Reviews for Five Times Rose Tyler Fell in Love
aurorasparrow88 chapter 1 . 10/18/2009
Oh me, oh my, that there is way too full of perfection for me to choose one thing to focus on! I actually, surprisingly for me, loved the bit with was actually very them. The way he's always glorifying Rose...kind of...the way he knows how brilliant she is. I loved that, so incredibly sweet. The next one might have been my favorite of all though. I LOVE this line: "And she likes the way he says it, like he knows a delightful secret, but cant quite decide if hes going to tell her or not." SO true, I've been trying to find a way to describe that...the way he says her name...and I haven't been able to...but that's it! It's exactly that...that's the way he says her name. Oh! And when he said this: "And youve never felt more alive." That was brilliant! That's exactly what I was thinking before I read unbelievably true, I love that! I think that's one of the reasons Rose loved the Doctor so much...he was the first person to really make her feel alive. And I love the part where she realizes he could be anywhere in the whole of time and space but he chooses to be with her on a park bench, eating chips. So lovely. I love the Jack bit too, very very sweet. I love the way he makes her feel not so alone... And I love the bit where she comes to realize she still loves him even in his tenth regeneration! "He was different from the man she loved, but she realized as he smiled at her, she could love this man too." Brilliant! Just completely lovely! And that last bit with the human Doctor...was so incredibly lovely. I love everything about this story, thanks so much for posting it! Even your title is brilliant! Amazing job!