Reviews for Scars That Hide The Wound
darkrunner chapter 1 . 1/23/2010
Wow. Didn't see that coming. At all. Thought she'd kill herself. After all the angsty-post-Doom-Mai I've been reading (and writing ; ) it was really nice to see badass Mai for a change.

D: Poor Jou! I LOVED the Harpie Lady actually physically hurting him, though. I've been meaning to put that in a fic for ages, but I never got around to it. The kiss was really cool, too! JouMai, unrequited JouMai, JouYami... maybe YamiMai, all in one. :D Nice fic!
The Cherry Monster chapter 1 . 10/22/2009
Wow. W-oh-w.

This was fantastic... so dark and eerie, and yet SO Mai that it's actually made me a little scared of her when I watch the anime now. I keep thinking she's gonna randomly pull out a gun... :P

So while this may be AU, it's wonderfully realistic as well. Plus, I ADORED the ending. Loved the kiss symbolism, and I see what you mean about the JouxYami hints... haha. Great.

Simply fantastic.

- The Cherry Monster. x
SilverStarShine94 chapter 1 . 10/18/2009
Mai was on the prowl. So you went for the original twist then? Still effective, even when I kind of knew what was coming. Feel a bit bad about that.

I'd actually half forgotten about this, so it was a pretty awesome surprise. I was all; "Yay, angst!" Which is kind of bad. ;)

Did I mention that I hearted the reference to the thumbs down gladiator-esque reference? Well, I did. Love your metaphors and similies, they're always good.

And for someone who hates parenthesis you used it more than once. You a convert now? xD I love it, always think it adds a nice touch - which it certainly did when you used it.

I wasn't sure whether or not you would give Jou his accent - some people do all the "Ya", etc and it can be good if it's done well. Can be damn awful as well. Liked your choice.

I actually thought you would have her shoot him in the head - you know, instant death. M, but this is much better. You gave time to elaborate.

The ending was ridiculously good, I loved it. That kind of weird almost kiss, which kind of implied that he was way beneath her and would never get a proper kiss anyway. Or that he kissed her shoes, therefor was lower class/not worthy. Eh, rambles. Point is; I hearted it.


Silver x.

Or Ktj.