayed all too well in quite a few stories on here :S

But anyway, I give you HUGE kudos, you're a brilliant writer and this clearly shows how great your abilities are to get into the mind of these characters, I wish there were a lot more writers like you on here :)
HoistTheColours chapter 1 . 12/6/2009

Okay, so if I thought "The Art of Manipulation" was good. Hell . . . this was . . . SENSATIONAL. Where on earth did you come up with this! This is pure GENUIS! I love it!

Wow, this was just . . . awesome. Words can't even describe the envy I feel. Envy, you ask? But why? I'm envious because of your writing skills . . . man. You are awesome. Complete perfection is what you have going right here. My only complaint is that you only have two reviews (including my own,) somebody tell me what is up with THAT? I absolutely hate it when this happens. I hate it when awful stories get tons of review and yet amazing stories (or, rather, one shots,) like these usually only get a handful of reviews. It’s a shame.

Anyway, enough of that. First of all, I applaud you for tackling this subject. I could not agree with your other reviewer more: there really are TONS of authors out there, who, sadly, "rape" the Joker's character. I myself might even be one of them (though I sincerely hope not.)

I think this was my favorite line out of the whole one shot: ‘Me, I like confusion. It gets the masses into a frenzy and I can really sink my teeth into that. Except, this isn’t disorganized enough for my tastes. This is the result of one too-many sappy romance novels and a generation of…of spineless, hormone-driven leeches. Kissy-kissy leeches that just ne-ver leave a-man a-lone! Could drive a guy CRAZY!’ - That was wonderfully written. It’s so great for me to able to actually HEAR the Joker’s voice inside my very own head as I read those words. Only the best of authors are capable of pulling off things like that.

In fact, the Joker’s whole voice was present throughout his whole fic which is a great feat to accomplish, in my mind.

I also really liked this line as well: ‘hell, I envy doctor Crane for getting Dawes to scream first! But I’m a fair player. He never got to blow her up. Ain’t that just the most romantic gesture you ever heard?’ Again, very in character.

I am sorry this review wasn’t as great as I had intended it to be. I can’t seem to find anything intelligent to say to you other than this was absolutely great.

Keep up the good work. I thought I’d stop with this story but now I think I’ll perhaps check out something else of yours. I’m hooked! :D


JimandSteve chapter 1 . 10/17/2009
*claps* Great work! You got the Joker down to a "T".

I have to agree with you - even though there are lots of good fan fictions, a lot of other completely "rape" the Joker's character. They make him become a human instead of the character he really is. Thank you for writing this :D