Reviews for Misunderstanding
Stormreaver01 chapter 1 . 1/12/2011
WOW! Your story was so intense! I am neither a Gwen fan nor a Gwack fan (favouring Janto, Gwys and Towen), however, this was one of the rare stories of it's kind, where I actually felt sorry for Gwen ... that says a lot about your writing skills. Presenting Gwen as mislead because of Jack's previous behaviour (and watching Jack flirting and leading her on in Torchwood, who wouldn't?) was a good way of leading her to act as she did after Jack comes back. Who knew Jack's feelings after the way he was portrayed as just shagging Ianto in Torchwood? COE came as a surprise to me (an RTD afterthought?)to see Jack react as badly as he did when Ianto died in his arms. There again, wasn't a whole lot different from when Owen died, was it? And Jack never said 'I love you' back to Ianto even when he was dying ... just said 'Don't' ... what the hell was that? But you ... you wrote with such depth, such emotion - and gave your readers an excellent insight, albeit painful, into COE aftermath. Brilliant!